Report: Wessex CX League Rd 7


Adrian Lansley led the latest round of the Wessex Cyclo-Cross League from start to finish to win by 7 secs from Steven James battling a bent rear mech

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Report: Wessex CX League Rd 7

Sunday 30th October | by Graham Robins 

Continuing his rich vein of form Adrian Lansley (PedalOn) led the latest round from start to finish to win by 7secs from Steven James (Hope Factory Racing) who had battled back to Lansley despite bending a rear mech hanger and having to ride for just over a lap locked in one gear.


The latest round saw the riders taking on the open grass land and surrounding wooded section at the Sparsholt Agricultural College close to Winchester. The twisty course switched back and forth making full use of the ground available to the organiser. Without and significant rain in the week the course was dry and did not cut up making for a fast race.

The first lap saw the regular league front runners taking up their usual spots with Sam Allen (PedalOn),Michael Cotty (Col Collective), Alex Forrester ( and Tom Budden (Sotonia CC) filling the places. James did manage to pass Lansley early on but his lead was quickly scuppered when he tangled with the course making tape and managed to bend his rear hanger, and this allowed Allen and Cotty to get past. But with a quick pit stop for a spare bike and James was soon pulling back the places.

Laps three and four did not see any changes in the front order and at the start of the fifth lap Lansley led James by 12secs with Cotty and Allen at 35secs, Forrester was nearly a minute down followed by three riders Tom Sewell (Cotswold Veldrijden), Jamie Norfolk (PedalOn) and Tom Budden who were locked together at 1min 38secs.

The last lap saw James slowly getting closer to Lansley but he had it all under control as they went into and out of the wooded section and finished 7secs clear, Cotty had eased away from Allen for the last spot on the podium. Forrester was fourth and Norfolk won the battle in mid race from Budden and Sewell.  … continued after advert


Women’s Race

In the women’s race Tamina Oliver (PM) enjoyed a fairly comfortable race, with all the changes coming behind here. On the early laps Helen Pattinson (Solent Pirates), Ruby Miller (Hargroves Cycles) along with junior rider Kara Perryman were within touching distance of each other. Along with front runners was Susan Parker (North Hants RC) who was staying in contact and she was to be rewarded towards the end of the race.

Oliver held a lead of 20secs lead from Pattinson at the bell with Parker third just four seconds back and closely followed by Perryman at 34secs and Miller at 43secs. With Oliver safely home Pattinson was passed by Parker who just kept peddling and was rewarded passing right on the line.

The vet 50+ race held at the same time as the women saw the battle between GS Vecchi team mates Kevin Holloway, Tim Costello along with Keith Sheridan (Cotswold Veldrijden) pull clear of the chasing group including Mitch Purvis (Rides On Air) and Gary Barlow (Reading CC). At the bell Holloway and Costello were just 3secs ahead of Sheridan and this remained the order with Costello dropping 12secs on Holloway with Sheridan loosing 20secs.

Dan Guest (Cotswold Veldrijden) won the vet40+ and combined junior race after taking the lead on the second lap from juniors Edward Gronbech (Oxford City RC) and eventual runner up Callum Macleod (PPV). The race behind Guest was all between juniors as Charlie Cooper (Hargroves Cycles), Archie Scott (Cotswold Veldrijden) and Will Cooper (Montezumas Hargroves Racing) were pushing each other hard. The next vet rider up Graham Rogerson (Cotswold Veldrijden) and he had Will McDonald (Take3 Tri) right on his wheel.

Provisional Results

1 Adrian Lansley Pedal On Senior
2 Steven James Hope Factory Racing Senior
3 Michael Cotty Cannondale Racing Senior
4 Sam Allen Pedal On Senior
5 Alex Forrester RT – Lazer helmets Senior
6 Jamie Norfolk Pedal On Senior
7 Tom Budden Sotonia CC Senior
8 Tom Sewell Cotswold Veldrijden U23
9 Joe Hickerton Eden Veranda Racing Senior
10 Christopher Minter Senior
11 Kean Wytrykowski Pedal On Senior
12 Oscar Hutchings Primera-TeamJobs Senior
13 Christopher McGovern U23
14 Jamie Smith None Senior
15 Daniel Atkins Didcot Phoenix CC Senior
16 Matthew Marriott Army Cycling Race Team (ACRT) Senior
17 David Spencer Vc Venta Senior
18 Matthew Hinshelwood ViCiOUS VELO Senior
19 James Cotty Primera / Team Jobs Senior
20 Karl Norfolk Senior
21 Alan Collins Portsmouth North End CC Senior
22 Tobie Charlton Sotonia CC Senior
23 Ryan Smith HR Owen RT Senior
24 Matt Dixon Sotonia CC Senior
25 Alex Watkins Sarum Velo Senior
26 Thom Hayward Vc Venta Senior
27 Caleb Smy Wight Mountain Race Team Senior
28 Joseph Andrews U23
29 Simon Rogers Senior
30 David-James Brazier Dame Cycling – Quidne IT Senior
31 Philip Stanley Cotswold Veldrijden Senior
32 Simon White Maybush Cc Senior
33 John Polak Senior
34 Paul Morris Fareham Wheelers Senior
35 Charlie Game Cowley Road Condors Senior
36 Andrew Haines Cowley Road Condors Senior
37 Graham Hollidge Fareham Wheelers Senior
38 Sascha Noyes North Hampshire RC Senior
39 Steven Blezard Army Cycling Union Senior
40 David Winter Clee Cycles Senior
41 Matthew Cracknell Pedal On Senior
42 Partrick Ashcroft Reading CC Senior
43 Mitchell Campbell Southampton University RC Senior
44 Aaran Curran Senior
45 Ben Darnton Sotonia CC Senior
46 Simon Meaduet Senior
47 Tom Burnley Thames Velo Senior
48 Jex Hart Senior
49 Henry Rogers Senior
50 Brendan Reese Army Cycling Union Senior
51 James Cooper Senior
52 Will Soloman Senior
53 Jack Holdcroft Senior
54 Paul Crisford Pedal On Senior
55 Jared Jedynowicz Didcot Phoenix CC Senior
56 Saulius Vizbaras Reading CC Senior
57 Andy Hazelwood Maybush Cc Senior
58 Adam Greenen North Hampshire RC Senior
59 Ross Bentley Senior
60 Oliver Thompson Senior


1 Kevin Holloway GS Vecchi V50 Male
2 Tim Costello GS Vecchi V50 Male
3 Keith Sheridan Cotswold Veldrijden V50 Male
4 Gary Barlow Reading CC V50 Male
5 Mitch Purvis Didcot Phoenix CC V50 Male
6 Chris Hutchings Vc Venta V50 Male
7 Martyn Dymond Cotswold Veldrijden V50 Male
8 Robert Gray Dorset Rough Riders V50 Male
9 Phil Boarer GS Vecchi V50 Male
10 Mike Williams Fareham Wheelers V50 Male
11 Robert Tutt GS Europa V50 Male
12 Robin Akers Oxonian CC V50 Male
13 Donald Gray Cardiff Jif V50 Male
14 David Wadsworth Beeline Bicycles RT V50 Male
15 Anthony Dyment North Hampshire RC V50 Male
16 Simon Ansell Pedal On V50 Male
17 Richard Bremner North Hampshire RC V50 Male
18 Christopher Clark Banjo Cycles V50 Male
19 Steve Robinson North Hampshire RC V50 Male
20 Paul Pomfret Pedal On V50 Male
21 Michael Radburn Owens Cycles V50 Male
22 Alan Millard Cotswold Veldrijden V50 Male
23 Phil Clacy Chapel Tri V50 Male
24 Dominic Laval Odiham CC V50 Male
25 Andy Smith Cotswold Veldrijden V50 Male
26 John Phillips Sotonia CC V50 Male
27 Mark Warrington Solent Pirates V50 Male
28 Mark Allen Pedal On V50 Male
29 Phillip Chinn Fareham Wheelers V50 Male
30 Steve Mead Didcot Phoenix CC V50 Male
31 Robin Worman V50 Male
32 Jon Fox Charlotteville CC V50 Male
33 Richard Cheetham GS Vecchi V50 Male
34 Martin Hughes Fareham Wheelers V50 Male
35 Alan Kingshott Solent Pirates V50 Male
36 David Jones Oxonian CC V50 Male
37 Pete Gronbech V50 Male
38 Tamina Oliver Senior Female
39 Charles Walters V50 Male
40 Simon Fitzjohn Sotonia CC V50 Male
41 Susan Parker North Hampshire RC Senior Female
42 Helen Pattinson Solent Pirates Veteran Female
43 Anthony Bartlett Team Corridori V50 Male
44 Ross Dunbar V50 Male
45 Ruby Miller Hargroves Cycles – Ridley RT Senior Female
46 Kara Perryman Team Montezuma’s Hargroves Junior Female
47 Richard Abbott Didcot Phoenix CC V50 Male
48 Tim Crumpton VC St Raphael V50 Male
49 Geoffrey Booker Oxonian CC V50 Male
50 Mike Kirby Banbury Star V50 Male
51 Pete Williams None V50 Male
52 Peter Graham North Hampshire RC V50 Male
53 Cam Powell Pedal On Veteran Female
54 Lindy Larkin Dame Cycling – Quidne IT Senior Female
55 Jennifer Forrester RT – Lazer helmets Senior Female
56 Glenn Doak None V50 Male
57 Ian Perryman Solent Pirates V50 Male
58 Tracy Cornell North Hampshire RC Senior Female
59 Jessica Conner Cotswold Veldrijden Veteran Female
60 Rob Harrison Oakley Pedalers V50 Male
61 Carly Hughes Fareham Wheelers Senior Female
62 Martin Davies New Forest CC V50 Male
63 Lauren Cracknell Pedal On Senior Female
64 Mandy Hibberd Pedal On Veteran Female
65 Tony Dawson V50 Male
66 Sam Aplin Cycle Reviewer Senior Female
67 Charlotte Sampson Cycle Reviewer Senior Female
68 Kate Robson Pedal On Senior Female
69 Ella Freeman Team Montezuma’s Hargroves Junior Female
70 Justin Phillips None V50 Male
71 Melanie Dixon Solent Pirates Veteran Female
72 Charlotte Lewis Senior Male
73 Trevor Williams None V50 Male
74 Julene Knox ViCiOUS VELO Veteran Female
75 Michelle Walter Veteran Female
76 Donna Short Womens ACRT Veteran Female
77 Dave Jowett babadagMTB V50 Male
78 Laura Bailey 3C Cyclexperience Senior Female
79 Gemma Wilks Sotonia CC Senior Female
80 Charlotte Fisher Cotswold Veldrijden Veteran Female
81 Zoe Robinson Army Cycling Union Senior Female
82 Sophie White Senior Female
83 Maggie Maundrell Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers Veteran Female
84 Mandy Scott Cotswold Veldrijden Veteran Female
85 Suzanne Wise Vc Venta Veteran Female
86 Bridget Colloby salisbury tri club Veteran Female
87 Elly Crockford Maybush Cc Senior Female
88 Linda Connor Veteran Female
89 Darryl Marcus-Hanks V50 Male
90 Hannah Snook Senior Female
91 Hannah Snook Senior Male

1st Tamina Oliver PM
2nd Susan Parker North Hants RC
3rd Helen Pattinson Solent Pirates 1st Vet
4th Ruby Miller Hargroves Cycles
5th Kara Perryman Montezumas Hargroves Racing 1st Junior

Vet 50+
1st Kevin Holloway GS Vecchi
2nd Tim Costello GS Vecchi
3rd Keith Sheridan Cotswold Veldrijden
4th Gary Barlow Reading CC
5th Mitch Purvis Rides On Air

Vet 40+
1st Dan Guest Cotswold Veldrijden
2nd Graham Rogerson Cotswold Veldrijden
3rd William McDonald Take3 Tri
4th Nick Onslow PedalOn
5th Tim Jones Cowley Road Condors

1st Callum Macleod PPV
2nd Edward Gronbech Oxford City RC
3rd Charlie Cooper Hargroves Cycles
4th Will Cooper Montezumas Hargroves Racing
5th Archie Scott Cotswold Veldrijden


1 Dan Guest Cotswold Veldrijden V40
2 Callum Macleod Palmer Park Velo Junior
3 Edward Gronbech Oxford City Rc Junior
4 Charlie Cooper Hargroves Rt Junior
5 Will Cooper Team Montezuma’s Hargroves Junior
6 Graham Rogerson Cotswold Veldrijden V40
7 Archie Scott Cotswold Veldrijden Junior
8 William McDonald Take3Tri V40
9 Liam Sewell Cotswold Veldrijden Junior
10 Nick Onslow Pedal On V40
11 Tim Jones Cowley Road Condors V40
12 Jonathan Hall Sotonia CC V40
13 Simon Ernest Renvale RT V40
14 Erin Baker Team MK Junior
15 Roger Prior Zappis Cycling Club V40
16 Dean Hitchings Cotswold Cycles RT V40
17 Alan Collins Portsmouth North End CC V40
18 John Polak Cotswold Veldrijden V40
19 Julian Mann Vc Venta V40
20 Kevin Knox ViCiOUS VELO V40
21 Mark Shepherd Banjo Cycles Raceware Torq V40
22 Ben Bishop Charlotteville CC Junior
23 Richard Lewis V40
24 James Collins Vc Venta V40
25 Nick Beech Gs Henley V40
26 Mark Whittaker Army Cycling Union V40
27 Alex Johnson Fareham Wheelers V40
28 Robin Wilmott Cotswold Veldrijden V40
29 Rory West Reading CC V40
30 David Hobbs Cotswold Veldrijden V40
31 Fletcher Adams Montezuma – Hargroves Junior
32 Adam Frewin Pedal On V40
33 Peter Kimber Cotswold Veldrijden V40
34 Ed Gurney Vc Venta V40
35 Pete Hutchinson Cotswold Veldrijden V40
36 Matt Hayden Gs Henley V40
37 Tim Macfarlane Reading CC V40
38 Jez Hart Sotonia CC V40
39 Andy Tucker Banjo Cycles Raceware Torq V40
40 Matthew Dennis Cycle Reviewer Junior
41 Robert Carter Velo Club Venta V40
42 Mark Letters Banjo Cycles V40
43 Craige Goodson Cotswold Veldrijden V40
44 Philip Connell Sotonia CC V40
45 Graeme Stirzaker Solent Pirates V40
46 Gareth Dridge Solent Pirates V40
47 Adrian Parry Pedal On V40
48 Jonathan Robinson Army Cycling Race Team (ACRT) V40
49 Tyrone Miller Vc Venta V40
50 Mark Winks Didcot Phoenix CC V40
51 Simon Meadwell Solent Pirates V40
52 Robin Short V40
53 Hugh Johnson Charlotteville CC Junior
54 Simon Guard Sotonia CC V40
55 Kurt Wallin Newbury Rc V40
56 Mark Crawford Pedal On V40
57 Pete Aylward V40
58 Craig Martin Cotswold Veldrijden V40
59 Dave Phillips Cotswold Veldrijden V40
60 Jamie Ellis Performance Cycles Junior
61 Chris Hughes Vc Venta V40
62 Danny Mahoney V40
63 Christopher Miles VC10 V40
64 Jon Harris North Hampshire RC V40
65 Jonathan Grigg Fareham Wheelers V40
66 Kim Lassiter Cotswold Veldrijden V40
67 Richard Blake Antelope RT V40
68 Keiron Ross V40
69 Matthew Butters Velo Club Walcot V40
70 Paul Hudson Hargroves Cycles CC V40
71 Mike Stead V40
72 Reece Hoare Vc Venta Junior
73 Steven Tearne V40
74 Adam Evans V40
75 Martin Pegler QECP Trail Collective V40
76 Mark Ellis Army Cycling Union V40
77 Samuel Dawson Palmer Park Velo RT Junior
78 Nigel Brown Newbury Rc V40
79 Tim Pearce North Hampshire RC V40
80 Robin Warnes V40
81 James Hutchinson Newbury Rc V40
82 Marc Wilcox Oakley Pedalers V40
83 Maciet Jura V40
84 Dan Colloby salisbury tri club V40
85 Adrian Wood V40
86 Tim Davies Didcot Phoenix CC V40
87 Crispin Doyle Hargroves Cycles – Ridley RT V40

1 Tom Couzens Zappi Cycling Club U16 Male
2 Barney Clacy Eden Veranda U16 Male
3 Sam Bishop Charlotteville CC U16 Male
4 Jay Allen Pedal On U16 Male
5 Harry Dridge Solent Pirates U16 Male
6 Amy Perryman Solent Pirates U16 Female
7 Maddie Wadsworth Beeline Bicycles RT U16 Female
8 Abbie Manley Solent Pirates U16 Female
9 Katie Scott Cotswold Veldrijden U16 Female
10 Thomas Clarke Palmer Park Velo U16 Male
11 Joel Hawkins Solent Pirates U16 Male
12 Max Edgington Solent Pirates U14 Male
13 Millie Couzens Zappi Cycling Club U14 Female
14 Anna Wadsworth Beeline Bicycles RT U14 Female
15 Max Meadwell Solent Pirates U16 Male
16 Alderney Baker Matrix Fitness p/b Corley Cycles U16 Female
17 Jamie Gostick Palmer Park Velo U14 Male
18 Thomas Green Solent Pirates U14 Male
19 Lucas Dixon Solent Pirates U16 Male
20 Madeline Grace Cooper Eden Veranda U14 Female
21 Toby Houghton Fareham Wheelers U14 Male
22 Emily Conn Palmer Park Velo U16 Female
23 Samuel Butters Sulis Scorpions YCA U14 Male
24 Lewis Evans Cotswold Veldrijden U14 Male
25 Adam Potter I Team U14 Male
26 Amy Cantelo Solent Pirates U16 Female
27 Harry Kirby Outdoor Traders U14 Male
28 Felix Clacy Chapel Tri U14 Male
29 Sam Nanopoulos U14 Male
30 Uphill Alexader Hillingdon Slipstreamers U14 Male
31 Poppy Pattinson Solent Pirates U16 Female
32 Ella Lawrence Solent Pirates U16 Female
33 Luke Williams Andover Triathlon Club U16 Male
34 Tyler Smith Cotswold Veldrijden U14 Male
35 Gus Meadwell Solent Pirates U14 Male
36 Thomas johnson Chapel Tri U14 Male
37 Amelie Prior Zappis Cycling Club U14 Female
38 Alexander Long-Leather Charlotteville Rascals U16 Male
39 Barry Ward Novice Male
40 Lewis Ellis U14 Male
41 Niamh Hutchinson Palmer Park Velo U14 Female
42 Lara Hawkins Solent Pirates U14 Female
43 William Dunn Newbury Rc U14 Male
44 Elena Day Solent Pirates U14 Female
45 Rowan Turner Poole Wheelers U16 Male
46 Niall Russell Novice Male
47 Mark Henrick Novice Male
48 Matthew Day Solent Pirates U16 Male
49 Michael Graham Novice Male
50 Rachel Clay Novice Female
51 Oscar Pratt Vc Venta U14 Male
52 Harry Clarke Palmer Park Velo U14 Male
53 Carlo Mascia Novice Male
54 Leo Stirzaker Solent Pirates U14 Male
55 Deborah Smith Novice Female
56 Charlie Smith Novice Male
57 Tom Fostek Novice Male
58 Simon Lovett Novice Male
59 Jo Kitley Novice Female
60 Barry Davis Novice Male
61 Paul Coyne Novice Male
62 Jamie Jeffrey Novice Male
63 Ro Smith Novice Female


1 Jed Simthson Hillingdon Slipstreamers Male
2 Mack Mellish None Male
3 Arlo Carey Palmer Park Velo Male
4 Thomas Wadsworth Beeline Bicycles RT Male
5 Edward Charles Charlotteville Rascals Male
6 Max Darnton Sotonia CC Male
7 Tom Martin Male
8 Drew Tucker Banjo Cycles Raceware Torq Male
9 Melissa Eve Cooper Eden Veranda Female
10 Niamh Murphy Cotswold Veldrijden Female
11 Sacha White Male
12 Ollie Boarer i-team CC Male
13 Pascal Giret VC de Londres Male
14 James Davies Cotswold Veldrijden Male
15 Lloyd Perry Solent Pirates Male
16 Greta Carey Palmer Park Velo Female
17 Judah Hurr Portsmouth North End CC Male
18 Ethan Gubby Male
19 William Masson Male
20 Ellen Phillips Cotswold Veldrijden Female
21 Aidan Priot Male
22 Louis Kirk Sotonia CC Male
23 Finley Macfarlane Male
24 Bobby Brenfield Male
25 George Mahon Male
26 Dylan Davison Solent Pirates Male
27 Tom Collins Vc Venta Male
28 Sophie Hamilton Female
29 Oliver Clay Male
30 Daisy Pattinson Solent Pirates Female
31 Tabitha Ward Oxonian CC Female
32 Sam Carter Male
33 Sam Dick


1 Daniel Phillips Cotswold Veldrijden Male
2 Arne Esslemont Andover Bmx Male
3 Edward Samson Solent Pirates Male
4 George Connell Sotonia CC Male
5 Harvey Smith Male
6 Will Blount Male
7 Miles Horwer Male
8 Douglas Forrester RT – Lazer helmets Male
9 Poppy Knox Female
10 Oliver Graham Male
11 Rebecca Carter Female
12 James Hamilton Male
13 Felix Darnton Sotonia CC Male
14 Tom Hampson Male
15 Stanley Wilkes Solent Pirates Male
16 Samuel Ridgmont Male
17 Lauren Charles Charlotteville Rascals Female
18 Cooper Barkey Male
19 Chloe Carter Female
20 Charlotte Smith Female
21 James Spencer Male
22 Ethan Skipworth Male
23 Monty Wyatt Male
24 Isaac Aalawam Male
25 Olivia Cotton Female
26 Seth Allaway Male
27 Amelia Johnson Chapel Tri Female
28 Arthur Bond None Male
29 Luca Mascia Male
30 Isla Pattinson Solent Pirates Female
31 Amelie Macfarlane Female
32 Freddie Samson Solent Pirates Male
33 Gracie Fox Female
34 Bess Carter Female
35 Charlie Barry Male
36 Zara Harris Female
37 Abi Warnes Female
38 Isabella Hall Sotonia CC Female
39 Stirling Harris Male
40 Tom Wilks Male
41 Sam White Male
42 Holly Hurr Portsmouth North End CC Female
43 Lucy Skipworth Female
44 Elliot Gurnel Male
45 Isabelle Smith Female
46 Georgia Lovett Female
47 Evelyn Mills Female
48 Skye Martingale Sotonia CC Female
49 Alex Wilkes Male
50 Lucas Mills Male
51 Jemima Henswald Female
52 Joshua Graham Male
53 Ella Cotton Female
54 Jemima Ward None Female
55 Oliver Johnson Chapel Tri Male
56 Adam Short Male
57 Tilly Wilks Female



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