Spot Chat: Yorben Van Tichelt


Could : Yorben Van Tichelt be the first Belgian winner of the National Trophy? We have a chat with him…

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Spot Chat: Yorben Van Tichelt

This year’s National Trophy Cyclo-Cross has seen a man-o-man battle each round between Ian Field of Hargroves Cycles-Ridley and Yorben Van Tichelt of Marlux – Napoleon Games.


So much so that Yorben won the first round in Derby, Ian the next one in Abergavenny and in the decider so far in Hetton Park, Fieldy again took top spot. With two rounds to go though, the Trophy is far from won and Yorben is sure to be putting pressure on Ian all the way to the end in Shrewsbury.

Having Belgian, Dutch or French riders at National Trophies is not uncommon and usually they come here and ride away with the races but with Ian Field riding the trophies now, that foreign challenge is not a walkover as it has been in some races.

But whilst foreign riders may come and ride one race, few do the whole series, if any, but looking at the history of the Trophy Series, foreign riders have featured in the series top three.

As far back as 1971/72, Freddy Naert was third overall. In 1980/81, Eric Vervaet was third and third again the next year with West German rider Dieter Ubing in second overall. Eric Vervaet returned in 1988/89 and was second but that was the last time a foreign rider featured in the men’s overall.

But now there is Yorben and what a great spectacle it has been having him hear, bunny hopping the hurdles, and riding at the front of all the races and giving Ian Field a tough ride. In Abergavenny, Yorben was also coaching the local riders and becoming a significant part of the whole Trophy scene in 2016.


VeloUK caught up with Yorben quickly at Hetton Park and he said of his racing here “I am enjoying it quite well actually. I really like the courses up there. Of course, it is a big travel for me and it’s a challenge to stay fresh and have good legs on the start but I managed to do it quite a lot of times now”.

I said there’s no sand here like there is in the continental courses which he agreed but then adding “the mud here is much more slippery than Belgium and the courses are very challenging!”

I asked if he knew Ian well and he replied “I know Ian from when he races in Belgium and was getting top 10s a few years back when I was watching as a kid. For the National Trophy, I think it is good that there is a battle and Ian is not dominating”.

“I am really liking racing with him and am getting used to his wheel now! I am trying to do my best and make a battle with Ian for everyone watching. It is good.”


Finally, at Hetton Park, the hurdles were quite high and came after a slippery corner and so we didn’t see Yorben bunny hopping them as he has. “The hurdles were quite a challenge today and I didn’t do it as I didn’t feel as good as the other races so I did not take the risk. Hopefully, they will be better for me in Ipswich!”

The course in Ipswich is certain to be entertaining and one that Yorben will do well on and we wish him well in his battle for the yellow jersey of series leader. Could he become the first foreign winner ever! I’m sure Ian Field will have a say in that but we look forward to these two battling man-o-man at Ipswich and Shrewsbury.

Thank you Yorben!




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