Q&A: Jude Taylor (Team B38/Underpin)


In VeloUK’s continuing Q & A series, we quiz 22 year old Jude “The Buzzard” Taylor from Team B38/Underpin Racing

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Q&A: Jude Taylor (Team B38/Underpin RT)

VeloUK is keen to introduce many of the riders in the grass roots teams as it was a very popular series last year and the year before so here we go again. Any teams or club teams wanting to take part, send us a message and we’ll send you the Q&A or just take the questions from here!

This Q & A is with Jude “The Buzzard” Taylor, 22 who loves road racing and hill climbing but is happy watching the cyclo-cross world cup series!


1. What was the highlight of 2016 for you?
Jude: The highlight this year was my performance in the York Cycleworks Elite Road Race. It was by far the hardest race I’d ever done and after getting into a break away with Harry Tanfield and a few other Elite riders, I felt like I was finally competing with the big dogs. I finished in a small group behind the favourites in something like 21st place but only 25 finished showing the severity of it.

2. What are you looking forward to most racing for this team?
Jude: I’m looking forward to swazzing around in the Banter Bus (team car) taking on anyone we can in road races. I know the guys pretty well and there will be plenty of laughs and jokes going on I’m sure!

3. Studying what at University?
Jude: I am currently in my 4th year at the University of Warwick studying Civil Engineering.

4. What was your favourite/most fun race of 2016
Jude: I’d say my favourite race of the year was the 5 day Ras de Cymru. I had a stonking week with great legs and placed three of the stages and took 3rd in the KOM competition. The scenery was great and there was a real comradery with the riders there. It was pretty special racing up the tumble to finish five hard days.

5. What were your goals in 2016?
Jude: I took this year as more of a reconciliation year so my goals were maintaining my current BC level and do as well in the hill climbs at the tail of the season as I could.

6. What is the best piece of equipment on the race bike you are proud of most?
Jude: Proud is the wrong word but I’m very fond of my power meter. With it, my training has really come on and as the sport becomes more competitive, I have to get every advantage I can get.

7. When will you start training for 2017?
Jude: I’m currently having a very relaxed two weeks with intermittent riding. Once that is done I’ll start focussing more on base mileage in mid-November with some intensity thrown in towards January time.

8. Will you stay in the UK to prepare for next season or get in a training camp or two abroad?
Jude: This year I am staying in the UK but for the last two years I have been training near Calpe in Spain. The terrain is littered with mountains and the pros are ubiquitous which makes it great for spotting my favourite riders.

9. Special winter bike or using the normal training bike
Jude: My winter bike known as the “Lactate Manufacturer” is a 13kg beast with full mudguards and pannier rack. It’s great for winter training as it’s very robust and really helps training in the darkest of winter days.

10. What are the goals for 2017?
Jude: In 2017 I plan on getting my BC category 1 license, competing in many of the Premier calendar races and doing as well as I can in the National Hill Climb.

11 How did the Hill Climb on Bank road go for you – happy with the result?
Jude: My plan was all or nothing. I basically held 11W/kg for 90 seconds before my legs fell off. The last minute was one of the most painful of my life and I spent a good five minutes afterwards lying face down on the floor trying to breathe and get my body working again. I was pleased with my result and improved 12 places on a climb that didn’t suit me in a year.

12. Did you a race standard road bike or a hill climbing beast?
Jude: I rode my standard road bike with sawn off handle bars and no bar tape. I also ordered a new saddle which was promised to be 116g but unfortunately it didn’t arrive in time! So next year I’ll be flying ever more.


13. How much of a buzz is it to get to a race like a championship and see a crowd like the one on Bank road
Jude: I don’t often get emotional but I was almost in tears walking up the climb an hour or so before I was off. There were just so many people there, it really blew me away that so many people had come to see a bunch of emaciated folk tear themselves apart.

14. What’s the best and worst of hill climbs?
Jude: The best and worst of hill climbs can be summed up in the moments surrounding finishing a hill climb. The last 15 seconds of effort where you are blind with pain, your lungs and legs screaming. This is the worst part but it’s immediately followed by the exhilaration of collapsing over the line, knowing you’ve gone as hard as you can, that all the training is worth it. That and not being able to eat Apple Crumble!

Thank you Jude for one of the most entertaining Q&A’s!




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