News: VC Equipe 2017


News on VC Equipe – Flix Oral Hygiene which was launched 2015 reveal 2017 line up

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News: VC Equipe 2017

VC Equipe – Flix Oral Hygiene launched in 2015 and took the approach that it was important to get a team infrastructure in place first. We began with several club riders and then in 2016 a group of riders were collected that covered all ranges. 2016 saw us building our name and by the end of the 2016 season we had got the team members that we wanted – those that were committed. The team was now completely focussed on quality racing.

In selecting riders for the 2017 season it has been essential to get riders that will add to the team dynamic and not disrupt a team that is on its way up. Results are critical but we have also needed to consider character too. We have a 10 year plan and we are sure we have selected the riders that will win races and take VC Equipe – Flix Oral Hygiene up another level.

VC Equipe – Flix Oral Hygiene raises all of its funding from outside cycling. All products are being purchased from supporting cycle trade companies. This support is essential to the team to allow best use of funds and to enable the team to move forwards.

Our goals for 2017 are obviously to win races but at the same time develop our riders so that we become competitive in Premier Calendar races and other NatA events. Trips to Belgium are planned as well as foreign stage races.

Our Sponsored Team for 2017 is;
Alex Anderson – Re-signed
Andy Turner – ex KTM
Elliot Jones – Re-signed
George Wise – Re-signed
Lee Frost – ex Tor2000
Liam Walsh – Re-signed
Oscar Hutchings – ex Primera

Development riders
George Smith – ex Radeon
Kristian Woolf – ex Bush Healthcare

Jeremy Bishop – Team Owner
John Capelin – Team Manager
Phil Tart – Masseur/Soigneur
Jim Curry –Carer/Driver
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The Club Sponsored riders are;
Chris Beardshaw – TT
Claire Parkin – RR
Kieran Dineen – RR Vet
Mark Bemand – Cyclo Cross & Road
Mark Howells – TT & Triathlon
Nicky Carr – Road & TT
Ollie Bishop – Sportive & RR
Poppy Thompson – Road & Track
Roger Chamberlain – Cyclo Cross
Simon Oddy – RR Vet

In addition to all of these people are a great group of helpers who volunteer time in support of the team. We are constantly on the lookout for talented cyclists with the right attitude. Our aim is to link with clubs so as to give those selected club riders a definite career path to whom we will go to provide riders our first call for of the future.

At the moment we are still in need of a Race Team Mechanic – A role that last year was fulfilled by great volunteers but now we need to have a more regular member of the Team.

Flix Oral Hygiene – Mirage Healthcare
TinBot Web Services – Cycling Coaching
Beer52 – Craft Beers – Delivering deliciousness
Holy Cow! – Home cooked curry
Angels Den – Business funding
Antaco Biomass to energy

About VC Equipe – Flix Oral Hygiene
Our team name was reborn from the defunct VCEquipe–Manulife Team of the 80’s. VC Equipe–Flix Oral Hygiene’s team owner, Jeremy Bishop, rode for the team at that time with great success. Jeremy contacted fellow 1980’s competitor, John Capelin with a view to starting a new team. When choosing a team identity Jeremy decided to re-start the team with a modern version of the team colours and aspirations to be as good as the original team.

Web –
Facebook – VC Equipe
Twitter – @VCEquipe



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