Review: Bioracer Tempest Protect Jersey


With the cold and damp setting in, time to get the jersey the pros use to stay warm and dry, Bioracer Tempest Protect Jersey

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Review: Bioracer Tempest Protect Jersey

There’s a race in Britain that epitomises bad weather – the Tour of Reservoir! Whilst next year it moves to a July date and will hopefully be warmer, the race is a great test for clothing. Two years ago, so many of the women in their race pulled out with hypothermia and its an example of how important the clothing you use in a race can be.


This year in the Tour of the Reservoir, I have spied a piece of clothing on a team, who whilst not sponsored by Bioracer, does seem to have the same peice of clothing (I have photographic evidence LOL) that Bioracer UK have very kindly given to me to test, the Bioracer Tempest Protect Jersey.

Note there are two variations of the jersey. The Tempest which is the one without the extra protection and then there’s the Tempest Protect which is featured here. They are only available in black.

The money features on this jersey is the thick and warm Tempest fabric which water rolls off and at the back on the pockets, a million (exaggeration yes) cats eyes in the ‘pixel’ fabric which lights up when car lights are shone on it.

Here’s the official words… “This short sleeved winter jersey is specifically designed for racing and high intensity training in Winter and cold weather (5°C-18°C) and bridges the gap between aerodynamics and thermal insulation. The jersey is entirely made of Bioracer’s Tempest fabric, an insulating, breathable fabric with a water repellency treatment.


This carefully chosen fabric is warm enough to protect against cold, wind and rain but at the same time light enough to prevent the rider from overheating when temperatures get warmer. The muscle supporting Race Proven cut improves rider aerodynamics. For this jersey, the cut has been slightly altered to use with warmer fabrics, so the feeling you get while wearing the jersey is less constrictive.

It’s certainly comfortable to wear and warm. Being a fair weather cyclist, I’ve not tested its water resistance but it certainly kept me warm despite the ice chill wind! And to go with the jersey, Onimpex have other great winter Bioracer off the shelf kit (when in stock) such as socks, jackets and gloves


Website here:

– SIZES: S, M, L, XL, XXL,
– Long lockable heavy duty zipper
– Three easily reachable Pixel 75 back pockets
– High visibility: These garments are available in a fluorescing colour, giving additional visibility in the dark.
– Men’s Cut: The cut of this garment is specifically designed for men.

The Fabrics

Pixel 75
In the new Pixel fabric Bioracer combine 3 layers for maximum winter protection. The breathable inner layer wicks moisture away from the body. The central protective layer provides a shield against cold and wind. The outer layer is reflective and provides maximum visibility in the dark, for improved rider safety. The Pixel 75 is constructed with a windblock membrane that’s 75% windproof.

Bioracer Tempest. Warm. Light. Water repellent.
Tempest is a thermal material for winter jerseys en leggings and has a breathable, brushed layer of microfiber and an out layer that protects the body from cold. This textile has undergone a treatment during the weaving process. During this process, special threads are woven into the textile, which form a physical barrier from water. This is how a material is created that is water-repellent, breathable, quick-drying and comfortable. Because it is woven in, rather than a coating applied on top, these features are permanent, even after repeated use and washing.

Material 80% polyamide, 20% elastane



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