Q & A: Taylor Gunman (Madison Genesis)


Kiwi Taylor Gunman came to the UK in 2016 to race for Madison Genesis and enjoyed it so much, he’s back in 2017!

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Q & A: Taylor Gunman (Madison Genesis)

Each year, the domestic racing in Britain see’s riders from all round the world come here to race for the local pro teams and in 2016, one of them was Taylor Gunman. Playing a team role mainly, Taylor was 5th in the tough Tour of Reservoir and we quizzed him about his 2016 season and goals for the year ahead.


1. What was the highlight of 2016 for you and why?
Taylor: Racing a new scene here in Britain where I really enjoyed the UK circuit and the people involved in it. I wish I had come over earlier!

2. What was your favourite & most fun race of 2016
Taylor: Tom Stewart (the 2016 winner no less and Taylor’s teammate), challenged me to not enjoy Lincoln GP. It was the best British race I reckon. I had so much fun with the Michaelgate climb!

3. What was the toughest race of 2016 for you?
Taylor: The Tour of Yorkshire was a big shock but I learnt a lot from that race and it certainly helped at the Tour of Britain

4. If there was one thing you learned most in 2016 about racing in Britain, what was that?
Taylor: Recovery is more important than you realise especially when having so many races in the wet and cold!

5. How much racing will you do in New Zealand whilst there?
Taylor: The Tour of Southland and Criterium Nationals but I need some rest so another small break is in the card. But there will be few races I will do before I return.

6. Having a fellow kiwi as DS … was that kinda surreal racing for a British team in Britain… I guess he knows your strengths from racing together?
Taylor: It’s been real special! Chuck (mechanic) and I went to school together and we both grew up with Mike and had him as a rider to look up to. But having these guys apart of the team is good. You always dig a little deeper for your mates and you never want to let them down.


7. How does training differ when in England to when you’re in New Zealand
Taylor: In NZ, I have my CX bike. The goal this time around though is to do a lot of work in the gym and get my body strong again after having a season plagued with injury.

8. Have you had your break yet after the season here and the racing there? What sort of things do you do to escape cycling there?
Taylor: I’m starting the second small break. Having to push through to Southland was a bit too much and I jumped back on the bike too early. Time to refresh!

9. When will you start training for 2017 and what comes first – long steady miles or a mix of miles and efforts?
Taylor: My coach is infamous for tempo, so it will be miles with aerobic work first.

10. What are the goals for 2017?
Taylor: I want to win a Prem Calendar race. Everything about them in the UK suits me, I just have to string things together.

11. What are the biggest differences between racing here and racing in New Zealand?
Taylor: The professionalism is the first and most noticable difference. But also the access to Europe is a huge advantage to British cycling.

12. Finally, what makes you want to return to Britain to race – I have had this question all my life (why am I here!)
Taylor: It may sound a bit odd, but I am happy in the UK. With the years I have travelled away, the UK is easy because we all speak English, drive on the same side of the road and share a lot in common. I do enjoy enjoying new cultures but while trying to race, it’s a healthy environment to be apart of.




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