Q & A with Jack Pullar (Bike Channel Canyon)


Q & A with Jack Pullar, second in the Ryedale GP (tough old race that) and part of the new British UCI team  Bike Channel Canyon  revealed last night on VeloUK

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Q&A with Jack Pullar (Bike Channel Canyon)

It was quite a season for Jack Pullar in the Pedal Heaven team with podiums at the Eddie Soens and Ryedale GP along with a long list of top 10s in other races during 2016. So it is no surprise that the North West rider is part of the new Bike Channel Canyon team where the DS is Tim Elverson as it was at Pedal Heaven


Jack says of the team “It’s great to have signed with Bike Channel Canyon. I trusted Tim to pull it all off and he has delivered in great way. He said from the start that I’d be on his team if it goes ahead. Having this at the back of my mind was good and to have it all come together so well was a relief.”

“It’s purely high end sponsors which is great for the image of the team and great for the lads and myself to use. It’s a shame for Pedal Heaven but thats how it is in the cycling industry I guess”.

1. What was the highlight of 2016 for you and why?
Jack: I think coming 2nd at Ryedale. After a string of good results, It was nice to confirm a strong year in the toughest domestic race of the year. I knew I had it in me to get a good result there, but its nice to see the hard work pay off.

2. What was your favourite/most fun race of 2016
Jack:  Ilkley GP. A great even from start to finish. Just a load of Northern lads smashing each other around a nice town. Loved it.

3. What was the toughest race of 2016 for you and why?
Jack: Ride London. Its another level racing the world tour guys in a one day event.


Finish of Ryedale GP where Jack finished second to Ian Bibby

4. What is the best piece of equipment (clothing/bike/gadget) to do with racing you are proud of most?
Jack:  My SRM. My friend David Allonby gave it to me and its been great since. I owe him one for sure!!

5. What is your warm up routine for races – rollers or turbo? Music or no music?
Jack: I don’t have a specific routine. I think it depends on the conditions and the kind of race.

6. What’s your favourite discipline on the road; road racing and/or crits (and why?)
Jack: Maybe last year I’d have said crits, but since I’ve had a coach and trained properly, I’ve really enjoyed the road racing. I think it helped having form for them.


7. Will you stay in the UK to prepare for next season during the winter or get in a training camp or two abroad to get in some serious miles?
Jack: Mostly in the UK. You don’t graft round Tour of the Res in the snow by staying in Spain for five months!

8. When will you start training for 2017 and what comes first – long steady miles or a mix of miles and efforts?
Jack: I’ve just got back from Australia after a short break. I did a little bit over there but the training in Sydney is terrible. Its started properly now though.

9. What are the goals for 2017?
Jack: I know Tim wants to win the Tour Series so I’d imagine i’d be one of the guys to help the team win that. My other goal is to ride the Tour of Yorkshire and win a ‘Prem’.

10. How tough is it being a pro bike in the UK – what are the biggest challenges?
Jack: It’s only as tough as what you put in. Until last winter, I’d have said it was pretty easy. But that’s because I hardly trained. Now I train a lot more, it’s tough. You get good days and bad days but you just deal with it and in the long run its worth it.


Jack (right) and James Gullen having their ‘froomey’ race on the turbo! #banter




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