Q&A: Archie Cross (B38 Underpin Racing)

Q & A with Archie Cross of B38 Underpin Racing about 2016 highlights and the season ahead

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Q&A: Archie Cross (B38 Underpin Racing)

The final Q & A for the B38 Underpin Racing team that we have is 21 year old Archie Cross who’s racing revolves around road racing with a few hill climbs

1. What was the highlight of 2016 for you?
Archie: Ilkley 2 day or the final stage of the Ras de Cymru. At Ilkley, I raced in a 3 man team with Paddy and Kieran and that was how the idea of starting a team came from. We finished 1st 5th and 7th there and on the 2nd day Kieran and Paddy controlled the race from the first mile.

The final stage in the Ras was up the Tumble and I needed 38 seconds to win the overall. Unfortunately I could only get 31 but racing up a 15 minute climb to the finish was something I really enjoyed.

2. What are you looking forward to most racing for this team?
Archie: Watching Kieran doing stupid stuff 90% of the time, watching Andy trying to work out how he ended up spending time with people so much more mature than him and Ian’s (the boss) inspirational team talks.

3. Studying what at University?
Archie: Studying 3rd year Civil Engineering at Sheffield University and coming to realise it’s not the joke course I thought it was in the first two years but still beats getting a real job.

4. What were your goals in 2016?
Archie: To win a race. It was my 3rd year of racing and I was developing a good knack of not winning. Thanks to Kieran and Paddy I got two in a weekend at the Ilkley 2 day so that was nice to sort.
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5. What is the best piece of equipment on the race bike you are proud of most?
Archie: At the expense of the abuse from Ian who believes in the science of feel, I think my power meter & Garmin combo. Useless in a race but for training, it eliminates guess work of trying to work out if you are going well or just think you’re going well.

6. When will you start training for 2017
Archie: I said last week, then this week but I’ll go with next week.

7. Will you stay in the UK to prepare for next season or get in a training camp or two abroad?
Archie: Hopefully I have a week off after exams in January, during which I can fly somewhere a bit less grim than the horizontal rain and 3 degree specials Sheffield loves to offer up in winter. If not I’ll just keep my fingers crossed global warming gets a shift on.

8. Special winter bike or using the normal training bike
Archie: Winter bike full mudguards and tractor tyres.

9. What are the goals for 2017?
Archie: Win a national B, medal at BUCS road race and not get killed too much at prems. Make Ian proud and not kill any teammates.



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