Result: Lincolnshire CX League

Mark Cotton and Melanie Cowell winners at round 11 of the Lincolnshire CX League at Market Rasen

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Result: Lincolnshire CX League

Senior Men
1 Mark Cotton VC Lincoln
2 Nathan Wilson Wilsons Wheels Race Team
3 Bartlomiej Kieres Bourne Whls CC
4 Leigh Andrews Steve Poole Plant Hire / Ralei…
5 Matthew Beaumont Wilsons Wheels Race Team
6 Benjamin Shucksmith Alford Wheelers
7 Nick Emerson Flex-Tech Ettridge Cycles RT
8 Peter Davies
9 Jake Jackson Arrow Cycles
10 Mark Ramage Cliff Pratt Racing
11 Charles Cuss Harrogate Nova CC
12 Henry Heyes
13 Euan Adamson Lincoln Wheelers CC
14 Craig Keyworth Flex-Tech Ettridge Cycles RT
15 Jono Dundee
16 Thomas Howes Sleaford Whls CC
17 Robert Smith Lindsey Road CC
18 Paul Bonnett
19 Andrew Teanby
20 Mark Staples Lindsey Road CC
21 Anthony Callaby
22 Leigh Walker
23 Melanie Cowell VC Lincoln
24 Kevan Woollas Sleaford Whls CC
25 Kirstie Smith
26 Amanda Clements Lincsquad (Quadrathlon Club)

Veteran Men 40-49
1 Martin Kennedy Ellmore Factory Racing
2 Steve Wood Geared Up RT
3 Ivan Oxborough Ellmore Factory Racing
4 George Hackney VC Lincoln
5 Dave Allen Alford Wheelers
6 Carl Jackson Arrow Cycles
7 Jonathon Snowden Vive Le Velo
8 David Jennaway
9 Edward Burkitt Lincoln Wheelers CC
10 Llewellyn Byrne Witham Wheelers Cycling Club
11 Andrew Stewart
12 Stuart Carson
13 Jason Clark VC Lincoln
14 Dominic Watts VeloViewer
15 Jonathan Backhouse Lincoln Wheelers CC
16 Matthew Everton Sleaford Whls CC
17 Mark Woodward Saint Piran
18 Simon Cowell VC Lincoln
19 David Handley
20 Martin Cullen Arrow Cycles
21 Phillip Galpin Bourne Whls CC
22 Simon Abdy Barton Whls CC
23 Lucan Webster Common Lane Occasionals
24 Jody Bett VC Lincoln
25 Matt Brian VC Lincoln
26 Troy Chalkley Lindsey Road CC
27 Chris Elletson
28 Rory King Sleaford Whls CC
29 Ian Pike
30 Heath Speck VC Lincoln
31 Stef Bryan Alford Wheelers
32 Scott Ferry-collins
33 Robin Frisby Sleaford Whls CC
34 Peter Brumpton Lincoln Wheelers CC
35 Adrian Brathwaite Lincoln Wheelers CC
36 Dave Robertson
37 Stuart Burns

Veteran Men 50+
1 Glenn Coltman Leicestershire Road Club
2 Edward Loftus Lincoln Wheelers CC
3 Rich Cutsforth Velo Club Beverley
4 David Robinson Flex-Tech Ettridge Cycles RT
5 Jonathan Clarke Lincoln Wheelers CC
6 Paul Dann VC Lincoln
7 Paul Conneely Witham Wheelers Cycling Club
8 Dave Moulds Witham Wheelers Cycling Club
9 Peter Goy Louth Cycle Centre
10 Steve Hull
11 Phil Welch Lincoln Wheelers CC
12 Neil McLaughlin Harrogate Nova CC
13 Malcolm Brown
14 Jimmy Armstrong VC Lincoln
15 Barry Robinson VC Lincoln
16 Michael Mcdermott
17 Paul Sleaford Norton Wheelers
18 Simon Cocker Witham Wheelers Cycling Club
19 David Webb
20 Philip Heyes
21 Paul Andrews VC Lincoln
22 Andrew Johnson
23 Tim Higgins Scunthorpe RC
24 Chris Bettinson Spalding Cycling Club
25 Nigel Middlehurst Ellmore Factory Racing
26 John Bateman Vegetarian C & AC
27 Simon Price Royal Air Force CA
28 John Irving
29 Terry Beisty Scunthorpe Polytechnic CC
30 Gary Woods Alford Wheelers

1 Melanie Cowell VC Lincoln
2 Kirstie Smith
3 Amanda Clements Lincsquad (Quadrathlon Club)

Junior Men
1 Jake Jackson Arrow Cycles
2 Thomas Howes Sleaford Whls CC

U16 Boys
1 Bradley Sprogis Paul Milnes – Bradford Olympic…

U16 Girls
1 Alice Standish Bourne Whls CC
2 Mia Mawson
3 Melissa Mawson Sleaford Whls CC

U14 Boys
1 Samuel Howes Sleaford Whls CC
2 Joshua Backhouse VC Lincoln
3 Alex Galpin Bourne Whls CC
4 Bradley Worth Boston Whls CC
5 Luke Issitt Sleaford Whls CC
6 Dan Galpin Bourne Whls CC
7 Cameron Braithwaite NEL Lindsey Go-Ride
8 Matthew Walsh Lincsquad (Quadrathlon Club)

U14 Girls
1 Kayleigh Pickworth VC Lincoln
2 Penelope Linsdell Bourne Whls CC
3 Megan Kirk VC Lincoln
4 Abigail Saggs Sleaford Whls CC

1 Jake Kennedy VC Lincoln
2 George Cooper Bolsover & District Cycling Cl…
3 Daniel Backhouse VC Lincoln
4 Tyler Green Eastlands Velo
5 Jude Du Toit Bolsover & District Cycling Cl…
6 Noah Inman Bolsover & District Cycling Cl…
7 Edward Linsdell Bourne Whls CC
8 Ben Burkitt Lincoln Wheelers CC
9 Max Burkitt Lincoln Wheelers CC
10 Alfie Specck
11 Thomas Williams
12 Holly Cresswell NEL Lindsey Go-Ride
13 William Maddox Doncaster Whls CC
14 Louis Inman Bolsover & District Cycling Cl…
15 Connor Wilkinson Boston Whls CC
16 Luke Brumpton
17 Georgette Rand Lincoln Wheelers CC
18 Jet Du Toit Newark Castle CC
19 Euan Mcdonald
20 Tom Cragg Sleaford Whls CC
21 Shona Mosley
22 James Bushell Mojo Suspension
23 Freddie Gibbs Lincsquad (Quadrathlon Club)
24 Oliver Maddox Doncaster Whls CC
25 Oliver Turnbull Boston Whls CC
26 Charlotte Clements Lincsquad (Quadrathlon Club)
27 Charlie Hammond NEL Lindsey Go-Ride
28 Oscar Farrow Sleaford Whls CC
29 Bradley Braithwaite
30 Bethany Goodwin Louth Cycle Centre
31 Poppy Cowell
32 Emma Walker
33 Isabelle Goodwin Louth Cycle Centre
34 Jessica Woollas
35 Harry Cragg Sleaford Whls CC




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