Result: Manchester & District Time Trial Xmas 10

Simon Beldon wins the Manchester & District Time Trial Association Christmas 10 with a new course record

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Result: Manchester & District Time Trial Xmas 10

Congratulations to Simon Beldon of SSLL RT with a course record 21:29, taking the win. For a second year the fastest M&DTTA affiliated rider to hold the Jim Broome Trophy for 1 year was Rob Pollen of Ashley Touring Club and this trophy will be formally awarded at the M&DTTA Annual Dinner on Sunday 29th January 2017 (Contact Carol Pardoe for details).

The first lady prize was won by Anna Weaver of Manchester Tri Club with an equally impressive ride of 24:02 on a sporting course in December!

Big thanks to all the willing helpers who keep our sport alive for no personal gain, especially the marshals, signage team and pusher offers out in the cold. Special mention to the hard working kitchen staff who kept us all fed and happy and Ady who did a very efficient and professional job on the result board.

Jonny Decamps’ amazing costumes of 2014 & 2015 were a hard act to follow and it took the Victorian Sociable tandem ridden by Valerie and Tony Baxter of Withington Whls to equal the spectacle and take first prize in the fancy dress competition. They also stopped on every corner to raise the spirits of the marshalls with mince pies and a tipple so thanks for that. Stay safe this Winter and hope to see you all again next Year in the M&DTTA 10 mile series in March. Paul Grindley won the V50 prize not me as stated today…..oh well next Year!

Course J4/20

Results & Prizes (One rider one prize except team)

1st Fastest Simon Beldon SSLL Racing Team 21:29 £30
2nd Fastest Scott Burns 21:59 £20
3rd Fastest Rob Pollen Ashley Touring Club 22:30 £15
4th Fastest *Mark Brearton The Endurance Store 23:34 £10

Team**(x3) Manchester Whls: Pickles, McCloskey-Lambert, Robinson 1:12:33 £30

1st vet 40 *Mark Pickles** Manchester Whls 23:24 £20
1st vet 50 Paul Grindley** Liverpool Century RC 24:02 £20
1st vet 60 Phil Barnes Team Swift 26:02 £20
1st vet 70 Roger Wrenn Macclesfield Whls 27:27 £20

1st Lady Anna Weaver** Manchester Tri Club 24:02 £30
2nd Lady Charlotte Gorman** Bury Clarion CC 26:17 £20
3rd Lady Jayne Dickens Vision Racing 26:45 £15

1st Juvenile Alex Coates Lyme RC 24:32 £20
2nd Juvenile Jack Millar East Lancs RC 26:16 £15

1st Junior Nikolas James Lyme RC 24:33 £20
2nd Junior Jack Smith** Sportcity Velo 24:44 £15
3rd Junior Theo Jeffries Oxford University CC 24:58 £10

1st Tandem Brian Anthony Dukinfield CC 28:00 £20
Ian McFarlane Dukinfield CC 28:00 £20

Fancy Dress Prizes
Best fancy dress – Tony & Valerie Baxter (Sociable tandem) £20 each
2nd Best fancy dress – David Tinker** (Madonna with Fallen Boobies) £15
3rd Best fancy dress – Graham McCulloch (The axe & Cleaver) £10

*One rider one prize rule.
** Prize to be posted.
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Fancy Dress Solo
1 Tony & Valerie Baxter Withington Whls FD 01:56:25
2 Madonna with the fallen Boobies – David Tinker Clayton Velo FD 00:34:21
3 The Axe & Cleaver – Graeme McCulloch Stretford Whls FD 00:40:47
4 The Rose & Crown – Jo Harcourt Stretford Whls FD 00:41:47
5 The frozen Mop – Ian Fielding Stretford Whls FD 00:39:47
6 Jaques Custard – Howard Newhall Withington Whls FD 00:32:03
7 Spiderman – Alan Meinhardt Kidsgrove Whls FD 00:29:47

1 Brian Anthony Dukinfield CC Tand 00:27:44
Ian McFarlane Dukinfield CC Tand

2 Paul Warrener Rossendale RC Tand 00:29:01
Linda Felton Rossendale RC Tand

3 Peter Brocklehurst Janus RC Tand 00:30:18
Peter Daniel Janus RC Tand

4 Tony Baxter Withington Whls Tand 01:56:25
Valerie Baxter Withington Whls Tand

1 Simon Beldon SSLL Racing Team V40 21:29.0
2 Scott Burns Drag2zero Sen 21:59.0
3 Rob Pollen Ashley Touring Club Sen 22:30.0
4 Mark Pickles Manchester Wheelers Vet 23:24.0
5 Mark Brearton The Endurance Store V40 23:34.0
6 Nathan Turnbull Leigh Premier Road Club V40 23:36.0
7 Gavin McCloskey-Lambert Manchester Wheelers Sen 23:38.0
8 Matt Cartlidge Kuota-Spinergy-CSG Sen 23:42.0
9 Anna Weaver Manchester Tri Club Lady 24:02.0
10 Paul Grindley Liverpool Century RC V50 24:02.0
11 Dave Fearon Weaver Valley CC V50 24:03.0
12 Alex Leek Velo Club St Raphael Sen 24:06.0
13 Michael Lawrenson Parentini Test Team V40 24:15.0
14 Andrew Askwith Bridlington CC V50 24:27.0
15 Alex Coates Lyme Racing Club Juv 24:32.0
16 Nikolas James Lyme Racing Club Jun 24:33.0
17 Richard Sagar North Lancs RC Sen 24:40.0
18 Jack Smith SportCity Velo Jun 24:44.0
19 Neil Oliver Lyme Racing Club V40 24:50.0
20 Theo Jeffries Oxford University CC Jun 24:58.0
21 Steven Drew Ashley Touring CC V40 25:02.0
22 James Brayford Lyme Racing Club Sen 25:10.0
23 Paul Targett Pendle Forest CC V50 25:13.0
24 Sam Walley East Lancashire RC Jun 25:17.0
25 Cameron Fitton East Lancashire RC Jun 25:19.0
26 Dan Robinson Manchester Wheelers Sen 25:31.0
27 Graham Hill South Pennine RC V50 25:32.0
28 Robbie Harcourt Salford Cycling Club V50 25:40.0
29 Adam Darby Salford Cycling Club Sen 25:41.0
30 Andrew Ashmore Buxton CC V40 25:59.0
31 Thom Hughes Lyme Racing Club Jun 26:01.0
32 Phil Barnes Team Swift V60 26:02.0
33 Alex Trippier East Lancashire RC Jun 26:05.0
34 Nick Grogan Cheshire Mavericks CC Jun 26:06.0
35 Dave Bates South Pennine RC V60 26:06.0
36 Pab Maddox Niteriders V40 26:14.0
37 Jack Millar East Lancashire RC Juv 26:16.0
38 Charlotte Gorman Bury Clarion CC Lady 26:17.0
39 Kirk Yearsley Salford Cycling Club Sen 26:24.0
40 Jayne Dickens Vision Racing LVet 26:45.0
41 Richard Coates Leek Cyclists’ Club V50 26:56.0
42 Michael Kateley Mossley Cycle RT V40 27:00.0
43 Matthew Riddiough Glossop Kinder Velo CC Sen 27:02.0
44 Joel Ackers SportCity Velo Juv 27:04.0
45 Andrew Newey Ribble Valley C&RC Sen 27:09.0
46 Julian Ainsworth Salford Cycling Club V40 27:20.0
47 Sally Cunliffe Velo Club Melyd LVet 27:21.0
48 Roger Wrenn Macclesfield Wheelers V70 27:27.0
49 Tony Perrin Stone Wheelers CC V50 27:29.0
50 Barrie Whittaker Lyme Racing Club V50 27:39.0
51 Richard Yates Manchester Tri Club Sen 27:42.0
52 Noah Codling East Lancashire RC Jun 27:43.0
53 Josh Decamps East Lancashire RC Jun 27:44.0
54 Sharon Clifford WCS Racing Team LVet 28:04.0
55 Stephen Turner Westmead Team 88 V50 28:24.0
56 Lynne Skellern Macclesfield Wheelers LVet 28:50.0
57 Brian Jones Warwickshire Road Club V60 28:58.0
58 Dominic Brown West Wales CRT V40 29:16.0
59 Chelsea McCloskey-Lambert Manchester Wheelers Lady 29:18.0
60 Rhianna Parkinson Salford Cycling Club Lady 29:30.0
61 Darren Hughes Lyme Racing Club V40 29:36.0
62 Michelle Fairclough Salford Cycling Club LVet 29:39.0
63 Harry Jordan Cheshire Mavericks CC Juv 29:48.0
64 Richard Grudzinski Cheshire Roads Club V60 30:01.0
65 Patricia Stacey Lyme Racing Club LVet 30:54.0
66 David Steele Lyme Racing Club V70 32:40.0
67 Wilf Lewis Altrincham Ravens CC V80 33:51.0
68 Dave Joynson Lyme Racing Club V70 34:02.0
69 Martin Williamson Mossley Cycle RT V50 35:48.0
70 Nicole Decamps East Lancashire RC LJuv 36:52.0
71 Harry Fletcher Janus RC V80 39:33.0
72 Jonny Decamps East Lancashire RC V40 46:23.0



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