Report: Imperial Winter Series – Round 2

Emily Bates, Rory Palmer, Darryl Lusardi & Rupert Graham winners at week 2 of the Imperial Winter Series

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Report: Imperial Winter Series – Round 2

Hillingdon Cycle Circuit | 10th December

It may have been a gloomy and miserable afternoon that greeted the riders for the second race in the series, but all the racing was far from it.

The 4th cat race started 90 seconds before the 4th Cat Women set off and James Parkes (Army Cycling Union) started the action in the 4th Cat, as did Alison Hinds (Welwyn Wheelers) in the Ladies. As a result of her early activity she was awarded the Look Mum No Hands Combativity Prize comprising a dinner for two at their Clerkenwell store.

Soon after the Women’s race broke up into pieces with Emily Bates (700 CC) leaving the rest and winning on her own; she wins some pleasure or pain with Nicole Oh of Peloton Physio.

The men’s 4th cat race formed a similar pattern from last week with Rupert Graham (Sigma Sport), riding away and lapping the field, even more impressive than last week. He very sensibly stayed behind the group to have a clear run to the line for his victory salute. Rupert moves up to 3rd cat. and wins a pair of Ryder Eyewear glasses.

The E/1/2/3 race had 59 riders line up for their 1 hour plus 5 laps race. Ieuan Woods (Charlotteville CC), James McCarthy (Twickenham CC) and Hadyn James (Reading CC) started the action moving away from a splintering main group, but they were pulled back within 2 km.

This, however, set the pattern for the race with many attacks and splits during the first half, until finally with the persistence of in-form Robert Cheng (MonoCC) a leading group was formed, he unfortunately missed it! Four riders pulled away, Rory Palmer (London Dynamo), Darryl Lusardi (Willesden CC), James and John Hale (unattached), they worked well together and held their advantage to the finish.

Third cat Woods tried desperately to move across, got very close but could not quite make it, but was rewarded with a solo ride to 5th place. In the headwind finish Rory Palmer (London Dynamo) eased away from 3rd cat Lusardi with Haydn James 3rd and Hale 4th. Their efforts made an interesting race, staying clear from the main group with committed riding.

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17th December
13:10 4th Cat + Women 2&3 cat
14:20 E12 + 3 cats

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1st Rory Palmer London Dynamo 2 200
2nd Hadyn James Reading Cycling Club 2 180
3rd Daniel Cooper Regents Park Rouleurs 2 150
4th Tom Hargreaves Nuun-Sigma Sport- London Race Team E 130
5th James Gray VC Londres 2 120
6th Tyler Lemmon Team Bottecchia UK 2 110
7th Jerzy Kuzminski London Bicycle Workshop 2 100
8th Sam Humpheson Look mum no hands! 2 90
9th Jo Skelton Look Mum No Hands! 2 70
10th Gary Taylor Handsling Racing 2 40
11th Kieran Dineen VC Equipe Flix 2 30
12th Arlen Vartazarian Regents Park Rouleurs 2
13th James McCarthy Twickenham CC 2
14th Adam Thompson Eden Veranda Racing 2
15th Robert Ormond Morvelo Basso RT 1
16th Robert Cheng Mono CC 2
17th Jon Shillingford Thames Velo 2
18th Paul McGrath North Road CC 2
19th Ben McKie VC Londres 2

3rd cat race
1st Darryl Lusardi Willesden CC 190
2nd John Hale unattached 170
3rd Ieuan Woods Charlotteville CC A+Disp 160
4th Kareem Akinnibi VCL A+Disp 140
5th william Raymond VCL 80
6th Sean Bridgeman VC Londres 60
7th Michael Pollitt London Dynamo 50
8th Neil Heffernan Kenton RC 20
9th Jose Soler Handsling Racing 10
10th Thomas Gloag VCL
11th Leo Hayter VC Londres A+Disp
12th Ian Tucker Twickenham CC
13th Evangelos Christides unattached
14th Keith Chanter London Dynamo
15th Emmanuel Arthur Finsbury Park CC
16th Dylan Hubble Thames Velo
17th Harry Bunnell Kingston Wheelers
18th Jamie Davies-Evans Adalta CC
19th Ashley Evans Rapha Cycling Club
20th Stuart Gillies Twickenham CC
21st Rostin Walker Kingston Wheelers
22nd Mark Northover Revolutions Racing
23rd Nick Gill Sutton CC A+Disp
24th Oliver Richardson Twickenham CC
25th Mark Hughes G.S.Henley
26th David Smith VCGH A+Disp
27th Mark Gray London Dynamo
28th Pete Ganderton GS Henley
29th Matthew Wallis Handsling Racing
30th Seb Ashton Kingston Wheelers
31st Daren Austin Twickenham CC
32nd Peter Hair Kingston Wheelers
33rd Jamie Ford Blazing Saddles
34th Nicole Oh Les Filles RT w2
35th Bill Butterworth Sigms Sport RT
36th Clemence Copie Les Filles RT w1
37th Mario Manelfi blazing saddles

4th cat race
1st Rupert Graham Sigma Sport
2nd Paul Cope High Wycombe CC
3rd Joe Kirton VC Norwich
4th Pablo Marcos High Wycombe CC
5th Julian Russell East London Velo
6th James Ferguson SD Racing
7th Paul Brooks Unattached
8th Craig Cole SD Racing
9th Meti Gashi Watford Velo Sport
10th Robbie Collison Cranleigh Cycling Club
11th Ben Wade Twickenham CC
12th David Clarke London Dynamo
13th James Mcgahern Lovelo Cinnelli RT
14th Andrew Knott Welwyn Wheelers CC
15th James Ackerley GS Henley
16th Simon Pearce Berkhamsted CC
17th Nathan Bond unattached
18th Simon Hall Gregarios Superclub Ciclista
19th Iain Campbell VC Londres
20th Alex Ballinger unattached
21st Lloyd Molton kingston wheelers
22nd Shaun Terry unattached
23rd Justin Costley Cycling Club Hackney
24th Charlie Woodall Big Boys Bicycle Club
25th Sean Standerwick Kingston Wheelers
26th Chappman Sin Chevaliers CC
27th Albert Gray unattached
28th Scott Volker Watford Velo Sport
29th Andrew Milner Noth Cotswold
30th Dylan Campbell London Dynamo
31st Mark Weight Sigma Sport
32nd Michael Kazer Lovelo Cinelli RT
33rd Gary Kenny Watford Velo Sport
34th Nick Eisinger Dorking CC
35th Johnathan Sargeant unattached
36th Craig Lawrence Kingston Wheelers CC
37th Piotr Wojda unattached
38th James Rapinac London Dynamo
39th Richard Metcalfe Berkhamsted CC
40th James Marvin unattached

4th cat Womans race
1st Emily Bates 700 CC
2nd Charlotte Donohoe Michey Cranks
3rd Lillian Choy London Dynamo
4th Kitty Pemberton-Platt Rapha Cycling Club
5th Jan Scott Eton Tri club
6th Alison Hinds Welwyn Wheelers
7th Helen Bridgman Kingston Wheelers CC
8th Lyndsay Fitzgerald Viceroys
9th Charlotte Davis LoveloCinelliRT

Overall Series Leader Board
1st Daniel Cooper Regents Park Rouleurs 340
2nd Kareem Akinnibi VCL 340
3rd Tom Hargreaves Nuun-Sigma Sport- London RT 310
4th James Gray VC Londres 290
5th Jo Skelton Look Mum No Hands! 230
6th William Raymond VCL 220
7th Rory Palmer London Dynamo 200
8th Darryl Lusardi Willesden CC 190
9th Hadyn James Reading Cycling Club 180
10th John Hale unattached 170
11th Ieuan Woods Charlotteville CC 160
12th James McCarthy Twickenham CC 150
13th Michael Pollitt London Dynamo 150
14th Tyler Lemmon Team Bottecchia UK 140
15th Damien Clayton Mono CC 130
16th Oliver Richardson Twickenham CC 120
17th James O’Connell Regents Park Rouleurs 110
18th Jerzy Kuzminski London Bicycle Workshop 110
19th Gary Taylor Handsling Racing 100
20th Adam Thompson Eden Veranda Racing 90



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