Q & A: Emily Wadsworth (Beeline Gener8)

VeloUK quizzes high flying junior Emily Wadsworth who was on the podium during the National Trophy CX Series

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Q & A: Emily Wadsworth (Beeline Gener8)

1. Looking back at the National Trophy, are you happy with how it went this season?
Emily: I only was able to do the last three rounds of the series so I didn’t get an overall result. However, I’m really pleased with how it went, and I’m especially happy with my 2nd place at Shrewsbury! Ipswich and Hetton were also good experiences for me and came with different challenges. In all the races, it felt good to be able to mix it up with some of the top cyclo-cross riders in the UK.

2. Which round was the best for you and why?
Emily: Definitely Shrewsbury – getting on the podium with 2nd is a huge confidence boost going into the Nationals. I loved the course, it was technical and muddy but with not too much running, which is always a bonus! My preparation was dramatically different for this race, having been injured in the week before, so I learnt a lot in regards to my preparation for races.

3. Tell us about the bike you used for the series – is it different to other seasons, what is it, and what’s unique about it (gearing, brakes etc)
Emily: I’m lucky enough to be sponsored by Beeline Bicycles and they have always had close relationship with Specialized UK. My 2017 race bikes are an evolution of the Crux Pro’s we ran last season and are now even lighter at 7.6kg. As a team we run SRAM gearing and the Force1 kit on all of our bikes has proven incredibly dependable. I run a 40t front and 11-32 rear ratios most of the time.

I’ve been racing with disc brakes since last season and love them. I trust that my bike will still brake the same no matter how muddy it gets. I run 140mm disc rotors front and rear which is different to the stock 160mm/140mm combo.

Arguably the most important item on the spec sheet is our Tubular selection. This year we have continued support from Challenge Tyres. I started the season on the Chicane file tread, moved to Grifo tread when it got a bit softer and have finally got chance to ride my new Team Edition ‘S’ Limus now winter has arrived and it’s got soft and muddy!

I am also very lucky to be able to run arguably the best ‘cross wheels on the market; the Mavic Ksyrium Pro Carbon disc. They are about as light as a disc wheel gets and they have stood up to everything that they’ve been put through. All in all I have some pretty top spec bikes so there’s no excuses!

4. Did your preparation for the series change in 2016 or do you have a good formula nailed down for it?
Emily: This year, I started my season fairly late, as coming off of Road Euros and a full MTB season I needed a good rest. My rest was longer this year than it has been previously, however I felt as if I really needed it mentally and physically.
I’m still trying to work out what works for me at the moment and I’m learning all the time. As a junior, being at school means that my training remains fairly rigid throughout the year due to time restrictions so my training is often more about short, quality sessions rather than quantity.

5. Were the conditions for the Trophy this year different to other years – ie, less muddy?
Emily: This year has definitely been the driest yet. The only properly muddy race I’ve done so far is Shrewsbury! I’m still not really sure what conditions suite me at the moment, but I think it’s good to not favour certain conditions otherwise when you don’t get your way, you’re mentally at a disadvantage before you’ve even started.

6. What cyclo-cross race this winter has been the most fun here or abroad?
Emily: My favourite race in the UK was Shrewsbury this year, as I really surprised myself in what I can do and just loved the course! I’m heading over to Belgium over Christmas, and after having done the same last year, I’m sure the most fun races are yet to come! I love the atmosphere of Belgian cross races, and the crowds are insane, the support that follows you around the course really pushes you on.

7. Behind every success story within the tapes of a cross race is a team of helpers – How many people look after you at races in the pits and events in general
Emily: I’m currently sponsored by Beeline Bicycles, Oxford, who provide me with everything I need in order to race at my best ability, from bikes, kit to nutrition. Without them I would be pretty useless!

The owner of Beeline Bicycles, Luis Tulip, has given me tremendous support throughout my career, and I will always be so thankful for this. My race day ‘support team’ mainly consists of my Mum, Dad and Mark Akers from Beeline Bicycles at the moment.

My Dad takes me to every race, is my pit man, along with Mark Akers who ensures my bikes are working perfectly before major races. My mum makes sure I’m not racing on an empty stomach!

8. What is the key physical attribute a rider needs for British cross races which require both running and riding and skills to match.
Emily: I think British cross races are becoming increasingly technical, so being technically sound on a cross bike is so important in order to conserve energy as you are not constantly having to work harder than your opponents. The courses definitely become more technical at international level, which is where skilful riders really do begin to see a clear advantage.

9. What will be your preparation events for the National Champs this year and being at Bradford, is there anything in training you will do to prepare for that course?
Emily: I’m working with my coach, Simon Watts, leading up to Cross Champs and I’m going to try and put in a fairly solid block leading up to it. I don’t plan on altering much as I feel changing anything too drastically this close to the race might not be the best preparation. However, I will need to consider in my training that Bradford is technical and will involve some running!

10. Finally, After the British Cross champs, what will be your goals for 2017?
Emily: My result at the Cross Champs will determine whether I get selected for the Cross Worlds or not, that’s a huge goal for me. Post cross season, I’ll continue training hard for the MTB season and hopefully consistently position at the front end of National races and some of the Junior World Series rounds. I hope to gain selection for both MTB and road major championships.




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