Q & A: Victoria Fearn (Sunsport Velo WRT)

In this Q & A, Victoria Fearn of Sunsport Velo WRT reveals her 2016 highlights and goals for 2017

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Q & A: Victoria Fearn (Sunsport Velo WRT)

Victoria says this about her team for 2017: “The best thing about my team is that we are a mix of nine women including bright young superstars and experienced racers”.

1. How did you get into cycle racing?
Victoria: I got into racing three years ago with the WyndyMilla womens race team. They were a great group of experienced women that took me to my first national Team Series races and taught me all I know about the racing scene.

2. What’s your favourite discipline in cycling?
Victoria: My favourite is road racing. Anything that is a ‘war of attrition’ always appeals to me but if my mood is right, I do love a crit on a good circuit!

3. What is the best thing about bike racing?
Victoria: The high when you win or finish with the lead bunch. Even when I have done team sports in the past, there is nothing quite like the thrill of a solo win and taking that feeling home with you. I also love the buzz and the atmosphere around a race. There is always that nervous energy and that great relief and accomplishment at the end of every race for me.

4. What was the highlight of 2016 for you and why?
Victoria: My highlight would be the Surrey League RR that I won at Dunsfold at the end of the 2016 season. It was a tough race and loads got dropped along the way. I was not expecting the win but after a little teamie chat pre-race finish, I believed I could or might be in with a chance of the win and up the hill, it all worked out of me and I flew past people and got onto the straight and gave it everything to win just by a very narrow margin and get the win. Best feeling ever!

5. What was your favourite/most fun race of 2016
Victoria: My most favourite and fun race for me was the ‘Tour of Good Hope’ in South Africa. It was five stages with four mammoth stages through the Winelands, up mountains and through long dry mountain passes. The longest stages being over 135k. We had the best time. I think the sunny weather in February, being on the smooth South African roads and awesome team mates helped!

6. What was the toughest race of 2016 for you and why?
Victoria: The toughest has to be the Ras na Bam in Ireland. It is a 5 day stage races full of highs and lows with possibly the worst stage up Mount Leister, IRE on day 2 in the character building Irish weather. I think I might have cried a bit climbing up that!

7. If there was one thing you learned most in 2016 to help you go faster/better, what was that?
Victoria: How important it is to feed and keep hydrated on the bike that can be the difference of winning races or not even finish and my other would be if others can do it so can you!

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8. What is the best piece of equipment (clothing/bike/gadget) to do with racing you are proud of most?
Victoria: Best piece of kit for me is my custom made fitted and painted Wyndy Milla bike but I just can’t wait for this season as I along with my teammates will be riding Sunsport Velo Cervelo bikes with Edco wheels; don’t get much better that that!

9. What is your warm up routine for races – rollers or turbo? Music or no music?
Victoria: Love rollers and music as helps you zone out. However, if my team mates are there, a roll up and down the road with them is always my top choice.

10. Will you stay in the UK to prepare for next season during the winter or get in a training camp or two abroad to get in some serious miles?
Victoria: No training camp planned yet but I am lucky enough to be heading back out to South Africa to compete in the ‘Tour of Good Hope’ again with a few friends and this year Dame Kelly Holmes will be joining us – this takes place in March 2017.

11. When will you start training for 2017 and what comes first – long steady miles or a mix of miles and efforts?
Victoria: Training now! A mix of it all, the British weather is not kind so steady miles when the conditions allow and the turbo and efforts in the warm when it does not.

12. What are the goals for 2017?
Victoria: My goals, are to get as many BC point for my team, Sunsport Velo WRT. Take part in team series, national events and some events across the waters. The team are looking to do the Tour of Malta in early April, can’t wait to get started.

13. Does winter training consist only of riding the bike or running/swimming/gym work (cross training)
Victoria: Winter training for me is bike riding but working with my coach, Stu at Sunsport Velo. He has opened my eyes up to the importance of core strength and flexibility so they are now part of my routine.

14. Finally, what have you learnt over the years to best deal with the winter months on a bike!
Victoria: Never start a ride in the rain. If you get rained on whilst out that is life but don’t choose to go out in it, especially in the colder months. Two weeks off with a cold can really impact training.

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