Interview: Beth Crumpton on her Bronze Medal

Estrella Bikes ambassador Beth Crumpton “absolutely chuffed” to win the bronze medal at British Women’s CX Championship

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Interview: Beth Crumpton on her Bronze Medal

Post race, Beth explained “I’m absolutely chuffed to get a medal. If people saw me cross the line, I think they could tell how happy I was. This time four weeks ago, I wasn’t in contention for a top five at a trophy and I’ve put the hard work in over the last four weeks and it’s all come together in time for me to piece together a good ride at the nationals. I’m so happy to get a bronze medal, my first elite championship medal too.”

2. How was the course at Bradford compared to the others you have ridden this season?

Beth: The organisers and course designers have created the best Bradford course yet I think. I enjoyed every bit of it. It had a great amount of technical sections and slippy mud, a good run up and the right amount of places to get the power down.

The whole course is more or less on an off camber slope unlike some of the other courses this season and it really tested your skills to be smooth and consistent. A great course and job from everyone involved in hosting these champs”.

Above: Hannah and Beth on the podium together after a season in the National Trophy where in one race, the difference came down to a sprint at the end.

3. After battles week in, week out in the Trophy with Hannah, tell us about your race chasing her. 
Beth: Me and Hannah have been battling since we were 12 years old and it’s great that we have continued to keep on the battles as we’ve grown up. It keeps the racing exciting and challenging.

I had a good start but a bad second half of the first lap and that is when Hannah was able to get a good gap on me. After that, the gap was pegged at about 15-20 seconds for the rest of the race and I just couldn’t pull her back as much as I tried.

Hannah has been flying all season and I knew it would be a tough job to chase her down. I was riding smooth and making minimal mistakes so it just shows how much on top of your game you have to be at such a big race. You can’t afford to make mistakes!

I enjoyed the race though and I was happy to have someone to chase down, it kept me working hard.

4. What was your strategy for the race with Nikki returning to the racing here?
Beth: We all know how strong Nikki is. She was defending champion which took a lot of pressure off I think. My strategy was to take it on and settle in to my own rhythm.

I know it would always be tough to go with Nikki; she is a professional and an Olympian so riding my own race, giving my all and having fun was always going to be the case.

5. Was the mud causing you to have bike changes and if so, how often did you have to change?
Beth: The mud wasn’t too much of an issue on bike clogging, but more the fact the tyres weren’t clear as the mud was very sticky. I was changing about every 1 1/2 laps to make sure I was getting enough grip and traction to avoid making any mistakes and loosing time.

6. What now for your season with no National Trophy – looking to ride the worlds?
Beth: I would say my season is near enough done for now. I’m not sure whether I did enough to get selected for the Worlds or not. It’s a very vague criteria. I would love to think I have, and to be able to go to my first Elite Worlds would be ace but I’m not getting my hopes up. I’ll go on holiday if i don’t LoL!

7. Tell us about the bike setup for the course today.
Beth: I raced my awesome Estrella Fangoso CX bikes. I’ve altered my position recently which has helped a lot to be able to get the power down even more. I race the same gear set up on most courses and same for today with a 42 tooth up front and an 11-36T cassette on the back.

I ran a set of Schwalbe Rocket Ron tubulars on the one bike at 18psi on the front, 19psi on the back, on the second bike I had Challenge Limus running 18psi front and rear. An important day to get the tyre pressure spot on!




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