Q & A: Ewan Grivell Mellor (Mid Shropshire Wheelers)

4th place in the British Under 23 Cyclo Cross Championship was a surprise for Ewan Grivell Mellor of Mid Shropshire Wheelers who takes the Q & A

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Q & A: Ewan Grivell Mellor (Mid Shropshire Wheelers)

Coming from a cycling family, Ewan and his brother Luke have both been prominent in the winter sport of cyclo-cross along with their dad Dave who organised the Shrewsbury round of the National Trophy. The big highlight however for the family was Ewan’s 4th in the Under 23 CX Championship in Bradford last weekend.

“I’m supprised with my result” Ewan explained this week. “I started the week off with a sore throat and was feeling a bit under the weather all week running up to the weekend. So come the morning of the race, I wasn’t to sure how things would turn out. That being said, I’m quite relieved and over the moon with my result and with having a good ending to the season!”

Here is Ewan’s look back at the National Trophy season

1. Looking back at the National Trophy, are you happy with how it went this season?
Ewan: I would say it’s been a good season so I’ll have to say I’m rather happy with how all the races in the Trophy have gone – after eventually getting back into shape after recovering from pneumonia and making the jump to elite ‘cross racing, my results and performances began to improve, which is always good for moral!

2. Which round was the best for you and why?
Ewan: I’ll have to say it was Ipswich, for sure. I like the hell for leather races which are usually quite dry, fast and relatively technical – Those types of courses seem to suit me well and end up with me getting a good result.

3. Tell us about the bike you used for the series – how did it differ to other bikes you have used in the past and what did you enjoy most on the bike this season
Ewan: I like to use the Specialized Crux. I’ve used that model and brand with cantilever brakes for almost all my seasons racing cyclo-cross. This is mainly because the family bike shop can get them in stock with ease, but mainly because it’s my preferred bike of choice as they are light and cope and ride well in all conditions of a British winter. I also use Fast Forward, Zipp and Grammo wheels with a combination of Schwalbe and Dugast tubs to suit all conditions – they work well for me and are the best quality wheels and tyres anyone could use.

4. Did your preparation for the series change in 2016 going from juniors to under 23?
Ewan: If I’ve changed anything, I’ve done a lot more long training rides throughout the season – I’d say this helps as it means I’m still firing on all cylinders at the end of an hour long race. Apart from that, I’d say I’ve improved my diet by eating a far more plant-based diet, which is meaning, I’ve found, my form has been a lot more consistent as well as my recovery being quicker.

5. Were the conditions for the Trophy this year different to other years – ie, less muddy?
Ewan: It’s been a whole lot dryer compared to last year and I’ve preferred it because it’s meant the clean-up after the race isn’t as bad. But really muddy races are always good fun and memorable!

6. Behind every success story within the tapes of a cross race is a team of helpers – How many people look after you at races in the pits and events in general.
Ewan: I always have my Dad slaving away in the pits manning the jet-wash and doing everything else a good pit-man should do. As well as him, I usually have another pit helper from the club who is always helpful and prepared go stick it out in the pits, regardless of how filthy.

7. What cross race this winter has been the most fun and given you the most satisfaction?
Ewan: I’ll definitely have to say Bradford National Champs. The is mostly because I got a good result, but also because the crowd cheering everyone on was great as well as the course being really wild and enjoyable. The same can go for my home race, the National Trophy final (Shrewsbury) – there was a good atmosphere with family and local characters all attending.

8. What were your preparation events for the National Champs this year?
Ewan: As well as a fair amount of short, intense interval efforts throughout my training and a little bit of running to prepare myself for typical Bradford scinarios, I did the Kenilworth Boxing Day ‘cross followed by the Macclesfield SupaCross the next day. These two races are classics and highlights of the racing season for me. I find racing can act as good training ahead of important races such as National Championships.

9. Finally, After the British Cross champs, what will be your goals for 2017?
Ewan: With my A-Level exams in the summer taking priority for the first half of the year, I haven’t many plans for road racing up until the end of June. Though after that, I’ll start preparing for the upcoming season of cyclo-cross.




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