Q&A: Ed Hatfield (Primera/Team Jobs)

Ed Hatfield of Primera/Team Jobs tackles the VeloUK question and answer quiz

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Q&A: Ed Hatfield (Primera/Team Jobs)

1. How did you get into cycle racing?
Ed: I started cycling with my father. He wasn’t to bad but I creamed him quite quickly. I entered my first race which was a town centre crit up in shaftsbury where I managed to get 3rd place with no previous experience of racing.

2. What’s your favourite discipline in cycling?
Ed: I enjoy road racing over varying distances and closed circuit.

3. What’s the best thing about cycle racing?
Ed: The apprehension, the rush of performance and the exhilaration of a hopefully good performance.

4. What’s was the highlight of 2016 for you and why?
Ed: Glenn Longland two day classic stage 2, which was the road race where I won and managed to beat an elite licence holder.

5. What’s your favourite/most fun race of 2016?
Ed: Funny now, but at the time I felt stupid for celebrating a perceived first place when actually, I was 3rd after two guys had gone off the front.

6. What’s was the toughest race of 2016 for you and why?
Ed: The regional Junior championship race. I punctured after being in the break and had to watch everyone pass me including the chasing group, whilst I was waiting for neutral service to provide me with a spare wheel. I then had to chase back on solo, and managed to catch the chasing group, overtake them and get back into the break. By this time I had dug so deep, my legs were cream crackered!

7. If there was one thing you learnt most in 2016 to help you go faster/better what was that?
Ed: Be humble. Stay focused and above all do not indulge in alcohol, poor diet or girls.

8. What is the best piece of equipment (clothing/bike/gadget) to do with racing you are proud of most?
Ed: My Garmin edge 1000 in conjunction with my power meter is the best equipment I use. I could not train without them.

9. What is your warm up routine for races-rollers or turbo? Music or no music?
Ed: For personal safety issues, I prefer the turbo trainer with music preferences include drum and bass and high tempo.

10. Will you stay in the U.K. to prepare for next season during the winter or get in a training camp or two abroad to get in some serious miles?
Ed: I’m doing serious miles in this country as it is. We are planning a training camp in Majorca in March.

11. When will you start training for 2017 and what comes first- long steady miles or a mix of miles and efforts?
Ed: I started training for 2017 back in September of 2016 under instruction from my coach James Spragg, with initial base mileage.

12. Does this winter consist only of riding the bike or running/swimming/gym work (cross training)
Ed: This winter has mainly been pure cycling with lots of gym work and swimming.

13. Finally what have you learnt over the years to best deal with the winter months on the bike?
Ed: I’ve learnt to keep myself positive at all times, the moment you become upset or demotivated is the point where your training suffers. I watch a lot of videos on YouTube from Alex Brooks (MarzBarVlogs) which keeps me positive.




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