Report: Cadel Evans Women’s Road Race

Dutch rider Annemiek van Vleuten wins the Elite Women’s Race at the Cadel Evans Great Ocean Road Race in Geelong today. Emma Pooley 5th

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Report: Cadel Evans Women’s Road Race

Annemiek Van Vleuten, a former world number one who has victories at some of the world’s biggest one-day Classics including the Tour of Flanders, made it two in a row at the race for ORICA-SCOTT following teammate Amanda Spratt’s win last year.

Admitting she wasn’t one of the team’s protected riders, the 34-year-old was pleased she could deliver despite contributing to the early work as a domestique. “I was not one of the leaders for the day,” van Vleuten explained. “I am targeting the start of March so I said I would like to help my teammates.”

“I have surprised myself. In the Tour Down Under I was struggling uphill but today I was one of the better riders uphill. Katrin Garfoot and Amanda Spratt were supposed to be our leaders and they didn’t have a great day. I noticed on the climbs that they weren’t there anymore and that it was only me.”

“I had done already some work so I felt some pressure thinking maybe I have to also finish this race off. I think this is one of my strengths that I am a bit older and I have a big engine.”

Van Vleuten was part of a chase group of four who caught solo leader Emma Pooley (Holden Women’s Cycling Team) with 2.5km left to race before winning the five-up sprint in an exciting finish to the 133.3km race. Once it came down to a reduced sprint, Van Vleuten said she was comfortable with her chances.

“I knew that I was the fastest of the (final) group but there was also extra pressure because you don’t want that they surprise you,” she said of her thoughts in the final kilometre. The result caps off an incredible start to 2017 for ORICA-SCOTT. The women’s team will now travel to Europe having won three national titles, the Tour Down Under and Cadel Road Race titles under their belt.

Lucy Kennedy (4th): “Fourth place stings, but I can’t really complain about being fourth in a field like that! I’m pretty stoked. In the first part of the race I actually got into a bit of trouble in the crosswinds as I was caught off guard and had to do more work than I would have liked to early on.”

“The last 30-40 kilometres were really hard work, which was what I was hoping for. Once the hills started I felt like I was climbing really well so I took advantage of that where I could and actually went early with Gracie Elvin on the first long drag climb.”

“We had a decent gap, but I wasn’t getting any help so we got caught, then it was a matter of jumping onto the moves of the riders who caught up, and hanging on, then trying to get away when I could.”

Emma Pooley, racing for Holden Women’s Cycling, looked to have made the decisive move of the day, however, she was caught with 2.5 kilometres to go, and the race would be settled in a sprint by the five leaders of the break.

Ruth Winder (2nd): “It was a really good race. I had my teammates around me all day. I had been thinking about what Katie Hall had told me, how I’m stronger than I think I am, and I needed to believe it myself. I really put my head down at the end and came away with a second place. I’m very happy.”

Mayuko Hagiwara (3rd) “I so happy on the podium today and it’s really result of great team work,” Hagiwara said after the race. “Today was windy before the start and its affect for the race with cross wind in some of part. On the beginning of the race I was not really feeling good but my teammates always stayed with me, guided and helped me and gave me power, and I was determined that “today I have to do my best.”

“Before the start Donna [Rae-Szalinski, Wiggle High5 Pro Cycling Directeur Sportif] and Julie [Leth] who is captain in the race today, they explain what wind will come and what should we do in the wind, Hagiwara continued. “In the race Julie always paid attention about me, but I lost of position in the bunch. When I drop from the front group, Nettie [Edmondson] and Julie bring me up again. Amy and Amy [Cure and Roberts] and Grace [Garner] always cared for me and got into some escapes. So I always save my energy and my position in the bunch, and I so, so appreciated it.”

“On the final climbs section I was so suffering, but I couldn’t gave up because all the girls did their best for me,” said Hagiwara. “In the last 2km I tried a long escape but it wasn’t strong enough. Then into the last km, all the riders looked at each other and I also hesitated. I couldn’t react well to Annemiek’s attack and I finished 3rd. I felt really happy and grateful to the team. We could recon the course really well when we stayed near Geelong after the Santos Tour. Our director give us a lot of information, and we really understood it, keep reminding ourselves about it, and it really worked!”

Deakin Elite Women’s Race – Result
1. Annemiek VAN VLEUTEN (ORS) 3h04:13
2. Ruth WINDER (UHC) +0
3. Mayuko HAGIWARA (WHT) +0
4. Lucy KENNEDY (HFD) +0
5. Emma POOLEY (HWC) +0
6. Susanna ZORZI (DRP) +27
7. Kirsten WILD (CPC) +33
8. Chloe HOSKING (ALE) +33
9. Chloe DYGERT (T20) +33
10. Gracie ELVIN (ORS) +33
11. Annette EDMONDSON (WHT) +33
12. Gretchen STUMHOFER (T20) +33
13. Ann-Sophie DUYCK (DRP) +33
14. Kylie WATERREUS (MVC) +33
15. Julie LETH (WHT) +33
16. Amanda JAMIESON (NZL) +33
17. Abigail VAN TWISK (DRP) +33
18. Elizabeth WILLIAMS (HBS) +33
19. Tayler WILES (UHC) +33
20. Alexandra MANLY (ORS) +33
21. Annie FOREMAN-MACKEY (T20) +33
22. Rushlee BUCHANAN (UHC) +33
23. Leah THOMAS (T20) +33
24. Alice BARNES (DRP) +33
25. Daiva TUSLAITE (ALE) +33
26. Georgia CATTERICK (NZL) +33
27. Kate MCILROY (SPW) +33
28. Lucy BECHTEL (SPW) +33
29. Grace BROWN (HWC) +33
30. Justine BARROW (RSH) +33
31. Katharine HALL (UHC) +33
32. Peta MULLENS (HBS) +33
33. Malgorzata JASINSKA (CPC) +33
34. Shannon MALSEED (HWC) +33
35. Sharlotte LUCAS (NZL) +33
36. Amanda SPRATT (ORS) +37
37. Romy KASPER (ALE) +39
38. Jenelle CROOKS (ORS) +39
39. Carlee TAYLOR (ALE) +39
40. Danielle KING (CPC) +39
41. Tiffany CROMWELL (LPR) +49
42. Rebecca WIASAK (HFD) +1:50
43. Grace ANDERSON (NZL) +1:50
44. Nina Marie LAUGHLIN (T20) +1:50
45. Jessica PRATT (HFD) +1:50
46. Rebecca WOMERSLEY (DRP) +1:50
47. Amy CURE (WHT) +1:50
48. Anna CHRISTIAN (DRP) +1:50
49. Alexis RYAN (LPR) +1:50
50. Christel VAN LOO (MVC) +2:59
51. Anna TREVISI (ALE) +3:42
52. Janneke ENSING (ALE) +3:42
53. Amy ROBERTS (WHT) +4:19
54. Barbara GUARISCHI (LPR) +4:19
55. Starla TEDDERGREEN (HBS) +4:19
56. Beth Ann ORTON (HBS) +4:19
57. Lisa BRENNAUER (LPR) +4:19
58. Louisa LOBIGS (HWC) +4:19
59. Liza RACHETTO (HBS) +4:19
60. Lauretta HANSON (UHC) +4:19
61. Rossella RATTO (CPC) +4:19
62. Ellen SKERRITT (RSH) +4:19
63. Jaime GUNNING (HWC) +4:19
64. Lauren HALL (UHC) +4:23
65. Tsubasa MAKISE (MVC) +5:41
66. Jessica LANE (MVC) +9:44
67. Ella SCANLAN-BLOOR (SPW) +11:02
68. Kristy GLOVER (RSH) +11:03
69. Matilda RAYNOLDS (RSH) +11:28
70. Ivy AUDRAIN (HBS) +11:28
71. Kristina CLONAN (HFD) +11:28
72. Ruby LIVINGSTONE (NZL) +11:28
73. Erin KINNEALY (HWC) +11:28
74. Grace GARNER (WHT) +11:28
75. Sofia ARREOLA NAVARRO (T20) +11:28
76. Kate PERRY (SPW) +14:14




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