Result: Central CX League Misterton

Lydia Brookes and Richard Jones winners at round 15 of the Central Cyclo-Cross League at Lutterworth on Saturday

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Result: Central CX League Misterton

On a day the Great Britain made cyclo-cross history by taking a clean sweep of the medals in the World Junior Cyclo-cross Championships in Luxemburg, the heart of the sport was being enjoyed by many across the age groups at Misterton Hall, nr Lutterworth.

The Welland Valley CC promotion, Barney’s Bash – Misterton Madness, was the final round of the popular Central League. After many decades of promoting cross this was the first time the Market Harborough based club had promoted on behalf of this league.

The majestic estate of Misterton Hall is ideal for cross racing with its multitude of terrain testing the strength, speed and agility of all the competitors. Overnight rain added an extra gloss to an excellent days racing in all the categories.

Following last weekend’s devastating news, riders observed a minutes silence before each of the main races in memory of Charlie Craig which was a fitting tribute, #rideforcharlie

The events for the younger riders kicked off the action on a specially designed course that ensured any climbing was completed within the woods or on hard paths. As the ‘champions of the future’ whizzed round the course on wheels the size of dinner plates there was healthy support for all. The racing was tight with many podium places being separated by seconds. All of the young competitors received a souvenir beanie hat for beating the course regardless of their finishing position.

The speed of the racing increased as the Youth and Novice racers headed out onto the full course which featured a natural log jump and fast descents through the woodland. The skills on display by the youths were very impressive, doubly impressive was the number Novices enjoying the beautiful sport of cross. At the end of the race they all had a story to tell as the conquered the Misterton Madness.

As the sun shone and the atmosphere in the woodlands intensified it was the turn of the Juniors and Veterans 40 plus, as this race finished it was the turn of the Over 50’s, which featured two World Masters Champion – Dave McMullen and Vic Barnett, and Women to sample the delights of Barneys Bash.  In all four classifications there was some very close fought racing as the riders jostled for a high finishing position and final league points.

The senior riders lined up for the final race, a 60 minutes blast round the 2.6km course. No sooner had the race started, a short shower made the course greasy on the corners and sent the riders in search of fresh racing lines to maintain traction and momentum. As the riders crossed the finish line the officials were not sure if the facial expressions were ones of pain or pleasure.

Organiser Dean Barnett would like to thank Mrs Craven for allowing use to use her ‘back garden’ , Central Cyclo-cross league for welcoming WVCC into the league, officials, first aid, electronic timing, members and friends who made the day flow seamlessly from car parking, signing on, refreshments, judging and marshalling. The course construction takes many hours planning and setting out, no sooner had the racing finished an excellent team of volunteers had the course gathered up in 40 minutes – excellent team work.

See you all next season, Dean Barnett #lovecross #cyclingonebigfamily

Senior Men
1 Richard Jones Renvale RT
2 Joe Peake CC London
3 Dan Bodh Hope Factory Racing
4 Jordan Peacock Wellingborough Cycles Race Team
5 Neil Ellison WDMBC/Specialized Ruislip
6 Jeremy Hicks Rugby Velo
7 Andrew Vaughan Matluck CC
8 Graham Knight JCA-Equipe Velo
9 Will Beresford London Phoenix CC
10 Leigh Smith JCA-Equipe Velo
11 Gareth Whillall Zepnat RT
12 Paul Elcock GS Henley
13 Carl Dyson Leicester Forest
14 Jorge Ribeiro Manso WDMBC/Specialized Ruislip
15 Gavin Howell Team Milton Keynes
16 Chris Bradley RT – Lazer helmets
17 Paul Beattie Rockingham Forest Whls
18 Nathan Smith Windmill Wheels Cycling Club
19 Mervyn Dempsey Berkhamsted Cycling Club
20 Andrew Whelan Twenty3c Cycling Club
21 Matt Exley Flamme Rouge Cycling Team
22 Daniel Brennan LBRCC (Leighton Buzzard Road CC)
23 Richard Wiggins Team MK
24 Joshua Jones
25 Robert Milton LBRCC (Leighton Buzzard Road CC)
26 Lawrence Green Windmill Wheels Cycling Club
27 Gavin Fowler Team Trident
28 Dan Connall Club Corley Cycles
29 Jake Hubbard Welland Valley CC
30 Alan Cooper
31 Paul Kendall Leicester Forest CC
32 Duncan Godfrey Team Trident
33 Dennis Lisbygd Race Timing Solutions
34 Martin Kovalic
35 Alex Scordellis CC London
36 Graeme Lannigan 700CC
37 Tom Wright Numplumz
38 Phil Wilkinson Rockingham Forest Wheelers
39 Ross Gallacher LBRCC (Leighton Buzzard Road CC)
40 Joe Oakins LBRCC (Leighton Buzzard Road CC)
41 David Hill Rockingham Forest Whls

1 Lydia Brookes G.S. Henley
2 Helen Boatman Team Milton Keynes
3 Fran Whyte Bicester Millennium CC
4 Tiffany Fletcher Empella
5 Zoe Allsop Lovelo Cinelli RT
6 Lindsay Newman Team Jewson-M.I.Racing-Polypipe
7 Jade Mobbs Wellingborough Cycles
8 Samantha Hughes-Dowdle Team Milton Keynes
9 Ria Mobbs Wellingborough Cycles
10 Fiona-May Aylward Leicester Forest
11 Wendy Rees
12 Nicola Traynor Welland Valley CC
13 Sarah Vigrow Welland Valley CC
14 Hilary Johnson Empella
15 Gwen Wathne Team Milton Keynes
16 Brenda Bozwood Davies Team Trident |
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Junior Men
1 Joshua Van Nierop Welland Valley CC
2 Fraser Ayears Welland Valley CC
3 Luke Houghton Verulam –
4 Max Sillifant WVCC
5 Thomas Howes Sleaford Whls CC
6 Billy Fadden Pedalworks Performance Team
7 Nicholas Candy North Road CC
8 Oliver Bell Leicester Forest CC

Vet 40-49
1 Carl Sturgeon MI Racing
2 Lewis King Beeline Bicycles RT
3 Matthew Crouch Fossa Racing
4 David Whittle Bicester Millennium CC
5 Mike Jackson CC Luton
6 Gary Lingard Cycling Club Hackney
7 Richard John Spirit Tifosi Racing Team
8 Mark Calvert Team Trident
9 Simon Askham Leicester Forest CC
10 Robert Moore Welland Valley CC
11 Hans van Nierop Welland Valley CC
12 Chris Clayton Dyson Cycles
13 Bryan Holland North Road CC
14 Michael Mulroy
15 Julian Freeman Rockingham Forest Whls
16 Colin Ingram Team Milton Keynes
17 John Cavill Welwyn Wheelers CC
18 Mark Shepherd Banjo Cycles
19 Mark Evans Kettering CC
20 Richard Jackson Leicester Forest CC
21 Mark Prinsloo Leicester Forest
22 Matt Field Trek Bicycle Club
23 Iain Kemp Revel Outdoors
24 Martin Baisch 700CC
25 Andy Smith Team MK
26 Kevin Ball Leicester Forest CC
27 Andrew Lowe Team Milton Keynes
28 Julian Thrasher Spirit Tifosi Racing Team
29 James Robertson Welwyn Wheelers CC
30 Mark Simmons The Open University Cycling Club
31 Gareth Cummings
32 Nigel Dilks Cycle Derby CC
33 Gareth Mills
34 David Hadsley CC Ashewell
35 Warren Drew Rapha Cycling Club
36 Daniel Hall Cycle Club Ashwell (CCA)
37 Richard Bell Leicester Forest CC
38 Andrew Ayears Welland Valley CC
39 Philip Wilkinson Rockingham Forest Whls
40 David Lloyd Club Corley Cycles
41 Jean-Sebastien Vecten SD Racing Team
42 Martin Donald LFCC
43 Iain Foulkes Cycle Club Ashwell (CCA)
44 Alex Dale
45 Nicholas Smith St Ives CC
46 Jeff Conabere Team Trident
47 Stephen Henson Club Corley Cycles
48 Brian Borrows
49 Paul Cox Bicester Millennium CC
50 Adrian Killworth Welland Valley CC
51 Paul Brown Numplumz Mountainbikers
52 Andrew Taylor Twenty3c Cycling Club
53 Ray Chessum
54 Jeremy O’Neil Cult Fit
55 Jamie Stockham Kettering CC
56 John Muncaster Team Milton Keynes
57 Nicholas Kershaw Welland Valley CC
58 Ian Hobbs Team Trident
59 David Belcher Ratae RC
60 Steve Moakes Team Trident
61 Andrew Stevenson Lutterworth Cycle Centre RT
62 Mike Higgins Welland Valley CC
63 Ian Bradley Heanor Clarion CC
64 Hamish Low
65 Mike Broadbent BMCC
66 David Wilson Welland Valley CC

Vet 50 Plus
1 Kevin Holloway GS Vecchi
2 Dave McMullen Cotswold Veldrijden
3 Kirby Bennett Team Jewson-M.I.Racing-Polypipe
4 Simon Hime Finchley Racing Team
5 Mark Booth Club Corley Cycles
6 Andy Webb Kenilworth Wheelers CC
7 Paul Turner Leicester Forest CC
8 Nigel Jones Stratford CC
9 Steve James Pedalworks Performance Team
10 Mark Ellis Team Milton Keynes
11 John Wright VC Long Eaton
12 Carl McDonagh RT – Lazer helmets
13 Richard Lewis Kenilworth Wheelers CC
14 Jeff Roberts High Wycombe Cycling Club
15 Shaun Campling Leicester Forest CC
16 Anthony Walton Team Milton Keynes
17 Victor Barnett Welland Valley CC
18 Roger Jewell CC London
19 Wayne Henderson Leicester Forest CC
20 Mark Garrett Ride Coventry
21 Ian Gascoigne Ride Coventry
22 Michael McDermott Heanor Clarion CC
23 Simon Hale Army Cycling Race Team (ACRT)
24 Angus Wells Royal Air Force CA
25 Timothy Bailey North Bucks RC
26 Denis Smith Windmill Wheels Cycling Club
27 Gary Kensett Club Corley Cycles
28 Carl M Taylor Stratford CC
29 Daniel Clemens Spirit Tifosi Racing Team
30 Paul Haigh Team Milton Keynes
31 Brian Swindell Derby Merlury
32 Mike Snell RLSCC
33 Nigel Bennett Team Milton Keynes
34 Paul Willis CC London
35 Mark Eidem Hillingdon Triathletes
36 Trevor Hook Team Milton Keynes
37 Peter Boyce
38 Robert Jones Leicester Forest CC
39 Tony Hopper Charlotteville CC
40 Barry Ensten LBRCC (Leighton Buzzard Road CC)
41 Marc Henderson Welland Valley CC
42 Alastair Fadden Pedalworks Performance Team
43 Tony Shortland Team Trident
44 Miles Walker LBRCC
45 Kevin Mills Welland Valley CC
46 David Forbes Team Milton Keynes
47 Keith Perry Team Trident
48 Mark Wheeler Rugby Velo
49 Paul Brown Leicester Forest CC
50 Eric Wilcock Bike Bible CC
51 Peter Kott Ratae RC
52 John Fettis


Under 16 Girls
1 Ellie Dilks Cycle Derby CC
2 Freya Butler Welwyn Wheelers CC
3 Rylee Wilkinson Rockingham Forest Whls

Under 16 Boys
1 Edward Woodward Mi Racing Academy
2 Joseph Bennett Welwyn Wheelers CC
3 Archie Peet Welwyn Wheelers CC
4 Aran Martin Team Corley Cycles
5 Will Gell Wellingborough Cycles
6 Rizwan Hameed Hillingdon Slipstreamers
7 Charles Rollins Hillingdon Slipstreamers
8 Charlie Stockham Kettering CC
9 Lewis Muncaster Team Milton Keynes

Under 14 Girls
1 Lucy Buckley Cycle Derby CC
2 Beatrice Pauley St Ives CC
3 Ellen Bennett Welwyn Wheelers CC
4 Amelia Cox Bicester Millennium CC

Under 14 Boys
1 Joe Kiely Welwyn Wheelers CC
2 Joel Corbishley Team Milton Keynes
3 Tom Sharples Welwyn Wheelers CC
4 Joshua Brown Kettering CC
5 Samuel Howes Sleaford Whls CC
6 Maximus Walling Leicester Forest
7 Euan Woodliffe Welwyn Wheelers CC
8 Sullivan Berry Reddikh Road / Path CC
9 Edward Hopkins The MI Racing Academy
10 George Gould Hillingdon Slipstreamers
11 Pierre Botha Team Milton Keynes
12 Kian Traynor Welland Valley CC
13 Joseph Walton Team Milton Keynes
14 Thomas Ayers Cycle Club Ashwell (CCA)
15 James Montagu Hillingdon Slipstreamers
16 Stirling Green
17 William Hunt Heanor Clarion CC
18 Ben Brant WVCC

Under 12
1 Ethan Stevenson Team Milton Keynes
2 Oscar Martin Team Milton Keynes
3 Zak Machin Rivet Racing
4 Libby Bell Leicester Forest CC
5 Dominic Pauley St Ives CC
6 Thomas Dixon Welwyn Wheelers CC
7 Alasdair Mildred Team Milton Keynes
8 Jasper Dilks Cycle Derby CC
9 Dominic Bell Kettering CC
10 Ben Mellor Matlock CC
11 Kai Buckley Cycle Derby CC
12 Huw Wilson Welland Valley CC
13 Noah Inman Bolsover & District Cycling Club
14 Daniel Henderson Welland Valley CC
15 Ellis Jackson Leicester Forest CC
16 Archie Bracewell Cycle Club Ashwell (CCA)
17 Imogen Cox Bicester Millennium CC
18 Beth Bennett Welwyn Wheelers CC
19 Bethany-Ann Jackson Leicester Forest CC
20 Michael Carter Welland Valley CC
21 Amelia Cebak Kettering CC
22 Astrid Spragg Hillingdon Slipstreamers
23 Beau Smith WVCC
24 Maizie Ross Cycle Club Ashwell (CCA)
25 Edward Hennah Kettering CC
26 Mia Hopkins Welland Valley CC
27 Aidan Halfpenny Icknield Road Club
28 Sophie Godfrey Icknield Road Club
29 Olivia Stanley Whizz Kids

Under 10
1 Jude Du Toit Bolsover & District Cycling Club
2 George Cooper Bolsover & District Cycling Club
3 Ryan Oldfield Redditch
4 Finlay Woodliffe Welwyn Wheelers CC
5 Rupert Cavill Welwyn Wheelers CC
6 Liam Conway St Ives CC
7 Daniel Ward Mereia CC / Loyds Cycles
8 Leon Atkins Hemel Hempstead CC
9 Elana-Rose Fereday Welland Valley CC
10 Thomas Gaud Rutland Rouler
11 Jamie Kershaw Welland Valley Whizz Kids
12 Ellie Montagu Hillingdon Slipstreamers
13 Hannah Henderson Welland Valley CC
14 Thomas Godfrey Icknield Road Club
15 George Clark Welland Valley
16 Ruben Hickman Kettering CC
17 Finnley MacGregor Team Milton Keynes
18 Flynn Smith WVCC
19 Samuel Smith St Ives CC
20 Brooke Traynor Welland Valley CC
21 Aimee Brooks Kettering Cyclones

Under 8
1 Merle Snelson Team Milton Keynes
2 Louis Inman Bolsover & District Cycling Club
3 Tyler Dyson Leicester Forest
4 Steve James
5 Charile Guest Kettering CC
6 Andrew Deathridge Welland Valley CC
7 Logan Ayers Cycle Club Ashwell (CCA)
8 Toby Gaul Rutland Rouler
9 Dylan Connall Team Milton Keynes
10 Ruby O’Dell St Ives CC
11 Millie Botha Team Milton Keynes
12 Harry Donald LECC
13 Holly Clark Welland Valley
14 Daniel Holton
15 Charlie Gaul
16 Haydn Connall Team Milton Keynes
17 Jake Bird Kettering CC

1 Ashley Easton C and D Cycles
2 Steves Coombs Wakerloy Wheekers
3 Peter Morrell CC Luton
4 Andrew Brown C and D Cycles
5 Steve James
6 Andy Green
7 John Reed North Bucks RC
8 Neil Millar
9 Steven Conlam Welland Valley CC
10 Bob Sutton
11 Chris Barratt C D CC
12 Stephen Parnwell Velosport Cycling Club
13 Don Marshall
14 Richard Lindsley C and D Cycles
15 Debbie MacColl Club Corley Cycles
16 Wayne Holton
17 Glen Deathridge
18 Emmeline Fenn
19 Rachael Connall
20 Claire Clark Welland Valley
21 Mark Inman Ashfield



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