News: Cycling Sheffield Racing Team

After two successful years racing as Envelopemaster, the Dave Coulson’s Sheffield based team is rebranded for 2017


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News: Cycling Sheffield Racing Team

After two successful years racing as Envelopemaster, the Dave Coulson’s Sheffield based team is rebranded for 2017. VeloUK caught up with team manager Dave Coulson to learn more.

Dave: CYCLING SHEFFIELD is the brand name for an idea I’ve had for a few years. The team will be backed exclusively by Sheffield based companies and organisations. The inspiration comes from similar models used by teams in Europe, most notably the Euskaltel-Euskadi team. This team was backed on a regional level and gained a great following and level of support.

The theory is that CYCLING SHEFFIELD will offer Sheffield sponsors an opportunity to raise their brand awareness within the city and around the UK. Sponsors will be part of a project to promote Sheffield as a great place for business, culture, sport and leisure.I guess it’s kind of a marketing service that happens to be a bike team.

Jake Tanner who rides for Cycling Sheffield in 2017

2. Have you experienced similar problems to other UK teams in securing funding?
Dave: Yes, definitely. After being let down by a potential sponsor late November 2016, I began thinking about this SHEFFIELD concept. Although the sport is enjoying unprecedented participation and public interest, it’s still not easy to find the funding to run a team well. The business model of a cycling is flawed in as much as it only has one source of funding, sponsorship. This makes sustainability an ongoing struggle.

3. Do you think a concept like CYCLING SHEFFIELD can overcome this problem?
Dave: I hope so. I certainly believe it can make it easier. The response I’ve had from both the Sheffield business community and the cycling community has been very positive. It’s a simple idea, myself and everyone involved will work hard to make it a success.

4. The team has punched above it’s weight, particularly in 2016, with several top ten placings in the Prems. Where do you see the team sitting amongst the other teams in the UK?
Dave: We still consider the team to be about development. Last year we helped Connor Swift move on to Madison Genesis, which was great and well deserved. We hope to continue to be known for helping riders progress. However, with sufficient funding in the future there’s no reason why our team can’t become more than a stepping stone.

5. What’s the rider line up for 2017?
Dave: We’ve been very lucky to retain three of our riders from 2016. Charlie Renshaw, Jake Tanner and Joe Clark. We have three new riders, Billy Robinson, Liam Bromley and Tim Home. All 18- 24 yrs old. Obviously, we will miss Connor Swift, but the team is very strong this year and we expect great progress and development.

6. What will the race program look like?
Dave: It will be much the same as the past two years. All the Prems and some of the National A crits, and some time in Europe. We’d like to thank; GIANT Sheffield, Burrows Mazda, Bioracer,  Proaktive, Blue Strawberry Elephant, Epic Sweet Peaks, Mamnick




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