Q & A: Bronze Worlds medallist Ben Turner

We follow up the interviews with Tom Pidcock and Dan Tulett with a Q & A with Bronze medallist from the World CX Championships, Ben Turner

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Q & A: Bronze Worlds medallist Ben Turner

1. Has your achievement at the World Championships sunk in yet?
Ben: Just about – it was such a special moment and took a while to sink in! I think all three of us were in disbelief after the result but with a little time to reflect, I am very happy with my achievement and the team’s achievement!

2. Was the course the most tricky you have ridden on in cyclo-cross?
Ben: Definitely, it was so technical and with the icy conditions made the course even more technical. I think this suited me but made for an interesting race!

3. What was your strategy for the race?
Ben: I wanted to get a good start and go from there. I didn’t want to think about different scenarios to much although it was hard not too.

4. What part of the race was the most comfortable, or, were you on the edge the whole time until the finish?
Ben: I think around the second or third lap. The start was chaos and the last lap was quite stressful with pressure for being on the podium! But looking back the race went so fast you didn’t have time to get too comfortable.

5. How did you set the bike up for a race on ice?
Ben: I stuck with Challenge Dune tubs all week from the moment I went on the course as I thought the tubs were fast and in the corners, no tubs had any grip so I thought they were the perfect choice! Not many people went on file treads but I had faith in them.

6. Did you have time on the final lap to take in your achievement in the race?
Ben: Not at all. I just wanted to get to the line and finish. I didn’t want to ease up or think about it as on that course you could crash so easily and a good result could be taken away in a moment.

7. Did the conditions from the pre-race ride change to those conditions you had in the race?
Ben: The only changes were there was less snow on race day although on race day, it rained and froze making the course more icy and technical.

8. Did you have any bike trouble in the race and how often did you change bikes?
Ben: I didn’t change bikes but the only problems on the bike were from me crashing and the shifters moving inwards.

9. What’s been the best thing that has happened since the race?
Ben: I think being recognised whilst walking around after the race which was special.

10. Who would you like to thank for helping you in the lead up to the championships?
Ben: The team HMT with JLT Condor for their continued support, trainSharp for helping me target that specific event and finally my Dad for giving everything to help me race my bike!

11. Will you have a break now?
Ben: I have a week off the bike and then prepare for the following road season.

12. Finally, when will your next race be?
Ben: At Kuurne Brussels Kuurne at the end of February.


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