BIKEP0RN: Estrella Clasica

When it comes to quality bikes in bright colours, Estrella have lots to choose from including the Clasica (Classic)

BIKEP0RN: Estrella Clasica

There are bikes that will brighten your world and none more than the Estrella range and the one pictured here, on a grey day in February is available in Blue/Pink, Carbon/Red and Red/Yellow.

The story of Estrella Bikes starts way back in the mid 80s with two 15 year old teammates struggling to put together suitable bikes to race on. One of them, Rob, became a much respected engineer, working with clients such as NASA, McLaren and Rolls Royce.

The other, Darren, became a highly decorated Paralympic cyclist with an impressive haul of Gold medals from the Paralympic Games and World Championships. The two made a pledge that one day they would start their own bike company and make quality bikes affordable. In 2009, whilst still racing, Darren started Estrella Bikes, making lovely one-off bikes, more as a hobby and a way to learn and make connections until the time was right to go full scale.

A chat over coffee for Darren and Rob in the spring of 2015 made them both realise that the time had arrived to get back together and use their individual expertise and expand Estrella bikes. Estrella bikes was re-born and built on the principles they’d decided 30 years earlier; Quality, Affordability, Classic Style, 5 Star Customer Service and Mutual Trust.

Great use of colour striping to colour your bike …

Estrella are also a very valued supporter of VeloUK, helping us serve the sport of cycling and before the Perfs Pedal on Sunday, we caught up with Darren and Rob to photograph four of their models, starting with the Clasica (Classic) frameset with Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 and Cero AR24 wheelset.

Darren explains. “The Clasica is our standard base model and is available in all build options. It has slightly toned down colour scheme too. We use the same frameset throughout the range starting with out Novato entry level build, ideal for later upgrades, giving you a fantastic ride quality whatever your budget”.

The Clasica is a classic racing styled frameset. Built from Toray T800 carbon fibre, full advantage has been taken of Toray’s world class grade carbon achieving stiffness at critical points whilst the remaining carbon layup dampens much of the road noise before reaching the seatpost providing a smoother ride.

The endurance geometry features a more relaxed riding position, and with the addition of slightly taller headtubes maintains a comfort that can be enjoyed all day whilst reducing lower back stress. You don’t have to ride it fast though to enjoy everything it has to offer! Sometimes it’s just lovely to have nice things and to know it will spring into life when you want it to.

To just enjoy the effortless motion and the crisp handling that make this what Darren, who, after all has made a career out of riding a bike fast, describes as a stunning bike. The Clasica is compatible with mechanical and electronic gearing coming with full internal cable routing

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The Clasica here was equipped with Shimano Dura Ace but other options and brands to suit other budgets and taste are available

The bike had the wheels developed by professionals, the Cero brand, another valued VeloUK supporter. 


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