Perfs Q & A: Elliott Porter (Neon Velo)

Tenth in the Perfs Pedal and in the key selection after lap 1, we quiz Elliott Porter (Neon Velo) about his race

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Perfs Q & A: Elliott Porter (Neon Velo)

1. How did you feel your race went at the Perfs Pedal after the winter training?
Elliott: I was pretty disappointed with it to be honest. It was always going to be difficult riding against five Bike Canyon riders in a break of 13. It was a pretty short race being just under 2 hours but a great way to open up after lots of steady miles!

2. How did that first lap of the course go for you when the hammer went down?
Elliott: It was pretty obvious what Bike Channel Canyon were going to do and they hit it hard. But I was in a good position knowing that. After that it was alright, before I knew it, looking back there was nothing and we all settled into a good tempo.

3. Bike Channel Canyon showed they were beatable – did you feel that when they were dominating the moves in numbers?
Elliott: They definitely had the numbers up there covering moves. They rode very well as a unit so it would of been very difficult to get past them on such a short race. Full credit to Jacob Vaughan on nearly pulling it off!

4. How was the finale of the race for you?
Elliott: I wasn’t sure of what the last four or so kilometres were like when we went off the circuit so I was a little unsure!

5. How has your winter training been before the race – in the UK or camps abroad as well?
Elliott: The Winter has been solid. I’ve had a really good winter working this time with Trainsharp. New approach to things and so far, so good. At the moment, I haven’t gone away for a training camp but I’m thinking more likely I’ll go in a break in the race calendar after a couple of the Prems.

6. Was the Perfs your first race of 2017?
Elliott: Yes, much earlier than I have raced in the UK before but happy to have started it off now. A good way to open up.

7. How did you make sure you had your race legs at the Perfs – intervals in training, chain gangs, or turbo work?
Elliott: Not much top end yet. I did start some just before the weekend but pretty steady away with longer intervals, which I enjoy and gets me fit pretty quickly. Still very early into the season and still far away from the first Prem in April.

8. What is the next race goal for you?
Elliott: Next race is the Severn Bridge RR right after our Team Presentation on the 2nd of March at the Giant St Paul’s store in London. After that, the first Premier Calendar is a month later in April.

9. Which events are your season goals for 2017?
Elliott: I’d love to put in a big performance at the AnPost Rás. I feel I’ve always performed best in stage races in the past and it’s such a great race. I’ve always had loads of fun racing it. It’s a race I’d want to win for sure. Of course I’m really motivated to show some results in the Premier calendar races this year. I had a few top 15’s last year so hopefully I can step up to some much bigger results this year.




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