Feature: Dan Kogan gets trainSharped!

Here is Dan Kogan’s story about visiting trainSharp for some tests to determine his level of fitness, zones and goals

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Feature: Dan Kogan gets trainSharped!

Here is Dan Kogan’s story about visiting trainSharp for some tests to determine his level of fitness, zones and goals

Dan writes … Tests are never particularly pleasant but always reap benefits further down the line. Before starting my coaching plan with the guys at trainSharp, I headed to their HQ to carry out a range of tests aimed at determining my level of fitness, zones and goals.

First up was a lactate threshold test. Jumping on the SRM jig, I was introduced to the SRM PowerControl PC8 Head Unit for the first time, and what a piece of kit it was. Not just looking good, it also displayed all the vital data needed to not just carry out these tests but to also train specifically with power.

The lactate threshold test began and as Elliot drew blood out of the index finger after every stage, we soon got a precise picture on where my lactate threshold sat.

A little break and then it was onto the ramp test, a test you can never really win! Just like a ramp, the resistance goes up the further you get through the test. The idea is you keep the same cadence throughout the test and only when you drop cadence, did the test finish.

Above: Lactate ‘trace’ chart 

Legs screaming, heart beating like the clappers and the SRM PC8 displaying 196 bpm, I was finished!

Finally, we had a look at pedal efficiency. After breaking my leg a few months prior to the test, I was keen to see if my left (previously broken) leg was lagging behind the right. Looking at the power distribution, Elliot was pleased to inform me it hadn’t. Definitely a relief on my part.


Dan’s ‘tester’, trainSharp coach Elliot Lipski gives his view of the testing
He writes … being able to accurately pinpoint Dan’s zones prior to setting his training is a critical aspect to the rider-coach relationship.

In doing so, we could identify Dan’s strengths and weaknesses in his physiology, pinpointing the areas to work on, and just as importantly, build on his strengths.

It’s all about the numbers ….

At the time of the test, we identified that his first Lactate Threshold needed working on, especially for his target goals for the season, where fat metabolism and sustainable power was paramount.

Despite his recent injury, the top-end power was still there, as well as the ability to ‘suffer’!

Since Dan’s test in November, we have been structuring his training around his work commitments and building on the areas to focus on. In the coming months, we will look to get him back into the “pain-cave” for some further tests, to quantify the training, reset his zones and it’s always a good opportunity for a cuppa and catch up!

Further Information on coaching at trainSharp
trainSharp coach cyclists from professionals in the pro peloton to club riders (male/female/youth to veterans) wanting to maximise their potenial and even riders with set goals outside of racing that are important for them to reach. To learn more, contact them at info@trainsharpcyclecoaching.co.uk




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