News: Success for Zappi in Spain

The Zappi Under 23 riders have been in Calpe (Spain) training since mid-January and have had their first race of the season

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News: Success for Zappi in Spain

The Zappi Under 23s have now been in Calpe Spain Training Camp since mid-January. At the weekend, they participated in the first major race of the season: Circuito del Guadiana (1st round of the Copa Espana) in Don Benito (Extramadura).

Win for Mark Donovan (centre) in Spain for Zappi RT

In a field including top 200 Spanish Under 23 riders, the team all performed well as they gear up towards the Italian Season. The highlights were Scott Auld taking 9th overall and Ben Hardy winning the Sprints jersey. Two other riders: James Davey and Jack Bilyard were well placed but got caught up in a crash in the run-in to the finish.

The Zappi Juniors trained with the U-23s for a week in Calpe and took part in the Junior version of the Circuito Guadiana (1st round of the Copa Espana). There were 198 riders representing the top Spanish Junior teams. The Zappi team had eight riders: Mark Donovan, Jake Wright, Jacques Sauvagnargues, Lewis Hartley, Harry Gillet and Ben Healy with two Zappi friends: Dan Coombe and Ben Moody. The team nailed their tactics, and stormed the race to turn in an incredible set of results, leaving the top Spanish teams in shock.

1st, Mark Donovan, Zappi RT
3rd Dan Coombe Zappi Friend
4th Jake Wright, Zappi RT
5th Jacques Sauvagnarges Zappi RT
6th Ben Healy, Zappi RT
20th Harry Gillet, Zappi RT
28th Lewis Hartley, Zappi RT
54th Ben Moody Zappi Friend

Ben Healy won the Sprint Jersey
Mark Donovan won the KOM (mountain) jersey
Zappi’s also finished first in the team competition.

To date Mark Donovan, has achieved his best results in Spain. Last year he also took the points jerseys in both the Junior Tour of Basque Country and Tour of Pamplona.




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