Q&A: Jenny Powell (Ford Ecoboost)

Cheltenham’s Jenny Powell lines up in 2017 for the Team Ford EcoBoost squad and has been telling VeloUK how she’s be preparing for the year ahead

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Q&A: Jenny Powell (Ford Ecoboost)
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Cheltenham’s Jenny Powell – the 29-year-old Masters student come adrenalin junkie – well she describes winning the women’s South Region RR Championship ahead of getting married as her 2016 highlight! – lines up in 2017 for the Team Ford EcoBoost squad and has been telling VeloUK how she’s be preparing for the year ahead:

1. How did you get into cycle racing?
Jenny: I have come from a background in swimming and running and my late mother brought me a bike in 2012 with the intention of getting into triathlon. Well the running and swimming soon ended and I joined my local cycling club and completed several sportives around the country with my husband, enjoying the freedom of the bike. We both found ourselves racing the sportives and a couple of the lads from my local club said I should have a go at racing, I haven’t looked back since.

2. What’s your favourite discipline in cycling?
Jenny: Road. I love the freedom of being on my bike, it feels like an escape from the real world. I love being able to see so much of our beautiful country.

3. What is the best thing about bike racing?
Jenny: I love the adrenalin rush that you get, I like to see how hard I can push myself. There is a great vibe you get from races and I have met some really great friends through the 3 years I have been racing.

4. What was the highlight of 2016 for you and why?
Jenny: Winning South Region Road Championships, it was a race I had personally targeted. I also got married :)

5. What was your favourite/most fun race of 2016?
Jenny: I completed my first International Stage race, the Ras na mBan in Ireland. It was such an experience and I most certainly learnt a lot. I went with no expectations and I was really pleased with my GC and British rider results.

6. What was the toughest race of 2016 for you and why?
Jenny: The Ras na mBan. It was my first 5-day stage race and the Irish weather didn’t let us down.
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7. If there was one thing you learned most in 2016 to help you go faster/better, what was that?
Jenny: Remembering to drink and staying hydrated to avoid the dreaded cramp!

8. What is the best piece of equipment (clothing/bike/gadget) to do with racing you are proud of most?
Jenny: My Fast Forward Wheels – they’re a real joy.

9. What is your warm up routine for races – rollers or turbo? Music or no music?
Jenny: I always use rollers as I find them less stressful then messing around with a turbo. I always listen to music and create a new playlist for every race depending on what music I’m enjoying that week.

10. Did you stay at home to prepare 2017 during the winter or get in a training camp or two abroad to get in some serious miles?
Jenny: I have stayed at home for most of my winter training. I am lucky to have a couple of girls just down the road so we train together as much as we can. We’re also off to Palma on a training camp at the end of February.

11. When did you start training for 2017 and what comes first – long steady miles or a mix of miles and efforts?
Jenny: I got married in October so I started training when I returned from my honeymoon at the beginning of November. I started my training working on strength in the gym and long steady miles. Now the training is more race specific as we approach the start of the season.

12. What are your goals for 2017?
Jenny: Be a strong member of the team, enjoy the team ethos, and get on as many podiums as I can.

13. Does winter training consist only of riding the bike or running/swimming/gym work (cross training)?
Jenny: Gym and bike.

14. Finally, what have you learnt over the years to best deal with the winter months on a bike!
Jenny: Just to get on with it and always leave your slippers next to your shoe bag and water in the kettle for a cuppa when you get in.



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