Report/Results: Eddie Soens Memorial

A true British Classic race – the Eddie Soens memorial – at an iconic world renowned location – Aintree – VeloUK is here.

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Report/Results: Eddie Soens Memorial
Thanks to Mark at MyEventTiming and judges for the results from today

Ed Clancy (centre) winning from Jon Mould (left) whilst third placed Harry Tanfield is on the right

The 56th Edition of the Eddie Soens Memorial was won three time Olympic Champion Ed Clancy, his third win in the event. His victory came after ten riders escaped the peloton of 130 riders and despite some prestigious sprint talent in there including World Junior Cyclo-Cross Champion Tom Pidcock, Clancy sprinted clear to win the race ahead of teammate Jon Mould. Harry Tanfield was third, Tom Pidcock fourth and last years winner Bertie Newey (Metaltek Kuota) fifth.

Ed Clancy talking before the race

The race began with around 160 riders split into four groups and despite the front group (cat 4, Women, Youth A, & Junior 3rd & 4ths) setting a fast pace after being given a lead of three minutes at the start; the scratch group with Metaltek Kuota and JLT Condor both visible at the front forcing the page, were soon closing gaps.

It wasn’t long, less than half the race, when the Scratch group of Elites and first & second cats had caught the two groups in front of them and then shortly after, the front group.

We then had the spectacle of a peloton of 160 or so rattling around the Aintree circuit at speed. Attacks came and went with Ed Clancy in an early one but then almost coming to grief when trying to remove his leggings and getting one of the leggings eaten up by his rear wheel. He stayed upright though but did drop out of the break and then behind the peloton.

Ed however never panicked and was soon back in the peloton and in other moves. The key move of ten riders saw a lot of big teams represented so the chase wasn’t as hard as it could have been and so the break soon had a good gap which was getting bigger.

The last few laps saw Jon Mould chased by Tanfield having a go but they were caught less than 500 metres from the finish with World Junior Cyclo-Cross champion Tom Pidcock opening up the sprint.

Tanfield in his interview described how Clancy and Mould powered away despite him and the rest going full pelt and with Pidcock handicapped by his junior gears, Tanfield got himself onto the podium with Pidcock fourth and last years winner, Bertie Newey (Metaltek Kuota) in fifth. It had been one of the best editions of recent times and in Ed Clancy, a very prestigious winner.

Jacob  Tipper wins the sprint for 11th with James Gullen 12th.

Matt Gibson wins the bunch kick for 13th with Tom Mazzone of Metaltek Kuota 14th.

Video Interviews

Ed Clancy talking after his third victory in the event

Jon Mould

Harry Tanfield

Ed Clancy on the attack and the BIG peloton slo mo!

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1 Edward Clancy OBE JLT Condor 01:40:51 E
2 Jonathan Mould JLT Condor E
3 Harry Tanfield BIKE Channel Canyon E
4 Thomas Pidcock PH-MAS/Paul Milnes/Oldfield ERT 1J
5 Bertie Newey Metaltek Kuota Racing Team 2
6 Jack Rees Brother NRG Driverplan E
7 William Tidball PH-MAS/Paul Milnes/Oldfield ERT 2J
8 Matthew Nowell BIKE Channel Canyon E
9 William Brown Brother NRG Driverplan E
10 Kieran Brady Richardsons-Trek RT E
11 Jacob Tipper Brother NRG Driverplan 36 E
12 James Gullen JLT Condor 36 E
13 Matthew Gibson JLT Condor 55 E
14 Tom Mazzone Metaltek Kuota Racing Team 55 1
15 Graham Briggs JLT Condor 55 E
16 Frank Longstaff Richardsons-Trek RT 55 E
17 Jake Womersley BIKE Channel Canyon 55 1
18 Cameron Jeffers Bill Nickson Cycles RT 55 1
19 Charles Walker Catford CC Equipe/Banks 55 1
20 Simon Wilson Brother NRG Driverplan 55 E
21 Richard Haughton Brother NRG Driverplan 55 EM
22 Jamie Ridehalgh HMT with JLT Condor 55 2J
23 Will King PH-MAS/Paul Milnes/Oldfield ERT 55 2J
24 Owen Line VCUK VELOCHAMPION Racing Team 55 2
25 David McGowan VCUK VELOCHAMPION Racing Team 55 1
26 Alexander Simmons Pro Vision Race Team 55 2
27 Thomas Bostock Equiom IOM Junior Cycling Team 55 2J
28 Chris Fallon Kuota – Spinergy – GSG 55 1
29 Charlie Tanfield Brother NRG Driverplan 55 1
30 Jim Brown PH-MAS/Paul Milnes/Oldfield ERT 55 2J
31 Simon Price Graham Weigh Racing 55 3J
32 Ben Harrison Prima Team Racing 55 1
33 Ben Joughin Pro Vision Race Team 55 2
34 Sam Lowe BIKE Channel Canyon 55 2
35 Simon Deplitch Team Chronomaster 55 2M
36 Craig Rogers Birkenhead North End CC 55 3J
37 Simon Bradeley Pro Vision Race Team 55 3
38 Sam Moses PH-MAS/Paul Milnes/Oldfield ERT 55 4J
39 Jack Pullar BIKE Channel Canyon 55 E
40 Eleanor Dickinson Team Breeze 55 EW
41 George Higgins Birkenhead North End CC 55 3J
42 Adam Kelly Equiom IOM Junior Cycling Team 55 3J
43 Jake Cowen VCUK VELOCHAMPION Racing Team 55 1
44 Benjamin Manfield-Yorke Morvelo Basso RT 55 2
45 Charlie Critchley High On Bikes 55 2
46 Peter Banham DMW – BRIDGTOWN 55 1
47 Zachery May Metaltek Kuota Racing Team 55 1
48 Robert Crampton BC PM 55 2
49 Robbie Pollard Otley CC 55 2J
50 Ben Christian Equiom IOM Junior Cycling Team 55 3J
51 Alan Bradley Rivet Racing 55 2
52 Warwick Sanderson Manx Viking Wheelers CC 55 3
53 John Sanderson Team RL360 Isle Of Man 55 4
54 Daniel Brough Audlem Cycling Club 55 2
55 Harry Cain Equiom IOM Junior Cycling Team 55 3J
56 Richard Taylor Harry Middleton Cycling Club 55 2
57 Matthew Dennis Sportcity Velo 55 4J
58 Steve Young Giant Store Rutland / Wattbike 55 1
59 Adam Robinson Vision Racing 55 3
60 Tony Harvey Harry Middleton Cycling Club 55 4M
61 Ben Whitehead ABC Centreville 55 2M
62 Thomas Cox RPD Racing 55 2
63 Daniel Shackleton ABC Centreville 55 3M
64 Emily Nelson Team Breeze 55 EW
65 Milo Dixon Sportcity Velo 55 4J
66 Oliver Huszar East Lancashire RC 55 2
67 Ronnie Coleman TS Racing Team – OTR 55 3M
68 Doug Arnold Liverpool Century RC 55 4
69 Fraser Rounds Team KTM 55 1
70 Martin Hillman Velo – M 55 2
71 Tom Cullen Otley CC 55 2J
72 Manon Lloyd Team Breeze 55 1W
73 Harry Hunt Otley CC 55 3J
74 Joseph Guy Wolverhampton Whls 55 3J
75 Edward Laverack JLT Condor 55 1
76 Paul Lawton Birkenhead North End CC 55 4
77 Stuart Ream Pro Vision Race Team 55 3M
78 Calum Johnston Edinburgh RC 55 2
79 Benjamin Hardwick Swinnerton Cycles 55 2J
80 Kieran Leach Liverpool Phoenix CC Aintree 55 3M
81 Matthew Draper Team Manx Telecom 55 2
82 Andrew Disley Team KTM 55 E
83 David Micklethwaite 3RT 55 3M
84 Alice Sharpe NCC Group-Kuota-Torelli 55 2W
85 Dylan Flesher Prologue Racing Team 55 2
86 George Nolan Fiftyfour Eleven RT 55 2
87 Thomas Cornwell In Gear Quickvit Trainsharp RT 55 3J
88 Ben Trotter Macclesfield Wheelers 55 2
89 John Backhouse Maxxis 4 Racing Team 55 3M
90 James Coates Otley CC 55 3J
91 Tom Martin Better Cycling 55 3J
92 Thomas Ford EvoVelo Karbona 55 2
93 Darran Acton VCUK VELOCHAMPION Racing Team 55 3M
94 Callum Ferguson Catford CC Equipe/Banks 55 2
95 Cory Edmondson Nutcracker Altura Racing 55 3J
96 James Wilkinson Vetrapo Cycling Team 55 2
97 Matthew Kellett 3RT 55 3
98 Jimmy Smith VCUK VELOCHAMPION Racing Team 55 1
99 Peter Anderson Seacroft Wheelers 55 4M
100 Megan Barker Team Breeze 55 1W
101 Stuart Crawford Chorley Cycling Club 55 4M
102 Thomas Hogan Ride 24/7 55 4
103 John Johnston Rivet Racing 55 2
104 Jack Clay Rivet Racing 55 2
105 Alex Harvey NFTO 01:09 2
106 Daniel Scarffe Equiom IOM Junior Cycling Team 01:09 3J
107 Nicholas Whitley Chester RC 01:09 3M
108 Alex Auty Cycle Sport Pendle 01:09 1
109 Dillon Byrne VCUK VELOCHAMPION Racing Team 01:09 1
110 David Bolland Neon-Velo Cycling Team 01:09 1
111 Declan Hudson Clay Cross Road Team 01:15 2
112 Nicholas Cooper DFL In-Gear Development 01:24 2
113 George Atkins BIKE Channel Canyon 01:45 2


2nd Cat: Bertie Newey, Metaltek Kuota R.T.
3rd Cat: Simon Bradley, Provision RT
4th Cat: John Sanderson; Team RL 360 IOM
Junior: Thomas Pidcock, PH-Mas-Paul Milnes/Oldfield ERT
Woman: Ellie Dickinson, Team Breeze,
Master C+: Richard Haughton, Brother NRG Driverplan
Eddie & Mima: Super Sprint Sponsored by Gordon Singleton
Jacob Tipper, Brother NRG Driverplan

Ken Matthews: Sprint
Harry Tanfield, BIKE Channel Canyon



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