Report/Results: Spring Chicken/Roy Thame RRs

Good weather blessed the Hemel Hempstead road races today in Buckinghamshire where Jamie Lloyd and Ed Clemens were the winners.

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Live! Spring Chicken/Roy Thame RRs

Good weather blessed the Hemel Hempstead road races today in Buckinghamshire where Jamie Lloyd and Ed Clemens were the winners.

Spring Chicken Road Race

Full field heads out of Buckingham, direction Gawcott for the start of the racing

After three quarters of the first lap, a break was already established

The peloton though never gave the break much of a lead, 40 seconds or less, but it wasn’t until a few miles to go they caught the leaders.

The bunch kick where Jamie Lloyd won the race from Andrew Wilde

Elite Race – Roy Thame Cup

In the Elite race, it was a very active race, the first hour particularly hard according to some of the riders. Around halfway, after a flurry of moves, a break of 10 or so riders escape and the move, whilst not getting a much bigger gap than a minute, stuck.

The race altogether at Steeple Claydon on the first lap….

In the closing miles Ed Clemens went solo and was then chased by two more riders (Daniel Bingham (Brother NRG Driverplan and Joshua Outram) whilst behind there was no organised chase. Ryan Perry of Raleigh GAC eventually managed to get a gap and he chased the leaders all the way to the line to finish 4th.

Another eight miles later and Adam Kenway (Raleigh GAC) was on the attack with solo move.

Kenway was joined by some more riders and a promising move had a gap but it failed to stick.

Another of the solo moves that failed to stay clear.

Finally a move went with many of the teams represented and the gap was good

… and importantly the bunch didn’t seem interested in chasing much ….

So the break stuck and in the closing miles the attacks came and from that, Ed Clemens won the race from Joshua Outram and Daniel Bingham. Ryan Perry of Raleigh GAC was 4th.

The sprint for 5th, Oliver Bates
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Official Results
Thanks to Paul Thomson (good luck in Spain!)

Spring Chicken Road Race
1 Jamie Lloyd Team Corley Cycles Jun 3rd
2 Andrew Wilde Cowley Road Condors 3rd
3 Simon Oxenham VC10 3rd
4 Jeremy Honor JCA-Equipe Velo 3rd
5 Paul McGrath Verulam – 3rd
6 Steven Wootton Team Milton Keynes 3rd
7 Pete Ganderton G.S. Henley 3rd
8 Matthew Ellis Steve Poole Plant Hire / Raleigh Jun 3rd
9 Gregory Fitzek Cowley Road Condors 3rd
10 Will Scott Jun 3rd
11 Matthew Vallis Lovelo Cinelli RT 3rd
12 Evan Carter Team Corley Cycles Jun 3rd
13 Nick Clarke Lovelo Cinelli RT 3rd
14 Kieran Munday Shutt Velo Rapide 3rd
15 Nicholas Owen Outdoor Traders Race Team 3rd
16 Gregory Gaiger LBRCC (Leighton Buzzard Road CC) 4th
17 Erin Baker Team Milton Keynes Jun 3rd
18 Christy Tabrett 700CC 3rd
19 Adam Strudwick Team Milton Keynes 3rd
20 Jack Hardwicke Strada-Sport 3rd
21 Tim Jones Cowley Road Condors 3rd
22 Cameron Tappin Team Vision Innovative Leisure Jun 3rd
23 Mark Perkins Amersham Road Cycling Club 3rd
24 Benjamin Spencer Bedfordshire Road Cycling Club 3rd
25 Martin Lawless Cycle Club Ashwell (CCA) 3rd
26 Tomas Miller Beeston Cycling Club Jun 3rd
27 Simon Norman Beds Road Race Team 4th
28 Luke Souter Shutt Velo Rapide 3rd
29 Harry Paine Cycle Team OnForm 3rd
30 Jules Bernie VC10 4th
31 Toby Maloy Team Milton Keynes 3rd
32 Kyle Bateman 700CC 3rd
33 Joe Edwards G.S. Henley 3rd
34 Philip Mosley Thames Velo 3rd
35 Rory Wells VC10 4th
36 Michael Kazer Lovelo Cinelli RT 4th
37 Matthew Grey Spokes BPC Racing Jun 3rd
38 Andy Whale Verulam – 3rd
39 Neil Heffernan Kenton RC 3rd
40 Richard Jones VC10 3rd
41 Desmond Gayler Kenton RC 3rd
42 Sam Farman Watford Velo Sport Jun 3rd
43 Anthony Atkin Didcot Phoenix CC 3rd
44 Mark Sharratt Outdoor Traders Race Team 3rd
45 Joshua Avery Team Vision Innovative Leisure 3rd
46 Kevin Chandler Watford Velo Sport 3rd
47 Thomas Saminaden Gregarios Superclub Ciclista 3rd
48 Jack Corah Beeston Cycling Club 3rd
49 Jos Busby Shutt Velo Rapide 4th
50 Kieron Lewis Beds Road Race Team 3rd
51 Scott Phillips Team Milton Keynes 3rd
52 Michael Ing Amersham Road Cycling Club 3rd

Roy Thame Cup
1 Edward Clemens Spirit Racing Team Elite
2 Joshua Outram Richardsons-Trek RT 1st
3 Daniel Bigham Brother NRG Driverplan Elite
4 Ryan Perry Raleigh GAC Elite
5 Oliver W Bates Wellingborough Cycles Race Team 1st
6 George Pym Metaltek Kuota Racing Team 1st
7 Thomas Scott-Collins Spirit Racing Team 1st
8 George Fowler Catford CC Equipe/Banks 1st
9 Louis Rose-Davies Canyon UK 2nd
10 Samuel Henning Richardsons-Trek RT 2nd
11 Christopher Dredge Spirit Racing Team 2nd
12 Ashley Cox Nopinz Elite
13 Jacob Tipper Brother NRG Driverplan Elite
14 Tom Neale Metaltek Kuota Racing Team Elite
15 Marcus Burnett Spirit Racing Team 2nd
16 Elliot Haigh Team Milton Keynes 2nd
17 Joseph Sutton Goma Dakwerken vdb Steenhouwerij 1st
18 Jake Hales Spirit Racing Team Elite
19 George Fox Team Bottrill 1st
20 Will Fox Catford CC Equipe/Banks Elite
21 Daniel Nieto TBW Bottecchia Wigmore RT 2nd
22 Robert Ward Cycle Team OnForm 2nd
23 Matthias Barnet Cycle Team OnForm 2nd
24 Adam Thompson Spokes BPC Racing 2nd
25 Tobias Dahlhaus London Dynamo 2nd
26 Matthew Exley Flamme Rouge Cycling Team 1st
27 James McKay TBW Bottecchia Wigmore RT 2nd
28 Joshua Roberts Cycle Team OnForm 2nd
29 Josh Housley GodfreyBikewear-VisionExpress RT 2nd
30 George Sewell GodfreyBikewear-VisionExpress RT 2nd
31 David Ogg GodfreyBikewear-VisionExpress RT 2nd
32 Christopher Coyle Castlebar CC 1st
33 Tom Sefton Team Vision Innovative Leisure 2nd
34 Zachery May Metaltek Kuota Racing Team 1st
35 Steve James High Wycombe Cycling Club 2nd
36 Cameron Foster Team Milton Keynes 1st
37 Ashley Dennis Team Wiggins 2nd
38 Richard Mardle Nuun-Sigma Sport-London RT 2nd
39 Hamish Carrick TBW Bottecchia Wigmore RT 2nd
40 Luke Ryan Richardsons-Trek RT Elite
41 Ken Buckley Spokes BPC Racing 1st
42 Adam Kenway Raleigh GAC Elite
43 Ben Foames Goma Dakwerken vdb Steenhouwerij 1st
44 Ollie Taylor Flamme Rouge Cycling Team 2nd
45 Joshua Haasz Catford CC Equipe/Banks 1st
46 Timothy Allen Team Vision Innovative Leisure 2nd
47 Stanley Kennett Spirit Racing Team 1st
48 Jack Taylor Brother NRG Driverplan 1st
49 Dylan Thomas VC Meudon 1st
50 Frazier Carr Team Vision Innovative Leisure 2nd
51 Lewis Martin Spokes BPC Racing 2nd
52 Peter Merritt Goma Dakwerken vdb Steenhouwerij 2nd
53 Oliver Maxwell Richardsons-Trek RT Elite
54 Jez McCann Richardsons-Trek RT 1st
55 James Jenkins Richardsons-Trek RT 1st
56 Jamie Wimborne Watford Velo Sport 2nd
57 James Moss MTS-Rapid Engineering NE 1st
58 James Jobber Catford CC Equipe/Banks 1st
59 Andy Brown Metaltek Kuota Racing Team 1st
60 Lee Smith Nuun-Sigma Sport-London RT 2nd
61 Lawrence Carpenter Catford CC Equipe/Banks Elite
62 Elliot Haigh Team Milton Keynes 2nd
63 Chris Snook Nuun-Sigma Sport-London RT 2nd
64 Jacob Tresham Team Corley Cycles 2nd
65 Pierre Vernie GodfreyBikewear-VisionExpress RT 2nd
66 Giles Clark Team Vision Innovative Leisure 2nd



Long day out on the motorbike watching some bike races and providing the phones have a signal, I’ll be sending vids and pictures from the race to this twitter feed.

Startsheets are here ….

Send your results as well as club, team & event news here


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