Result: Betty Pharoah Memorial RRs

Sam Williams and Sion Harlow winners at the Betty Pharoah Memorial Road Races on Sunday

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Result: Betty Pharoah Memorial RRs

Thanks to Ian Homer

One Pro Cycling swept the board with a 1,2,3 with 22 year old Sam Williams taking the chequered flag in the National B race over four laps of the rolling Vale of Glamorgan circuit on a mild, still and slightly damp Spring day.

Within 5 miles on the first lap a large fracture had appeared splitting the bunch in two, then One Pro pounced and struck out ahead with only Jake Alderman of Saint Piran following for company and this 4 man break distanced the main field by nearly a minute at the end of the first lap.

The pace clearly took its toll as the guys in white and blue stretched it out to a minute and half by the time they entered Cowbridge at the start of the third lap as Alderman had been shelled out by this point. Even a chasing group of 4 comprising Daniel McQuillan (Tri UK), Duncan Heywood (Saint Piran), Isaac Munddy (PMR@Toachim House) and Rhys Lloyd (Metaltek Kuota) couldn’t pull back the 3 man being driven by the likes of Kristian House and co.

Williams, Bayliss and House graced the line 1.40 from the next placed rider, Cardiff Ajax’s Ioan Smallwood who managed to break free on the long drag to the finish to take a creditable 4th.

In the Regional B (3,4 ) Race it took 6 attacks in the first 2 laps of the 28km circuit for a three man break to stick: Sion Harlow (Rhos onSea CC), Nathan Adams (Veloflow) and Tom Clements (Offcamber). This mixed group gained 50 seconds on the bunch by the start of the final lap (3). By Wick , Adams had been dropped by Harlow and Clements leaving a vulnerable 2 man at the mercy of a hard chasing pack.

On the Cowbridge bypass incline, Clements was swallowed up by the chasers leaving Sion Harlow to hold on in a sprint take the win from George Bazley of Bristol South Development Squad and Joe Rees of Cardiff Ajax CC – the hosts having the best set of results at home for many years.

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Betty Pharoah Memorial Legstretcher Road Races 2017

Event 1 – National B
1 Samuel Williams S2 ONE Pro Cycling 2:43:18
2 Thomas Baylis U232 ONE Pro Cycling 0:04
3 Kristian House MB1 ONE Pro Cycling 0:26
4 Ioan Smallwood MB2 Cardiff Ajax CC 0:46
5 Rhys Lloyd S1 Metaltek Kuota Racing Team 0:51
6 Isaac Mundy S2 PMR@Toachim House 0:55
7 Joshua Hunt S2 ONE Pro Cycling 0:58
8 Hayden McCormick S ONE Pro Cycling
9 William Harper S1 ONE Pro Cycling
10 Michael Cuming S2 Neon-Velo Cycling Team
11 George Fowler S1 Catford CC Equipe/Banks
12 Matthew Fratesi U233 Swansea University Cycling Te
13 William Roberts U232 County Cycles Racing Team
14 Nic McKibbin U232 Bath Cycling Club
15 Sean Frost MA3 Tri UK
16 Ben Strain U232 Radeon-Bike Science RT
17 Peter Hodson-Thomas U232 Latchem Sunwise Race Team
18 Samuel Tillett J2 Giant Cycling Club – Halo Films
19 Oscar Mingay J2 Cardiff JIF 1:00
20 Morgan Hughes U232 365 4 Bikes Academy
21 Robert Rogers U232 Birkenhead North End CC
22 Kinsey McIlquham U232 KTM Impsport RT
23 James Tillett J2 Giant Cycling Club – Halo Films
24 Ian Taylor MB3 Leicester Forest CC
25 Andrew Williams S1 Cwmcarn Paragon Cycle Club
26 Danielle King MBE WE Cylance Pro Cycling
27 Andrew Edwards MC2 Bristol RC
28 James Rogers MA2 Union Cycliste Ystrad Mynach
29 Craig Rogers J3 Birkenhead North End CC
30 Jabari Whiteman J Heat Wave Cycle Club Trinidad & Tobago 1:02
31 Jason White S1 Bristol RC 1:09
32 Jacob Phelps U233 TORQ Performance 1:11
33 Luke Cornish S2 Cwmcarn Paragon Cycle Club
34 Richard Harris MC1 Cwmcarn Paragon Cycle Club
35 Steven Roach MA1 Brother NRG Driverplan
36 Lee Perrott MB3 Cycle Specific Cycling Club
37 Evan Powell S2 Pontypool RCC 1:13
38 Miles Burton U232 Bath Cycling Club 1:15
39 Jake Alderman U232 Saint Piran
40 Ben Lockett U232 Saint Piran
41 Matthew Griffin S2 Radeon-Bike Science RT
42 Alex Fanshawe U233 Saint Piran
43 Samuel Utting MB2 Cardiff Ajax CC
44 Paul Hayward MD2 Cwmcarn Paragon Cycle Club 1:22
45 Daniel Colman U232 Pembrokeshire Velo 1:26
46 Duncan Heywood U232 Saint Piran 1:30
47 Ryan Brain U232 Cwmcarn Paragon Cycle Club
48 Daniel Mcquillan S1 Tri UK 1:42
49 Luke Barfoot SE Tri UK 3:34
50 Ben Simmons MA1 Alé DMT Cipollini UK 3:39
51 David Povall MC3 Cwmcarn Paragon Cycle Club 3:52
52 Matthew Rowe S2 BC Private Member 4:36
53 Max Stedman U23E BIKE Channel Canyon 6:34
54 Oliver Blagden U232 Cardiff University Marmots 6:45
55 Joshua Burns U231 Alé DMT Cipollini UK 7:08
56 Matthew Williams MA3 Cardiff Ajax CC 21:00
57 Courtney Rowe MF1 Alé DMT Cipollini UK 21:03

Category 3/4
1 Sion Harlow U23 Rhos On Sea Cycling Club 2:11:28
2 George Bazley J Bristol Cycling Development Squad
3 Joseph Rees J Cardiff Ajax CC
4 Morgan Curle J Bristol Cycling 0:07
5 Tom Temple J Bath Cycling Club
6 Charlie Shields J Bath Cycling Club 0:11
7 Joseph Beckingsale J Abergavenny Road Club
8 David Thomas MA The Bulls
9 Matthew Lelliott MB Severn
10 Gary Sturch MD Pontypool RCC
11 Ryan Watkins J Cardiff Ajax CC
12 David Middleton J Cardiff Ajax CC 0:13
13 Zach Minto MC Cardiff JIF
14 Christopher Gibbard MB Bynea CC
15 Graham Reeves S Bristol RC 0:19
16 Daniel Maclean-Howell J Cardiff Ajax CC
17 Thomas Webb S Bike Doctor 0:24
18 Liam Harris S Cwmcarn Paragon Cycle Club
19 Joe Hawksworth S Bristol South CC
20 Samuel Holder S DRK Racing
21 Samuel Reakes J Bynea CC 0:33
22 Robert Slocombe MC Offcamber 0:34
23 Robert Sanderson MB Cardiff Ajax CC
24 Adam Maslen MA Bristol RC
25 James Stevens MC Bristol South CC 0:38
26 Nicholas Tyrie U23 University of Bath Cycling 0:42
27 James Cartlidge MA Plymouth Corinthian CC
28 Christopher Davies MB Port Talbot Wheelers 0:48
29 Neil Lewis MD VELOFLOW CC
30 Daniel Soltys U23 Army Cycling Union 0:50
31 Steven Whitehurst MC Radeon-Bike Science RT 0:57
32 Peter Habershon S Gloucester City Cycling Club 0:58
33 Bruce Diesel MD Gloucester City Cycli
34 Lloyd Dobson MB Army Cycling Union 1:03
35 Adam Tempest MD Pontypool RCC 1:10
36 David Stoyle ME Bath Cycling Club 1:15
37 James Williams U23 Swansea University 1:19
38 Nathan Adams MD VELOFLOW CC 1:23
39 Daniel Fox MA Cwmcarn Paragon Cycle Club 1:33
40 Will Horn MB Plymouth Corinthian CC 1:49
41 Stuart Gourley MA Radeon-Bike Science RT 1:57
42 Neal Craig MD Forza Cycles Racing Team 2:02
43 Dominic Davies U23 The Bulls 2:07
44 Tom Clements MB Offcamber
45 Iain Stuart MB Bristol RC 3:01
46 Darren Edwards MC Port Talbot Wheelers 3:03
47 Thomas Vale S Monmouthshire Wheelers 3:06
48 Charlie Parry J Bath Cycling Club 3:09
49 Adam Cole S Pontypool RCC 3:38
50 Thomas Dye MA Cardiff Ajax CC 3:45
51 Ben Nott S BC Private Member 4:37
52 Conor Chandler J Bath Cycling Club 6:55
53 Jonathan Ellis MB Plymouth Corinthian CC 7:26
54 Matthew Hanford J Bynea CC 13:41
55 Neil Burns MB Onit Cycle
56 Matthew Jameson MC Cwmcarn Paragon Cycle Club 13:53
57 Brecon Burnett J Cardiff Ajax CC 16:27
58 Hannah Walker W Team WNT 19:32
59 Tom Davies J Marsh Tracks Race Team 19:37
60 Jim Harley MB Gloucester City Cycling Club 19:44
61 Russell White MC Forza Cycles Racing Team 19:51
62 Jack Molton J Alé DMT Cipollini UK 33:39
63 David Jarrom MB Cardiff Ajax CC 36:44
64 Jacob Aries J Bath Cycling Club 36:47



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