Result: Halifax Spring Circuits 1

Matthew Taylor winner at the first of the spring circuit races at Halifax on Saturday

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Result: Halifax Spring Circuits 1

U8 Boys
1 Ethan Geall Pedalsport Cycling Club
2 George Hughes Pedalsport Cycling Club
3 George Scholes Pedalsport Cycling Club
4 George Higgins
5 Thomas Pickersgill Pedalsport Cycling Club
6 Austin Riley Kirklees Cycling Academy
7 Harry Cliff Pedalsport Cycling Club
8 Ellis Geall Pedalsport Cycling Club
9 Oliver Bennett Pedalsport Cycling Club
10 Arthur Bairstow Pedalsport Cycling Club
11 Zane Halsall Holmfirth Cycling Club
12 Jacob Harrison East Bradford CC
13 Noah Smith Pedalsport Cycling Club
14 Seth Mottram
15 Albert Jones Pedalsport Cycling Club
16 Charlie McLean Holmfirth Cycling Club
17 Noah Scholes Pedalsport Cycling Club
18 Brodie Stewart Holmfirth Cycling Club

U8 Girls
1 Amelia Turner Holmfirth Cycling Club
2 Bethanie Berry
3 Beatrice Tootill Huddersfield Star Wheelers
4 Elsie Hughes Pedalsport Cycling Club
5 Elodie Geall Pedalsport Cycling Club

U10 Boys
1 Seth Jackson Kirklees Cycling Academy
2 Mackenzie Riley Kirklees Cycling Academy
3 Noah Scott-Wright Clifton CC
4 Harrison Dainty Team Cystic Fibrosis
5 Milo Wood Holmfirth Cycling Club
6 Jamie Stewart Holmfirth Cycling Club
7 Ben Mourne Huddersfield Star Wheelers
8 Samuel Oldroyd Kirklees Cycling Academy
9 Finton Sharp Pedalsport Cycling Club
10 Guy Breakey Holmfirth Cycling Club
11 Callum Wilson-Ibbotson Holmfirth Cycling Club
12 Luke Mcdonnell Holmfirth Cycling Club
13 Finlay Tootill Huddersfield Star Wheelers
14 Alfie Armitage
15 Ethan Cassidy
16 Alfie Hunt Kirklees Cycling Academy

U10 Girls
1 Evie Smith Pedalsport Cycling Club
2 Evie Turner Holmfirth Cycling Club
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U12 Boys
1 Oliver Akers Holmfirth Cycling Club
2 Tyler Green Eastlands Velo
3 Callum Watson East Bradford CC
4 Thomas Miller Clifton CC
5 Louie Whisker Clifton CC
6 Callum Crowther Pedalsport Cycling Club
7 Jacob Barnett Kirklees Cycling Academy
8 James Genty Kirklees Cycling Academy
9 Callum Dodd Holmfirth Cycling Club
10 Callum Rushworth Kirklees Cycling Academy
11 Hiren Lad

U12 Girls
1 Amy Mourne Huddersfield Star Wheelers
2 Megan Rees Holmfirth Cycling Club
3 Freya Whiteside Ilkley Cycling Club
4 Amelia Walton Pedalsport Cycling Club
5 Masie Sheldon North Midlands Youth Squad
6 Astrid Hiley Pedalsport Cycling Club
7 Annie Denton Pedalsport Cycling Club

U14 Boys
1 Riley Blackmore Pedalsport Cycling Club
2 Aaron Dodd Holmfirth Cycling Club
3 Marcus Hiley Pedalsport Cycling Club
4 Max Krasinski Albarosa Cycling Club
5 Jack Coates Otley CC
6 Ben Ramsden Huddersfield Star Wheelers
7 Daniel Hepton East Bradford CC
8 Dexter Leeming-Sykes Otley CC
9 Ethan Roberts-Cutts North Midlands Youth Squad
10 Timothy Lane Kirklees Cycling Academy
11 Oliver Coughlan Pedalsport Cycling Club
12 Joshua Oldroyd Kirklees Cycling Academy

U14 Girls
1 Chloe Hinchliffe Holmfirth Cycling Club
2 Ruby Yates Holmfirth Cycling Club
3 Harriet Breakey Holmfirth Cycling Club
4 Tia Sheldon North Midlands Youth Squad

U16 Girls
1 Ruby Boyes Huddersfield Star Wheelers
2 Bethany Zajac East Bradford CC
3 Millie Yates Holmfirth Cycling Club
4 Sophie Ramsden Huddersfield Star Wheelers
5 Rachel Earnshaw East Bradford CC
6 Jade Newhall Wakefield Junior Triathlon Clu…
7 Olivia Ingham Pedalsport Cycling Club
8 Megan Nichols Pedalsport Cycling Club

U16 Boys
1 Max Rushby Pedalsport Cycling Club
2 Dylan Westley Pedalsport Cycling Club
3 Samuel Watson Chevin Trek
4 Joshua Greenwood Pedalsport Cycling Club
5 Max Walker Team RL360 Isle Of Man
6 Elliot Brett Pedalsport Cycling Club
7 Joseph Law Green Jersey RT
8 Oliver Rees Albion Cycling Co
9 Alfred George Discovery Junior Cycling Club
10 Robert Donaldson Mossley CRT
11 Joe Coukham Pedalsport Cycling Club
12 Ethan Whiteside East Bradford CC
13 Joe Burns Sportcity Velo
14 John Culpan Pedalsport Cycling Club
15 Harry Nolan trainSharp Club
16 Oliver Walton Pedalsport Cycling Club
17 Joshua Keers Sportcity Velo
18 Harry Walshaw Pedalsport Cycling Club
19 Ewan Davies Pedalsport Cycling Club
20 Henry Hollyman Kirklees Cycling Academy
21 Joe Mitchell Holmfirth Cycling Club
22 Ben Holmes Pedalsport Cycling Club
23 Daniel Newton Kirklees Cycling Academy

2 Mason Hollyman Bike Box Alan
3 Hayden Allen Albarosa Cycling Club
4 George Fox Paul Milnes – Bradford Olympic…
5 David McNeill All Terrain Cycles Ride In Pea…
7 Jack Brown Holmfirth Cycling Club
8 Robin Short Pedalsport Cycling Club
9 Oliver Watson Huddersfield Star Wheelers
10 Matthew Gott West Pennine RC
11 Joseph Romain Pedalsport Cycling Club
12 Glen Hale Holmfirth Cycling Club
13 Julian Roche All Terrain Cycles Ride In Pea…
14 Ben Warner Hull Thursday RC
15 Paul Di Mambro Ilkley Cycling Club
16 Joseph Tivey Holmfirth Cycling Club
17 Lee Speight Pedalsport Cycling Club
18 Oliver Ingham Paceline Cycles North
19 Brendon James John Atkinson Cliff Pratt Racing
20 Michael Hargreaves HD Revolutions (HDR)
21 Max Burt Pedalsport Cycling Club
22 Daniel Sharp Ilkley Cycling Club
23 Aaron Hemsley Albarosa Cycling Club
24 Steve Newhall
25 Jamie Ramsden Huddersfield Star Wheelers
26 Louis Earnshaw Pedalsport Cycling Club
27 Paul Jackson Pedalsport Cycling Club
28 Amy Cowton Boot Out Breast Cancer C.C
29 Joshua Swales-Dawson Chorlton Velo
30 George Carter Huddersfield Star Wheelers



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