Q&A: Michael Penketh (Manilla Cycling)

Question and Answer with 4th cat in the North East Michael Penketh of the Manilla Cycling team

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Q&A: Michael Penketh (Manilla Cycling)

1. How did you get into cycling?
Michael: I got into cycling through a love for the pro sport and wanting to keep fit and get better… I started off racing within triathlon and this year have ditched tri (I was never a swimmer or runner really) to concentrate on cycling particularly crit & closed circuit races but some TTs also.

2. What is your favourite discipline?
Michael: My favourite discipline within cycling is closed circuit racing as its what I’m going to be racing. I enjoy the thrill, speed and tactical side of it…

3. Do you work full time?
Michael: I juggle my riding with a full time job working for Arriva North East as a bus driver and also alongside filming and releasing regular vlogs on my journey within cycling which can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLqcHE2vlpVCm80mnzFCpTP9jW4xVshcVO

4. What was your first race of 2017?
Michael: As yet I have not had my first race of 2017; that will be in two weeks time, a closed circuit cat 4 race on my local cycle circuit in Middlesbrough. I have just joined a local race team Manilla Cycling and am hoping with their help and support I can progress quite quickly with the local racing scene.

5. What is your favourite race?
Michael: My favourite races on the pro calendar are the one day spring classics especially Paris Roubaix… I also enjoy watching the Grand Tours although recent editions have been fairly predictable so hoping for something better in 2017

6. What bike do you race?
Michael: I ride a 2014 Giant Defy 3 with upgraded Phian Elite Carbon Wheels
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7. What is your favourite piece of racing equipment?
Michael: My best piece of racing equipment are my wheels… they are so light and fast. Come summer when I change these back onto the bike, it feels so light and I go so much faster

8. What are your 2017 Goals?
Michael: Goals for 2017 are to continue improving within racing as part of Manilla Cycling and hopefully get my Cat 3 licence… also to see the continued growth of my vlog “From Cr@p to Crit (link above)

9. Finally, how can racing on the roads be improved?
Michael: Racing on the roads could be improved on the pro circuit with less camera bikes and motos… however it’s a double edge sword as these bikes are there for TV coverage etc and are the ones bringing the money into the sport and the sport to the masses via TV and social media so its hard to argue they shouldn’t be there too.



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