The story behind ‘THRE Datawolves Racing Team’

Grahame Layhe, founder and team manager and his story of the making of ‘the THRE Datawolves Racing Team’

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The story behind ‘THRE Datawolves Racing Team’

The idea to start a race team evolved through events that started with an idea that myself and Tim Whitmore (THRE Datawolves RT Team rider) talked about nearly two years ago.

Approximately 5 years ago, I lost my Dad (Mike Layhe), who was a very good club rider back in the early 1960’s with Harworth & District Cycling club. He held a couple of club records including a local notorious hill climb called the Bib Lane Hill climb at Brookhouse, South Yorkshire.

Although I haven’t competed myself in road cycle racing, my first love was MTB where I used to compete (very mediocrely) in National Downhill events. Dad was never that keen and always tried to sway me towards road racing.

When I lost him I did naturally turn more to road cycle riding and used to go and ride Bib Lane as a way of feeling a connection with Dad as I have photos of his fixed wheel exploits on the hill. This connection drove me to appreciate and do something in the sport he loved, so as a way of a dedication to him I decided to form a race team for passionate riders to test themselves in the craft of racing and on every piece of the team kit Dads signature is displayed so he rides with us all and shares the success.

I wanted the team to be successful, not just in terms of performance but in terms of fun. If the guys all love to train, race and plan together then it can only grow.

This is the ethos behind our team, to Train Hard (but enjoy ourselves and each other’s company too) and Race Easy, hence the team name and mantra evolved into THRE. Okay, we never find any race easy, but the philosophy is just that, we train as hard as possible to be as good at our sport as we can but most of all we want and do enjoy it.

All the team members complement each other and I wouldn’t want anyone else other than the six guys we have. We are a ‘team’ in every essence of the word, no Prima Donna’s, just a unit that compliments each other and all have equal standing and that includes me.

It was mine and Tim’s idea and I am the Manager but always consult my team regarding actions that affect any aspect of our progression.

In 2016, we were THRE TechSense, TechSense being my data install company and a platform of sponsored help. We adorned predominantly blue kit, supplied from Raceskin. Colin Mcneal and his team make exceptional quality race kit and provide superb customer service, I can’t praise him and his team enough for what he has provided for us over this and last season.

Initially we had seven riders and began racing Cat 4 with no structured training plan. A great year with all rider’s progressing to Cat 3, three rider’s left mainly due to family/ work commitments and we realised that we needed more support.

In order to take the team to the next level of progression we all wanted, we approached companies for further sponsored support, and were extremely fortunate to peek the interest of a Data Communications company from St Neots, Cambs, called Datawolves.

Datawolves MD, Gary Taylor is a kindred spirit and obviously likes our mentality and the advantage of association so has been instrumental in our 2017-2018 agenda. For 2017-18 we are THRE Datawolves with again raceskin produced kit but in Datawolves’ striking red livery.

Gary has been instrumental in the design process of the kit and again a pivotal member of our team. Datawolves has enabled our five rider’s to receive a structured training program from Marc Mclean of 2m Coaching and Fitness, race entry fees and a full complement of kit as well as casual clothing for us to represent Datawolves on and off the track/ road.

For us to progress we needed this injection of support and we are overwhelmed by the support we have received from Datawolves and our other sponsors, Bubble Doctor and Dan Lambert Electrical Services from Worksop. Collectively they have enabled us to apply all the essential ingredients for a great 2017-18.

The Riders
Tim Whitmore: Tim along with Bryan and Jon is one of the original seven rider’s from when the team was founded. Tim has always been an athlete excelling in running and rugby and now on his journey within the cycling arena.

2016 was a year of ups and downs with Tim having a second operation for a ruptured disc that may well have put him out of sport altogether. However, with his innate drive and a core strengthening protocol devised by Marc Mclean of 2m Coaching and fitness, Tim has managed to not only stay injury free but progress his performance to hopefully realise his 2017 goal and enable him to gain significant points for his Cat 2 status.

For 2017 Tim will be concentrating on his favourite hilly road races and crits, gaining points and helping his team mates achieve they’re goals. Tim is also the team’s designated representative/ mentor for Junior members and well versed with this position through his football coaching qualification. His experience is invaluable in order to help up and coming rider’s along who join the team such as Harry.

Harry Buxton: Harry is the team’s only Time trial rider. However, his speed and ability will no doubt transgress into crits and road races in 2017, which Harry is so looking forward to in order to gain some valuable experience racing with his new team mates.

Harry joined the team late 2016 after his original team folded and we just had to add him as an additional asset due to his past results and future potential and of course to help young talent on their racing career. In 2016 Harry was the CTT U16 10 mile National TT Champion and will be proudly racing in 2017 in his National bands adorned skinsuit, specifically designed by our fantastic kit manufacturer Raceskin. If 2016 was anything to go by, 2017 will be another great year for the trophy cabinet at Harry’s house.

Bryan Cherry: Bryan started racing in 2016 joining the team at its inception. Bryan had a mixed record programme but achieved his most notable results in crits. He soon progressed to 3rd Cat and became a key member of the team meaning he was retained for 2017.

Although Bryan did well he had no structured training so, with the support of the new headline sponsor (Datawolves), he has benefitted greatly from the structured plan provided by 2M Coaching & Fitness. Some significant gains have been recorded so he is positive for the forthcoming season.

Bryan starts his season at Darley Moor on 11th March and later in the year is looking to target some of the lager town centre crits including Doncaster and Sheffield GP’s and aiming to take home some victories for the team. As well as targeting these key races, Bryan is a foster carer and he is hoping that his hopeful success he can be used to inspire some of the young people he supports and encourage them take up the sport.  … continued after advert


Ryan Ellis: Ryan  is back in the peloton for 2017 following a serious eye injury which ruled him out of the sport in 2016. Ryan began a bike specific endurance and strength program with team Coach Marc Mclean, 2M Coaching & Fitness, back in December and Ryan has seen a huge increase in his Maximum Aerobic capacity during retesting.

Starting his season in March Ryan will be targeting Regional A and National B events across the North West and Yorkshire regions with a particular focus on The Racing Chance Foundation, Bole Hill Road Race in July. A brutal course which takes in some of Ryan’s training roads in the Peak District. Hopefully Ryan can then hold his form for the North West Regional Champs taking place this year in August.

Jon Farmer: Jon had his first season of road racing last year, learning a lot about the type of races he would target in his second season.

Criterium’s will be the focus of Jon’s season where he aims to place highly at town centre crits such as the Doncaster cycle festival, Sheffield GP and Ixworth circuit races to name a few. With that in mind he has been working hard to become more efficient aerobically, developing higher power throughout his HR range with a specific program from 2M coaching.
Jon has also just finished a block of very intense blood restriction training to develop his top end at Loughborough University’s sports science labs, where Jon is also completing a PhD in engineering.

Heinz Lugo: Heinz is our privateer racer, we were introduced to Heinz in 2016 who works at Loughborough University. From Bogota Colombia, Heinz has great potential and although his professional life is ultimately a busy place, his love to compete is innate and brings a different dimension to the five sponsors rider’s that we will no doubt see more in 2017.

Born and raised in Bogota, he started as a triathlete with some good results, the best being a podium place in the 2005 PATCO Triathlon Pan American Championships in the 20-24 age group. After struggling with leg injuries due to running he decided to focus on cycling alone.

Heinz started racing with the team last year following generic online training plans with mixed results. Like the sponsored riders he has been following 2M coaching structured training since November 2016 and definitely feels stronger and faster.
The local riding group can vouch for the improvements gained thanks to structured training. This year he will focus on EMRRL events, Mallory Park League and Loughborough University campus crit. He would definitely like to have more race days than last year. As not everything can be racing he has a couple of gran fondo lined up.



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