News: Six Day Series Finale

Cracking finish to Six Day Series as Raleigh GAC pair Mora and Havik challenge winners whilst Elinor Barker crowned Women’s Champ

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News: Six Day Series Finale

De Pauw and de Ketele show Six Day class to take maiden Series title in Mallorca

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Kenny de Ketele and Moreno de Pauw reasserted their Six Day dominance by becoming maiden Series champions after a dramatic final few laps in Mallorca.

After taking two season victories in London and Amsterdam, the pressure was on for the Belgian pair to continue their fine form, this time forced to test their credentials across one day as opposed to six. But it was a challenge they rose to in excellent style, claiming the trophy after the last lap of the 60-minute Madison chase – the dream way to round off the Six Day Series campaign.

The two weren’t without competition in Palma however, with Spanish duo Albert Torres and Sebastian Mora Vedri (Raleigh GAC) coming agonisingly close to a historic victory on home boards. But they were able to take an exceptional second place, much to the delight of a buzzing home crowd, while Dutch duo Wim Stroetinga and Yoeri Havik (Raleigh GAC) rounded off the podium.

“We’re really happy, happy to take the win as it was one day, something special and new for us,” said de Pauw. “We had to change the tactics a bit from Six Day racing, so we’re absolutely very happy to get the win.”

The Spanish pair got the night started on the best possible note, raising the roof almost immediately with everything to play for as each team started with zero points to their name.

That quickly saw Torres and Mora (Raleigh GAC) take the lead with a superb 20-minute Madison, earning the first lap of the competition to set their stall out for the rest of the evening. Both the Belgian and the Dutch teams kept them on their toes though, pulling back their own lap, but the home favourites weren’t going to lie down, the first team to cross the line and begin a thrilling evening.

New faces were to emerge in the second race however, as Tristan Marguet and Claudio Imhof of Switzerland took points race honours with 26 to their name, finishing the race strongly to hold off the field. Their nearest challenge came in the shape of Morgan Kneisky and Benjamin Thomas of France, on 23 points, while Torres and Mora Vedri kept their noses in front with a third-place finish.

Their good form was to carry on in the subsequent team elimination, with the top three beginning to take shape as the Spaniards finished second, bettered only by Stroetinga and Havik, while de Pauw and de Ketele took third. That left everything to play for come the final Madison chase, leaving the honour of the very first Six Day Series champion well and truly up for debate.

After an early blitz, the race settled down into an intriguing tactical battle across 30 minutes, all before the late drama of a race to-ing and fro-ing.
De Pauw and de Ketele took the first honours with a lap, but Torres and Mora Vedri as well as the Dutch duo were hot on their spokes, also taking a lap of their own as the race, event and Series drew to its closing stages.

But, just as he had done in London last autumn, de Pauw defied tiring legs to launch a late assault on the line, taking the spoils by the narrowest of margins, ending their season on top of the world.

Final Madison
1 De Ketele / De Pauw 1 0
2 Torres / Mora Vedri 13 0
3 Havik / Stroetinga 2 0
4 Tennant / Latham 12 -1
5 Kneisky / Thomas 8 -1
6 Marguet / Imhoff 9 -2
7 Heßlich / Burkart 11 -2
8 Graf / Müller 4 -2
9 Lampater / Kalz 3 -2
10 Grasmann / Beyer 7 -2
11 Mørkøv / Hester 6 -2
12 Stöpler / Pieters 10 -2

Team Elimination 
1 Havik / Stroetinga 2
2 Torres / Mora Vedri 13
3 De Ketele / De Pauw 1
4 Tennant / Latham 12
5 Heßlich / Burkart 11
6 Kneisky / Thomas 8
7 Grasmann / Beyer 7
8 Lampater / Kalz 3
9 Marguet / Imhoff 9
10 Mørkøv / Hester 6
11 Graf / Müller 4
12 Stöpler / Pieters 10

15km Points Race
1 Marguet / Imhoff 9 26
2 Kneisky / Thomas 8 23
3 Torres / Mora Vedri 13 12
4 De Ketele / De Pauw 1 9
5 Tennant / Latham 12 7
6 Havik / Stroetinga 2 6
7 Graf / Müller 4 5
8 Lampater / Kalz 3 4
9 Mørkøv / Hester 6 3
10 Grasmann / Beyer 7 2
11 Heßlich / Burkart 11 0
12 Stöpler / Pieters 10 0

Madison Chase
1 Torres / Mora Vedri 13 0
2 De Ketele / De Pauw 1 0
3 Havik / Stroetinga 2 0
4 Kneisky / Thomas 8 0
5 Tennant / Latham 12 0
6 Graf / Müller 4 -1
7 Marguet / Imhoff 9 -1
8 Heßlich / Burkart 11 -1
9 Stöpler / Pieters 10 -1
10 Lampater / Kalz 3 -1
11 Mørkøv / Hester 6 -1
12 Grasmann / Beyer 7 -1
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Women’s Omnium glory for Barker
Britain’s Elinor Barker saved her best performance of the season until last as flawless consistency saw her crowned Women’s Omnium champion at the Six Day Final in Mallorca.

Three top-four finishes in three races paved the way to gold for Barker, despite not topping the podium until the time where it meant the most in Palma. But that mattered very little for the Six Day Berlin champion, adding a Spanish trophy to her ever-growing collection on an action-packed evening, with three different winners coming from the women’s races.

Six Day London champion Katie Archibald finished second, while Amalie Dideriksen – winner in Berlin – rounded off a hotly-contested top three. “It was awesome, I’m really happy,” said Barker. “The World Championships aren’t far away so I’m really happy I had some good form and was able to race tactically well.

“It’s a massive confidence boost heading forward, heading into the World Championships with a load of racers having won at Six Day. Katie’s form over winter has been unbelievable so I’m very happy to have beaten her, we’re teammates in some races but she’s a very classy rider and it’s some achievement to have beaten her.”

“And if you’re getting a lap with a current world road race champion (Amalie) in the points race, then it’s a pinch me kind of moment – it all worked out perfectly for me!”

Mallorca also introduced new Six Day winners for its final, with Tatjana Paller taking 10km scratch glory, as the evening could hardly have started on a more dramatic note with the entire field of riders was bunched together with just ten laps remaining. It seemed that any surge could be the difference, proving to be the case Paller made her bid for the line with just a few laps remaining, comfortably doing enough to take opening glory.

But, with the euphoria of her victory on hand for all to show, the German struggled to realise just quite what she had achieved in Mallorca. “It’s a very amazing feeling, I never dreamed I would ever win the scratch race so I am very happy to have won,” she said. Barker was to take second place in that race, though it was compatriot Archibald who was next to shine as Great Britain dominated the elimination race.

With Neah Evans alongside, three of the top four were British alongside Dideriksen, with Archibald left with a cruise to the line as she and Evans battled it out for top spot. But it was in a dramatic 10km points race where the night was really won. After a tense start, Dideriksen and Evans broke free to claim a vital lap on the field, propelling them to a lead from where they would not be caught.

And while it was the Dane who took honours in this particular race with 25 points, Barker’s disappointment wasn’t to last too long, taking the Six Day Series Final crown with a stunning all-round evening on the boards.

1 Dideriksen 2 25
2 Barker 3 23
3 Stock 9 5
4 Kullmer 14 5
5 Archibald 1 4
6 Stenberg 4 3
7 Evans 6 3
8 Paller 7 3
9 Pohl 13 1
10 Confalonieri 5 1
11 Pavlendova 8 0
12 Knauer 10 0
13 Markus 11 0
14 Kankovska 12 0

Elimination Race
1 Archibald 1
2 Evans 6
3 Dideriksen 2
4 Barker 3
5 Confalonieri 5
6 Pavlendova 8
7 Kullmer 14
8 Knauer 10
9 Pohl 13
10 Stenberg 4
11 Kankovska 12
12 Markus 11
13 Paller 7
14 Stock 9

10km Scratch Race
1 Paller 7
2 Barker 3
3 Knauer 10
4 Archibald 1
5 Stenberg 4
6 Confalonieri 5
7 Evans 6
8 Markus 11
9 Pavlendova 8
10 Pohl 13
11 Kullmer 14
12 Dideriksen 2
13 Kankovska 12
14 Stock 9

A superb double-race victory from Tomes Babek saw him crowned sprinters’ champion at the Six Day Series final in Mallorca. The Czech rider delivered when it mattered most to take victories in both the opening and closing races of the night in Spain, with that performance comfortably enough for him to sit top of the pile at the evening’s close.

1 Babek 4
2 Gascon 1
3 Moreno 2
4 Rotherham 6
5 Martinez 3
6 Koch 5

Sprint Finals – Sprinters
1 Gascon 1
2 Babek 4
3 Rotherham 6
4 Martinez 3
5 Moreno 2
6 Koch 5

Flying 200m TT – Sprinters
1 Babek 4 10.333 69.679
2 Gascon 1 10.375 69.397
3 Rotherham 6 10.505 68.538
4 Martinez 3 10.530 68.376
5 Moreno 2 10.598 67.937
6 Koch 5 11.362 63.369



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