Report: Sotonia CC Leg Loosener TT

Roadman Oscar Hutchings (VC Equipe-Flix) won the Sotonia CC leg Loosener time trial in the New Forest

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Report: Sotonia CC Leg Loosener TT

From Eamonn Deane

Hutchings Wins Sotonia Leg Loosener!, Report, Results!

Roadman Oscar Hutchings (VC Equipe-Flix) won the Sotonia CC leg Loosener time trial on a breezy morning in the New Forest. Hutchings clocked 34:43 on the 23km sporting circuit, stormoing up the final climb of Pipers Waite hill to cross the line 68 seconds clear of Richard Gildea (Didcot Phoenix). Nick Tarmey (VC Venta) finished a further 8 seconds back in third place.

Another roadman, Matt Downie (Primera-Teamjobs), took the road bike event, his 45.50, eclipsed only by Hutchings in the 120 strong field. It was Downies second win aginst the clock this term, after his victory in the VC ST Raphael event in February.

In form Craig Wallington (Sarum Velo), 46.44 claimed second place by just 1 second from Ben Skinner (Bath CC).

Hollie Dowling ( Bike Jockey CC) produced a storming ride, winning the womens race and placing 30TH overall, her 41:16 over a minute clear of Sarah Lewis (Full on Tri), 42:19 with Michelle Walter (Bournemouth Arrow) third in 44:43.

A cross wind made the exposed Stony Cross section challenging, the riders turning into the wind at Nomansland to start the stiff climb up to the chequered board, cruelly placed 150 metres over the top of the hill.
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Oscar Hutchings: “I am pleased with that, I fit in a few time trials when i can but I love the road racing too much, I might enter the National 10 this year though I would like to do some of the bigger races. I haven’t got into the aerodynamic knee socks yet, i might get there eventually! I have the Scorpion road race next week, a crit or two then the Prems start in April”

Matt Downie: “Its nice to win, I am pretty happy with it, across the top of the forest was not too bad but coming up the hill into the headwind was hard. Things have not gone so well on the road, a few punctures and crashes, I am hoping it is just the bad spell of the year and things will improve, to win this is great”.

1 Oscar Hutchings (Vc Equipe-Flix) 34.43
2 Richard Gildea (Didcot Phoenix) 35.51
3 Nick Tarmey (Vc Venta) 35.59
4 Jon Samways (Bournemouth Jubilee Wh) 36.04
5 Brendan Reese (Bournemouth Arrow) 36.15
6 Andy Smith (Vc St Raphael) 36.52
7 James Brickell (Fareham Wh) 36.53
8 Thomas Key (Primera-Teamjobs) 36.59
9 Craig Haslam (Poole Wh) 37.05
10 Jamie Franklyn (Vc Venta) 37.28
11= Charlie Leech (Soton Uni Cc) 37.34
11= Simon Berogna (Vc St Raphael) 37.34
13 Max Webber (Abbots Ann Cycles) 37.42
14 Simon Healy (Andover Wh) 37.49
15 Matthew Gray (Spokes Bpc Racing) 38.09
16 Jason Hayles (Team Spy) 38.13
17= Paul Morris (Fareham Wh) 38.16
17= Ray Clarridge (Ga Cycles) 38.16
19 Andrew Rivett (Vc St Raphael) 38.20
20 Richard Porter (Cc Weymouth) 38.31
21 Patrick Brennan (…A3crg) 39.12
22 Stuart Martingale (Sotonia Cc ) 39.27
23= Greg Tognarelli (Racing Club Ravenna) 39.51
23= Lyndon Thompson (Bournemouth Arrow) 39.51
25 Thomas Piloni (Bournemouth Jubilee Wh) 40.10
26= Darryl Barr (…A3crg) 40.39
26= Rupert Silman (Bournemouth Jubilee Wh) 40.39
28 Arthur Venables (..A3crg)
29 Martin Beale (Vc St Raphael) 41.02
30 Hollie Dowling (Bike Jockey Cc) 41.16
31 James Fritchley (Trowbridge Cc) 41.50
32 Niels Langhout (Sotonia Cc) 42.02
33 Ian Hatch (Sotonia Cc) 42.13
34 Stuart Thompson (Andover Wh) 42.16
35 Sarah Lewis (Full-On Tri) 42.19
36 Michelle Walter (Bournemouth Arrow) 44.43
37 James Magnin (Bournemouth Jubile Wh) 46.02
38 Nicholas Cooper (Andover Wh) 46.31
39 Agata Tomaszewska (Sotonia Cc) 47.51

Road Bikes
1 Matt Downie (Primera-Teamjobs) 35.50
2 Craig Wallington (Sarum Velo) 36.44
3 Ben Skinner (Bath Cc) 36.45
4 Phil Wilks (Sotonia Cc) 37.23
5 James Peckham (Sotonia Cc) 37.58
6 Tom Temple (Primera-Teamjobs) (J) 38.13
7 James Plumb (Vc Venta) 38.31
8 Ollie Winwood Bratchell (Vc Venta) 38.46
9 Thom Hayward (Vc Venta) 38.47
10 Ed Slot (Sotonia Cc) 38.54
11 John Pennington (Team Athlete Lab) 38.57
12 Ben Coward (Sotonia Cc) 39.13
13 Red Waters (Sotonia Cc) 39.26
14 Dave Dalton (Fareham Wh) 39.58
15 James Joel Garner (..A3crg) 40.06
16 Phil Godfrey (Sotonia Cc) 40.16
17 Harry Chamberlain (Southampton Uni Cc) 40.23
18 Nick Jones (Bournemouth Jubilee Wh) 40.36
19 Sam Malam (Vc Venta) 40.51
20 Tim Lewis (Full-On Tri) 41.03
21 Vaughan Marris (Fareham Wh) 41.18
22 Chris Wilson (Tornado Cc) 41.35
23 Angela Carpenter (I-Team Cc) 41.42
24 Jonathan Wren (Sotonia Cc) 41.52
25 John Benjamin (Vc Walcot) 41.55
26 James Eccleston (Sarum Velo) 42.00
27 Colin Mooney (Portsdown Hill Cc) 42.05
28 Tom Bandy (Portsdown Hill Cc) 42.16
29 James Veal (West Wight Wh) 42.19
30 Jerry Bromyard (..A3CRG) 42.27



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