Report/Results: Mid Shropshire Wheelers 1

Ellie Russell, Ben Vernon & Jack Sadler winners at the first of the Mid Shropshire Wheelers circuit races for 2017

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Report/Results: Mid Shropshire Wheelers 1

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A day of predominantly bunch finishes in very strong winds were the order of the day at Shrewsbury Sports Village as Mid Shropshire Wheelers hosted Event 1 of their 2017 Sunday and Thursday night circuit races at this very popular venue.

The event was also round 2 of the British Cycling West Midland Youth Series and this no doubt was a large factor in a massive turnout of 335 riders.

Big winners of the day were local girl Ellie Russell a member of the GB Academy and ex pro Jack Sadler both showing clear distance between themselves and the chasing packs.

Of special mention was the large turnout of females across the categories and it certainly showed that the Sports Village message of this girl can is being taken up by local riders and the Women’s only race is appreciated.

Next event at Shrewsbury Sports Village is April 3rd and online entries are available through the British Cycling Website or Enter on the Day.

Pictured is local rider and Mid Shropshire Wheelers, Matty Redworth who was the top Shropshire senior rider in 10th with Alfie Mortimer also Mid Shrops 11th and Rhino Velos Matt Davies following closely behind in 12th. Picture courtesy of Richard Dawson Photography.

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Under 8 Boys
1 Oliver Bryan Herefordshire Cycling Club E
2 Archie Bentley Wyre Forest CRC E
3 Noah White Mid Shropshire Wheelers E
4 Henry Jenkin Market Drayton Cycle Club E
5 Elliot Turner Hafren CC E
6 Zach Jenkins E
7 Teddy Wright Solihull CC E
8 Josh Lambert Mid Shropshire Wheelers E
9 Gethin Serjeant Hafren CC E
10 Daniel Brownsword Solihull CC E
11 Jude White Mid Shropshire Wheelers E
12 Ben Bramford-Hale Newport Shropshire CC E
13 James Jones Mid Shropshire Wheelers E
14 Noah Bryan Herefordshire CC E
15 William LeClere E
16 Harry Wyke Mid Shropshire Wheelers E

Under 8 Girls
1 Rose Lewis Halesowen A & CC EG
2 Lauren Oldfield Redditch Road & Path CC EG
3 Erin Barton Mid Shropshire Wheelers EG
4 Rose Neely Solihull CC EG

Under 10 Boys
1 Ryan Oldfield Redditch Road & Path CC D
2 Tom Jackson Newport Shropshire CC D
3 Finn OBrien Hillingdon Slipstreamers D
4 Max Hinds Wyre Forest CRC D
5 Sebastian Ball Mid Shropshire Wheelers D
6 Billy Bentley Wyre Forest CRC D
7 George Lewis Halesowen A & CC D
8 Jake Bazeley Mid Shropshire Wheelers D
9 Rocco Schumacher Mid Shropshire Wheelers D
10 Sam Brownsword Solihull CC D
11 Henry Lewis Wolverhampton Whls D
12 Samuel Abbott Stratford CC D
13 Patrick Neely Solihull CC D
14 Oliver Ward Wolverhampton Whls D
15 Remi Alexander Lichfield City CC D

Under 10 Girls
1 Aelwen Davies The Bulls DG
2 Ella Tandy Solihull CC DG
3 Holly Saunders Solihull CC DG
4 Zoe Parker Stratford CC DG
5 Ruby Isaac Fenland Clarion CC DG
6 Sophie Jackson Newport Shropshire CC DG
7 Jessica Bufton Hafren CC DG
8 Ella Harris Halesowen A & CC DG
9 Jasmine Alexander Lichfield City CC DG
10 Hawys Richards West Wales CRT DG
11 Danielle Barker Halesowen A & CC DG

Under 12 Boys
1 Emyr Truelove Herefordshire Cycling Club C
2 Spencer Corder Stratford CC C
3 Joshua Jackson Mid Shropshire Wheelers C
4 Kyle Jones Maindy Flyers Youth CC C
5 Joseph OBrien Zappi Racing Team C
6 Luke Harris Halesowen A & CC C
7 Tomos Pattinson Halesowen A & CC C
8 Thomas White Wolverhampton Whls C
9 Lewis Tinsley Stratford CC C
10 Sam Fisher Maindy Flyers C
11 Ben Marsh Matlock CC C
12 Alexander Burden Stratford CC C
13 Max Saunders Solihull CC C
14 Iestyn Jones Maindy Flyers Youth CC C
15 Max Bufton Hafren CC C
16 Joshua Darlow Stratford CC C
17 Luke Mannings Halesowen A & CC C
18 Billy Laight Halesowen A & CC C
19 Nathan Fullwood Mid Shropshire Wheelers C
20 Jack Alexander Solihull CC C
21 Ben Woodhouse Solihull CC C
22 Dan Hutchinson Halesowen A & CC C
23 Will Lewis Halesowen A & CC C
24 Ben Machin Solihull CC C
25 Thomas Brookes Halesowen A & CC C
26 Charlie Price Mid Shropshire Wheelers C
27 Ellis Brown Stratford CC C
28 Joseph Gregg Stratford CC C

Under12 Girls
1 Ellie Swingell Halesowen A & CC CG
2 Cerys Greaves Mid Shropshire Wheelers CG
3 Bethany Bennett Precision Nutrition CG
4 Bobbie OBrien Hillingdon Slipstreamers CG
5 Rebecca Woodvine Mid Shropshire Wheelers CG
6 Lowri Richards West Wales Cycle Racing Team CG
7 Tia Carr Lichfield City CC CG
8 Eleanor Cooper Lichfield City CC CG
9 Isla Harrison Mid Shropshire Wheelers CG
10 Harriet Tinsley Stratford CC CG
11 Mari Porton Redditch Road & Path CC CG
12 Amy Pullen Taw Velo CG
13 Caitlin Harvey Lichfield City CC CG
14 Harriette Taylor Newport Shropshire CC CG

Under 14 Girls
1 Zoe Backstedt Maindy Flyers B
2 Grace Lister Wolverhampton Whls B
3 Aimee Lane Wyre Forest CRC B
4 Ella Maclean-Howell Cardiff JIF B
5 Tia Froom Herefordshire Cycling Club B
6 Amelia Southall Wolverhampton Whls B
7 Kinga Ingram Wyre Forest CRC B
8 Shannon Haird West Wales Cycle Racing Team B
9 Daphne Jones Mid Shropshire Wheelers B
10 Isla Blain Halesowen A & CC B
11 Rhiannon Tansley Mid Shropshire Wheelers B
12 Ella Williams Herefordshire Cycling Club B

Under 16 Girls
1 Toni Wilkes Kent Velo Race Team A
2 Ellie Shaw Backstedt HotChilee A
3 Freya Thatcher Liv CC A
4 Katie Scott Cotswold Veldrijden A
5 Sophie White Wolverhampton Whls A
6 Lorna Sharples Halesowen A & CC A
7 Kate Pugh Mid Shropshire Wheelers A
8 Erin Boddice Wyre Forest CRC A
9 Bethany Harris Wolverhampton Whls A

Under 14 Boys
1 Kieran Riley Langdale Lightweights Racing Team B
2 Bevan Smith Cardiff JIF B
3 Ben Askey RST Racing Team B
4 Ryan Greaves Mid Shropshire Wheelers B
5 Taylor Carr Lichfield City CC B
6 Samuel Holwill Hafren CC B
7 Alex Barker Halesowen A & CC B
8 Ayrton Smith Maindy Flyers Youth CC B
9 Griff Lewis Ystwyth Cycling Club B
10 Gethin Price Maindy Flyers B
11 Matthew Malone RST Racing Team B
12 Sam Smith West Wales Cycle Racing Team B
13 Max Williams Herefordshire Cycling Club B
14 Aaron Mansell Lyme RC B
15 Ben Lawrence Wyre Forest CRC B
16 Alex Thomson Wolverhampton Whls B
17 Jacob Jones Solihull CC B
18 Ben Pierce Mid Shropshire Wheelers B
19 Conor Jones Solihull CC B
20 William Farmer Wolverhampton Whls B
21 Jack Ramsbottom West Wales Cycle Racing Team B
22 Baden Green Stratford CC B
23 Oliver Cooke Redditch Road & Path CC B
24 Joseph Brookes Halesowen A & CC B
25 Alexander Ward Wolverhampton Whls B
26 James Satoor Mid Shropshire Wheelers B
27 Louis Smith Wyre Forest CRC B
28 Nick English Mid Shropshire Wheelers B
29 Dafydd Wright West Wales Cycle Racing Team B
30 Oliver Tandy Solihull CC B
31 Charlie Boddice Wyre Forest CRC B
32 Byron Garvey Redditch Road & Path CC B
33 Matthew Lowe Redditch Road & Path CC B
34 Will Jones Mid Shropshire Wheelers B
35 Ben Tomlinson Mid Shropshire Wheelers B
36 Joshua Pearson Solihull CC B

Under 16 Boys
1 George Mills-Keeling Wolverhampton Whls A
2 Matthew Kingston Lichfield City CC A
3 Jamie Crump A
4 Jamieson Blain Halesowen A & CC A
5 Hayden Norris Lichfield City CC A
6 Thomas Mitchell Birkenhead North End CC A
7 Alexander Coates Lyme RC A
8 Simon Wyllie Halesowen A & CC A
9 Farley Barber Pro Vision Cycle Clothing A
10 Daniel Barnes Lichfield City CC A
11 William Truelove Herefordshire Cycling Club A
12 Samuel Cooper Wyre Forest CRC A
13 Josh Field Halesowen A & CC A
14 Liam James-Morris M and D Cycles / Fusion RT / WORX A
15 Daniel Morris Wolverhampton Whls A
16 Dominic Pullen Propello – Carb Cycles A
17 Henry Lloydlangston Halesowen A & CC A
18 Andrew Dalzell Lichfield City CC A
19 Ethan Roberts Wolverhampton Whls A
20 Euan Taylor Salt & Sham Cycle Club A
21 Nathan Edensor Solihull CC A
22 Sam Kelly BCDS A
23 Louis Evans Innovation Racing A
24 David Hird Stratford CC A
25 Cai Edwards Energy Cycles Junior Road Team A
26 Oscar Laight Halesowen A & CC A
27 Jack Millar East Lancashire RC A
28 Ryan Phillips Maindy Flyers A
29 Billy Norton Herefordshire Cycling Club A
30 Alexander Harper Solihull CC A
31 William Dale Mid Shropshire Wheelers A

1 Ellie Russell Backstedt HotChilee 2nd
2 Cadi Jones Energy Cycles Junior Road Team 3rd
3 Hetty Niblett Edco Continental 2nd
4 Emily Meakin Mammoth Lifestyle Racing Team 2nd
5 Gabriella Homer Team ZZ WRT 2nd
6 Christie Jones Hereford & District Wheelers 3rd
7 Melissa Brand Team Ford 2nd
8 Phoebe Martin Team ZZ WRT 2nd
9 Leah Ball Brotherton Cycles 2nd
10 Catherine Coley VCL 4th
11 Cheryl Vaughan Beeston Cycling Club 3rd
12 Gemma Stuart VeloVitesse 2nd
13 Leah Dixon Wolverhampton Whls 4th
14 Izzy Wild Beeston Cycling Club 4th
15 Rebecca Richardson Hafren CC 2nd
16 Ella Roper Newport Shropshire CC 4th
17 Vicki Boddice Wyre Forest CRC 4th
18 Laura Owler Beeston Cycling Club 4th
19 Cara Louise Randall Energy Cycles Junior Road Team 3rd
20 Ceri Jones Ynys Mon Racing Team 4th
21 Caitlin Shaw M and D Cycles / Fusion RT / WORX 3rd

3rd Category
1 Jack Sadler Tredz Bikes 3rd
2 James Alexander The MI Racing Academy 3rd
3 George Bazley Bristol Cycling Development Squad 3rd
4 Josh Williams Stourbridge Velo 3rd
5 George Moore Bicicielo 3rd
6 Joe Charley Stourbridge CC 3rd
7 Matthew Higgins Mammoth Lifestyle Racing Team 3rd
8 George Higgins Birkenhead North End CC 3rd
9 James Green Stourbridge CC 3rd
10 Matthew Redworth Mid Shropshire Wheelers 3rd
11 Alfie Mortimer Mid Shropshire Wheelers 3rd
12 Matthew Davies Rhino Velo Race Team 3rd
13 Joe Guy Wolverhampton Whls 3rd
14 Mark McCann DMW – BRIDGTOWN 3rd
15 Jono Goulding Wyre Forest CRC 3rd
16 Stephen Lynn West Midlands Police CC 3rd
17 David Kent St Helens CRC 3rd
18 Roger Cutler Beacon Roads CC 3rd
19 Ewan Grivell-Mellor Mid Shropshire Wheelers 3rd
20 John Hines Audlem Cycling Club 3rd
21 Phillip Glaze Stourbridge CC 3rd
22 Sam Walding Army Cycling Union 3rd
23 Samuel Jones Wyre Forest CRC 3rd
24 Tom Mansfield Wyre Forest CRC 3rd
25 Tyler Brennan Hafren CC 3rd
26 Max Moss LJMU Cycling Team 3rd
27 Ian Harcourt Team Aspire 3rd
28 Gavin Passmore Beacon Roads CC 3rd
29 Alex Loven Wrexham Roads Club 3rd
30 Carl Dee Wyre Forest CRC 3rd
31 Charlie Fisher Newport Shropshire CC 3rd
32 Timothy Jones Mid Shropshire Wheelers 3rd
33 Daniel Maclean-Howell Cardiff Ajax CC 3rd
34 Craig Whittle DMW – BRIDGTOWN 3rd
35 Isaac Appleby Clay Cross Road Team 3rd
36 Matthew Lewis Wolverhampton Whls 3rd
37 Will Manfield Wolverhampton Whls 3rd
38 Graham South Rhino Velo Race Team 3rd
39 Sebastian Bacon Wolverhampton Whls 3rd
40 David Cunningham Saracen Road Club 3rd
41 Louis Perry Swinnerton Cycles 3rd
42 Andrew Lloydlangston Halesowen A & CC 3rd

4th Category
1 Ben Vernon Wrekinsport CC 4th
2 Tom Hunt Wolverhampton Whls 4th
3 Scott Palmer Stourbridge CC 4th
4 Stewart Ball Wyre Forest CRC 4th
5 Pete Matthews Team V-Sprint Racing 4th
6 Ashley Banks Hafren CC 4th
7 Ian Foster DMW – BRIDGTOWN 4th
8 James Kirk Ely Race Club 4th
9 Bill Haslam Wyre Forest CRC 4th
10 Jonathan Goh Paramount CRT 4th
11 Aaron Poole Wolverhampton Whls 4th
12 Craig Ball Mid Shropshire Wheelers 4th
13 Dave Woodvine Mid Shropshire Wheelers 4th
14 Samuel Morris Revolutions Racing 4th
15 Craig Hardiman Wyre Forest CRC 4th
16 Clint Middleton Ystwyth Cycling Club 4th
17 James Roberts 4th
18 Paul Lawton Birkenhead North End CC 4th
19 Phil Birch Audlem Cycling Club 4th
20 Kevin Hayward Stourbridge CC 4th
21 William Hodgkiss Fred Williams Cycles 4th
22 Adam Roper Newport Shropshire CC 4th
23 Stephen Rooke Chester RC 4th
24 Alec Bond Mid Shropshire Wheelers 4th
25 Robert Johnson Uttoxeter Cycling Club 4th
26 Simon Pemberton Audlem Cycling Club 4th
27 Darren Cadwallader Stourbridge CC 4th
28 Laurence Cooley Beacon Roads CC 4th
29 Michael Boddice Wyre Forest CRC 4th
30 John Dyer Mammoth Lifestyle Racing Team 4th
31 Jonathan Benson Mid Shropshire Wheelers 4th
32 Barrie Pugh Paramount CRT 4th
33 Paul Evans NFTO 4th
34 Simon Harrison Mid Shropshire Wheelers 4th
35 Rory Evans Ely Race Club 4th
36 Matthew Boazman Wyre Forest CRC 4th
37 Cameron Mould Horwich CC 4th
38 Thomas Colley Newport Shropshire CC 4th
39 Paul Lewis The Bulls 4th
40 Trevor Ricketts VeloVitesse 4th
41 Gary Hodkinson 4th



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