Q & A: Corrine Hall (Multi World Champion)

Question and Answer with multiple Gold medal winner Corrine Hall at the last Paracycling World Track Championships in LA (2017)

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Q & A: Corrine Hall (Multi World Champion)

Question and Answer with multiple Gold medal winner Corrine Hall at the last Paracycling World Track Championships in LA (2017) – brought to you by Estrella Bikes

1. Did you ever expect to win as many Golds as you did?
Corrine: No, not at all, especially as we only had seven weeks notice and British Cycling decided to mix the tandem pairing up for these world championships so to come away with three World titles was unbelievable

2. You ride a tandem – how long did it take to master a tandem after racing a solo bike?
Corrine: When I first jumped on the tandem, it took a while to get used to it. Initially the feeling was very different from steering to out the saddle but now it just comes naturally.

3. How difficult was it to get the form for a Worlds with such short notice?
Corrine: For me it wasn’t too bad, as fortunately I didn’t have a big a break following the Paralympics in Rio as some riders did, so I have been training since November.

However, once it did get announced, we had to change the structure of training. We kept it very simple and just went for specific quality over quantity to ensure I had some top end. Also with a change of pairing, initially it was about ensuring we were working together, fortunately for Sophie and I, we were able to jump on the bike and work well straight away so we were able to just crack on with training.

4. What was your favourite victory in LA?
Corrine: I would have to say the Match Sprint as this is an event I never thought I’d ever be a world champs medallist let alone a world champion. Everything came together well on race day. We didn’t qualify as well as we had hoped and it meant that in the semi finals we were up against the fastest qualifiers, the Australians. When we beat them, it defiantly gave us confidence going into the final.

5. Which was the toughest race for you at the Worlds?
Corrine: For me, I would have to say the pursuits. As an endurance rider, this is the event I’m most suited to on the track and the one I have wanted to win for a few years so I definitely felt the most pressure for this event. It’s also the event that you have to back up really well in. We qualified well and in the final, we were up again another British tandem who we have been training with, so we knew it wasn’t going to be easy, but for Sophie and I, we just gave it absolutely everything and managed to grab the win by 5 seconds.

6. Tell us about your partner on the tandem – who is she and how long have you been riding together?
Corrine: As I said earlier, British Cycling decided to mix up the pairing for these championships to give everyone a bit of a change and to try new things out. In LA, I was riding with Sophie Thornhill who predominantly is a sprinter who has 5 world titles, a Paralympic gold and bronze to her name so not a bad rider to be paired with. We only had about seven weeks together pre worlds which could have been a challenge but fortunately we were able to jump on the bike and work well together.

7. Tell us about your warm up?
Corrine: My warm up was the same for all three races. I have a set structure on the turbo that lasts 30 minutes, which ends 15 mins before our start time giving me enough time to sort myself out before we are off.

8. Do you get a break after the Worlds and when will you be racing again?
Corrine: The build up to the track worlds wasn’t really long enough to warrant a break. We arrived back in Manchester on a Tuesday, I had Wednesday off just to get over jet lag before getting stuck into training again on the Tuesday. I’m currently out in France with my racing team Matrix Pro Cycling to get some road miles in the legs before the road racing season starts.

9. Finally, what bike will you be racing on the road in 2017 from Estrella?
Corrine: This year I will be racing on an Estrella Camino Liso. My first race this year will be Dave Peck Memorial race run by Twickenham CC.




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