Report/Result: Ipswich Spring Scramble

Peter Blenkinsop and Jossy Lowden winners for the mens/womens  Ipswich Spring Scramble road races

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Report/Result: Ipswich Spring Scramble

(thanks to Fergus Muir)

Sun 19th March Gosbeck near Stowmarket, Suffolk.

Peter Blenkinsop (Fast Test RT) took his first-ever road race win in the 53 mile Ipswich Bicycle Club Spring Scramble based at Gosbeck near Stowmarket.

On a warm but very windy day, action started in earnest from the start – resulting in 18 competitors being dropped before the bunch passed the finish line at Framsden for the first time with only nine miles completed. Through Crowfield for the first time, Ian Franklin (PCH Racing Team), who had been second in the March Hare race at Hog Hill the previous day, was making a lone bid. Franklin was joined by a rider each from Velo Schils and the Great Yarmouth-based DAP team but they were brought back.

However when Andrew Holmes (VC Revolution) soon attacked, joined by Franklin and Jack Hardwicke (Strada Sport). These three built a good lead but it had shrunk to 15 seconds lead as they climbed the hill past Framsden windmill with 13 miles to go. Franklin and Hardwicke kept this slender lead until reinforcements arrived – Tom Willan (ELV) with five kilometres remaining and Blenkinsop with just two to go.

At the line Blenkinsop, a 44 year-old from Elmswell near Stowmarket, outsprinted Willan and Franklin, with Hardwicke just holding off Colchester rider Leighton Oxley-Crisp at the front of the strung-out bunch.

Men’s Result:
1 Peter Blenkinsop (Fast-Test),
2 Thomas Willan (East London Velo)
3 Ian Franklin (PCH Racing Team)
4 Jack Hardwicke (Strada Sport) + 0:05 secs
5 Leighton Oxley-Crisp (Velo Schils)
6 Matt Cowan (PCH RT)
7 Simon Hazelby (Iceni Velo)
8 Jobe Usher (North Road CC)
9 Jez Fabes (CC London)
10 Tom Walsh (Maldon & District CC)
11 Sam Toy (Velo Schils)
12 Frank Moore (CC Hackney)
13 Andrew Holmes (VC Revolution)
14 Dan Gray (VC Norwich)
15 Oliver Wood (Strada Sport)
16 Gavin Moore (PCH RT)
17 Mike Bell (Fast Test) + 00:16 secs
18 Adam Colbert (Ipswich BC)
19 Samuel Theinel (Glendene CC)
20 Jake Towler (West Suffolk Whs)
21 Owen Geeson (Fast Test)
22 Bjorn Krlander (Cambridge CC)
23 Lubomir Belak (St Ives CC)
24 Michael Atkinson (North Road CC)
25 Stephen Clarke (Ipswich BC)
26 Peter Shaw (VC Revolution)

Nearly 50 women contested their afternoon race over the same 53 miles, four-and-a-half laps of the Gosbeck Circuit in equally windy conditions which split the field.

Emerging from the leading group to win was Jossy Lowden (Aprire/HSS) for whom this was a first road race on the open road, though she has previously ridden closed circuits and was fourth lady in the 2016 CTT Hill Climb Championship riding for her home club Lewes Wanderers.

On the first lap Helen Ralston (Sigma-Sport) broke clear on the headwind straight through Crowfield, soon to be joined by Helen McKay (Les Filles). Up the Framsden Mill climb with 25 miles to go Ralston and McKay had 13 seconds in hand over a chasing group of seven who soon made contact.

At one lap to go (12 miles) the bunch, now over four minutes adrift, were pulled out. They were given their own sprint for 11th place, which was won by local girl Gemma Melton (Pedal Power Ipswich). A lap later Jossy Lowden took the win with Charlotte Colclough (Bianchi/Dama) and Helen Ralston and the rest of the break streaming in behind.

Women’s Result:
1 Jossy Lowden (Aprire/HSS)
2 Charlotte Colclough (Bianchi/Dama)
3 Helen Ralston (Sigma WRT)
4 Eryn Nolan (5th Floor)
5 Jessica Woodworth (Cycle Team On-Form)
6 Madelaine Gammons (Team Vision)
7 Helen McKay (Les Filles RT)
8 Nicola Toms (Aprire/HSS)
9 Gemma Sargent (CT On-Form) + 00:14 secs
10 Nicola Oh (Les Filles RT) +00:42 sec
11 Gemma Melton (Pedal Power Ipswich) @ 1 lap
12 Rebecca Johnson (Apire/HSS)
13 Claire Hammond (Twickenham CC)
14 Kerry Middleton (Twickenham CC)
15 Jennie Tillott (Twickenham CC)
16 Georgia Bullard (Team Jadan/Weldtite)
17 Emma Lewis (Aprire/HSS)
18 Neve Upton (CT On-Form)
19 Isabel Arvill (Team Vision)
20 Cindy Berry (Bowlphish Racing)
21 Lucy Harper (CT On-Form)
22 Julie Elder (Aprire/HSS)
23 Holly Hoy (CT On-Form)
24 Charlotte Haywood
25 Sophie Holmes (Team Terminator)
26 Vivienne Tomlin (CC London)
27 Isabella Torrie (LIV AWOL)
28 Mandy Bunn (CC Sudbury)
29 Fiona-May Aylward (Leicester Forest)
30 Katie Ward
31 Charlotte Smith




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