Report: Klondike Grand Prix

In front of big crowds all day, the first ever Klondike GP was a great success and won by Chris Latham from Enrique Sanz and Harry Tanfield

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Live! Klondike Grand Prix

A strange race was how a few riders described the Klondike GP. On a course where no more than 20 were expected to finish, it was a bunch kick that decided the race after four hours in the hills around Guisborough in front of crowds more akin to the Tour of Yorkshire than a Prem.

In summary, a break with Sam Harrison, Dan Fleeman (Metaltek Kuota), and Charlie Tanfield escaped and the gap grew and grew to over three minutes, perhaps many more. Local Charlie Tanfield, not a rider who looks like a climber, was keen to make an impact in the race and second time up Saltburn, led alone just ahead of his former breakaway companions Fleeman and Harrison and one other who had joined the party out front.

Chase groups had come and gone but only one rider managed to bridge across, Matt Holmes (Madison Genesis). He took advantage of some work by teammate Richard Handley who’d crashed and decided to work for Matt by bringing the gap down to the point where Holmes was able to cross the gap solo.

The four riders then pressed on although as Holmes explains in his interview, there were now some tired legs in that leading group. By the third time up Saltburn, a 1 in 4 climb and one of many climbs on the course, Holmes was on his own and the rest of the break were sliding back to the peloton.

The Madison Genesis rider was still away when they started their final ten mile loop and the behind, the peloton, as it had been a lot during the day, was lined out at speed in the chase, splits in the group seeing riders distanced as they had been all race.

There was however a lot of riders left and despite the inclusion of a 1 in 4 climb only eight or so miles from home, it was the sight of a huge bunch sprinting into sight with those left after a crash at 1k to go fighting it out for the victory in front of another amazing crowd.

That was taken by Chris Latham, off to the Track Worlds in good form, ahead of a rider who had never done a British Prem before and saying he’d had ‘bad legs’, Enrique Sanz of Raleigh GAC. Local boy Harry Tanfield was third.

The event saw a lot of crashes with at least one, Spring Cup winner in 2016, Adria Moreno (Raleigh GAC) ending up in hospital needing to be stitched up and we wish him and any others of the walking wounded well and hope there are no serious injuries.

Newcomer to the British scene, Enrique Sanz (Raleigh GAC) made the podium in his first race with second, Chris Latham’s pre Worlds hit out seeing him win and local Harry Tanfield giving the locals plenty to cheer about

Minutes the flag is pulled in, the peloton are ready to race …. 

After a few skirmishes, a crash at the front of the peloton saw the race neutralised before it was resumed on the climb leading up to Loftus – here Jacob Tipper drives a move forward

Matt Holmes of Madison Genesis seemed happy as he came past

10 miles later at Saltburn, a move had established itself out front after Sam Harrison escaped with Dan Fleeman (Metaltek Kuota) and Charlie Tanfield.

A lap later with race radio debating what the actual gap was to the leaders, Charlie Tanfield went in search of KoM points

Whilst behind Matt Holmes of Madison Genesis, who had crossed to the leaders solo, was powering his Genesis Zero bike up the climb with Fleeman and Harrison.

Others tried to chase it down but did not manage to make it across

The peloton was still by and large, all together

Third time up ‘Cote de Saltburn’and Matt Holmes was flying the Madison Genesis colours solo

While the peloton was not being damaged as much as the 1 in 4 slopes were expected to hurt them

With 12 miles to go and Matt Holmes led alone

And the peloton was moving quickly led by George Wood.

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Local Harry Tanfield

George Wood on racing in Belgium with two podiums in two races

Ian Bibby (winner of three Prems in 2016)

Grant Martin (First year senior with Raleigh GAC)

Post Race

Winner Chris Latham

Zach May of Metaltek Kuota (first under 23)

Matt Holmes (Madison Genesis)

Charlie Tanfield (KoM Winner)

Grant Martin of Raleigh GAC (post race)


1 Christopher Latham Team Wiggins 3:59:16
2 Enrique Sanz Raleigh GAC st
3 Harry Tanfield BIKE Channel Canyon st
4 George Harper One Pro Cycling st
5 George Pym Metaltek Kuota Racing Team st
6 Sam Lowe BIKE Channel Canyon st
7 Jacob Tipper Brother NRG Driverplan st
8 Zachery May (u23) Metaltek Kuota Racing Team st
9 Tobyn Horton Madison Genesis st
10 Hayden McCormick One Pro Cycling st
11 Chris Opie BIKE Channel Canyon st
12 Jonathan Mould JLT Condor st
13 Karol Domagalski One Pro Cycling st
14 Liam Holohan Metaltek Kuota Racing Team st
15 Joseph Clark Cycling Sheffield Giant Sheffie st
16 George Wood (u23) Richardsons-Trek RT st
17 George Fowler Catford CC Equipe/Banks st
18 Etienne Georgi (u23) Team Wiggins st
19 Peter Williams One Pro Cycling st
20 Callum Ferguson (u23) Catford CC Equipe/Banks st
21 Adam Kenway Raleigh GAC st
22 Rhys Howells Team Wiggins st
23 Ryan Perry Raleigh GAC st
24 Evan Oliphant Wheelbase Altura MGD st
25 Kieran Brady Richardsons-Trek RT st
26 Ian Bibby JLT Condor st
27 Edward Roberts Team Elite st
28 Steve Lampier JLT Condor st
29 Ed Laverick (u23) JLT Condor st
30 Joshua Hunt One Pro Cycling +7
31 Matt Cronshaw Madison Genesis +8
32 Thomas Stewart One Pro Cycling +15
33 Max Stedman (u23) BIKE Channel Canyon st
34 Charlie Passfield (u23) Spirit Tifosi Racing Team +23
35 Tristan Robbins (u23) Raleigh GAC st
36 Dexter Gardias BIKE Channel Canyon +1:16
37 Rob Partridge BIKE Channel Canyon st
38 Daniel Nieto (u23) TBW Bottecchia Wigmore RT +1:28
39 Dylan Kerfoot-Robson (u23) Team Wiggins +1:36
40 Christopher Dredge Spirit Tifosi Racing Team st
41 Tom Neale Metaltek Kuota Racing Team +1:52
42 William Brown Brother NRG Driverplan +1:56
43 Fraser Martin (u23) Raleigh GAC +1:58
44 Tim James (u23) 365 4 Bikes Academy +2:09
45 Jack Stanton-Warren (u23) Halesowen A & CC st
46 Richard Handley Madison Genesis +2:12
47 Joe Evans (u23) Madison Genesis st
48 Kamil Gradek One Pro Cycling st
49 Gruffudd Lewis Madison Genesis st
50 Timothy Home (u23) Cycling Sheffield Giant Sheffie +3:20
51 Liam Bromiley Cycling Sheffield Giant Sheffie st
52 Oliver Barbieri Spirit Tifosi Racing Team st
53 Rhys Lloyd Metaltek Kuota Racing Team +4:05
54 Daniel Bigham Brother NRG Driverplan +4:32
55 Josh Housley (u23) GodfreyBikewear-VisionExpress R st
56 Joshua Outram (u23) Richardsons-Trek RT +4:48
57 Taylor Gunman Madison Genesis +4:49
58 Matthew Clements (u23) Catford CC Equipe/Banks +4:51
59 Peter Barusevicus Team KTM st
60 Alex Dalton (u23) Catford CC Equipe/Banks st
61 Alfie Moses (u23) Wheelbase Altura MGD +4:53
62 Matthew Holmes Madison Genesis +5:58
63 Charlie Tanfield (u23) Brother NRG Driverplan st
64 James Lowsley-Williams BIKE Channel Canyon +6:03
65 Oliver Maxwell (u23) Richardsons-Trek RT +6:08
66 Ashley Dennis (u23) Team Wiggins +6:41
67 Oliver Peckover (u23) 365 4 Bikes Academy st
68 Fergus Robinson (u23) Clay Cross Road Team st
69 Tom Chandler (u23) Metaltek Kuota Racing Team st
70 George Sewell (u23) GodfreyBikewear-VisionExpress R +7:03
71 Pierre Vernie (u23) GodfreyBikewear-VisionExpress R st

1. Charlie Tanfield

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