Preview: Tour of the Wolds

This Sunday sees the first Tour of the Wolds for Men & Women, the second Prem of the season as well as the first round of the Women’s National Series

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Preview: Tour of the Wolds

This Sunday sees the first Tour of the Wolds for Men & Women, the second Prem of the season as well as the first round of the Women’s National Series

Last weekend, we saw the first Prem of the season (Klondike GP) and it showed how unpredictable bike racing can be. “A strange race” was how a few riders described it. On one of the most brutal circuits, up and down and the ups were as much as 1 in 4, the race full of nervous riders still came down to a bunch kick won by Chris Latham from a new face in the British peloton, Enrique Sanz (Raleigh GAC).

Compared to the race on the much flatter and nearby Stockton Grand Prix course, the Klondike GP was tame with a break going away, the peloton cruising and then the hammer going down at the end but too late to shake many riders. So predicting the Tour of the Worlds is not something even the riders could do as no-one really knows what will happen until the pedals are turned in anger.

Organiser Dan Ellmore says the weather could have a big effect on the race as could the way the riders decide to ‘race’ the event. And that goes for the men and women. The course for both events is tough but the key ingredient could be the finishing circuit. Four laps for the women (8 miles) and eight for the men (16 miles), the twisty turny roads around Louth could well be the catalyst for riders to have a go and break the race up.

The Tour of the Wolds is a legacy of the British Road Race Championships held in the area in 2015 where Magna Vitae, a Partner to East Lindsey District Council, were involved and the sport is benefitting by their sponsorship of a major British road race to help make people aware of the area and the Wolds being declared an area of outstanding natural beauty.

Speaking about the Wolds course, talking to organiser Dan Ellmore, he very quickly dismissed the notion it was going to be a flat race. “If we get April East Coast weather in its worst form, we’ll have strong winds and horizontal rain on gritty back lanes and we could see it being a really tough day for the riders. But if we get a nice sunny day like last weekend (which is the forecast at the moment), it won’t be race splintering tough. It could go either way”.

Asked about the course, Dan explained “The transition route (19.6 miles each way) will be tougher than a lot of people think. The climb at Tealby is short and steep up a narrow lane with a ridge in the middle of the road so the riders will be in two lines and if the wind blows, it will be interesting for those in the left line.”

Above: The finishing circuit in Louth …. will this break the race up and favour a breakaway?

“The biggest climb is Nettleton hill (on the Caistor circuit), which is where the feed zone is. It is a short (400-500 metres) sharp climb but at the top, there is a mile or longer drag (false flat) and that is exposed to the wind. If we have strong cross winds, this is the bit where the pressure will be on and they have to do that three times”.

Once the races have finished on the Caistor circuit, they head back down the transition route to Louth for the two mile finishing loop. With over ten corners per two mile loop, the ‘crit’ part of the race will see a big peloton reduced in numbers and if there is a sprint, the group should be a smaller one than the one that enters the finishing circuit.

The day before the racing is the Tour of the Worlds sportive and those who may not have entered but are tempted to ride, you are we told able to enter on the day, details on the website.

Form Guide: Round 1 Men’s Series Top 20 – Klondike GP
1 Christopher Latham Team Wiggins (not racing Tour of the Worlds)
2 Enrique Sanz Raleigh GAC st
3 Harry Tanfield BIKE Channel Canyon st
4 George Harper One Pro Cycling st
5 George Pym Metaltek Kuota Racing Team st
6 Sam Lowe BIKE Channel Canyon st
7 Jacob Tipper Brother NRG Driverplan st
8 Zachery May (u23) Metaltek Kuota Racing Team st
9 Tobyn Horton Madison Genesis st
10 Hayden McCormick One Pro Cycling st
11 Chris Opie BIKE Channel Canyon st
12 Jonathan Mould JLT Condor st
13 Karol Domagalski One Pro Cycling st
14 Liam Holohan Metaltek Kuota Racing Team st
15 Joseph Clark Cycling Sheffield Giant Sheffie st
16 George Wood (u23) Richardsons-Trek RT st
17 George Fowler Catford CC Equipe/Banks st
18 Etienne Georgi (u23) Team Wiggins st
19 Peter Williams One Pro Cycling st
20 Callum Ferguson (u23) Catford CC Equipe/Banks st
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The Races

Women’s Race
Round 1 of nine in the 2017 Women’s Road Series (April to August)
Rollout: Riders will roll out from the HQ to the start line and then race
Starts: 9.00
Where: The Pavillion
Distance: 62 miles
Transition: 19.7 miles
Big Circuit (15 miles per lap): Once
Finishing Circuit (2 miles): 4 Times
Cutoff at finishing circuit: 1 minute 30

Note: there will be a separate finish line for groups/riders who are further back than the time limit of one minute and 30 seconds

Men’s Race
Rollout: Riders will roll out from the HQ to the start line and then race
Starts: 12.30
Where: The Pavillion
Distance: 102 miles
Transition: 19.7 miles
Big Circuit (15 miles per lap): 3 times
Finishing Circuit (2 miles): 8 times
Cutoff at finishing circuit: 1 minute 30

Note: there will be a separate finish line for groups/riders who are further back than the time limit of one minute and 30 seconds

Men’s Race details
The Men’s Tour Of The Wolds starts at 12.30 pm from the Pavillion and covers 102miles to finish in Louth town centre at approximately 4.30 pm. Heading out from the start, riders follow the 19.7 mile route to the ‘Caistor Loop’ which is a 15 mile circuit to be covered three times. They will then re-trace the transition route back to Louth and onto the ‘Finish Circuit’. The Men’s race will complete this circuit 8 times, taking the total race distance to 102 miles.

Women’s Race Men’s Race details
The Women’s Tour of The Wolds starts at 9.00 am from the Pavillion and covers 62 miles to finish in Louth town centre at approximately 12.00 pm. The race will be neutralised out of Louth to the roundabout with the A16 where racing proper will begin.

Heading out from the start, riders follow this route to the ‘Caistor Loop’ to be covered once before they re-trace the transition loop back to Louth and on to the ‘Finish Circuit’. The Women’s race will complete this circuit 4 times, taking the total race distance to 62 miles.

The Race Headquarters. London Road Pavillion in Louth (LN11 9QP) where the rider & official sign on is. Team parking is at the CaCle Market 400m away. The Car Park at the Race HQ is for Officials & Convoy vehicles only


1 Lauren Humphreys Aprire Bicycles/HSS Hire
2 Crystal Lane-Wright Aprire Bicycles/HSS Hire
3 Emma Lewis Aprire Bicycles/HSS Hire
4 Joscelin Lowden Aprire Bicycles/HSS Hire
5 Nicola Toms Aprire Bicycles/HSS Hire
6 Chanel Mason Army Cycling Race Team (ACRT)
7 Chloe Weller Army Cycling Race Team (ACRT)
8 Emma Cockcroft Bianchi Dama UK
9 Charlotte Colclough Bianchi Dama UK
10 Sarah King Bianchi Dama UK
11 Georgina Panchaud Bianchi Dama UK
12 Dame Sarah Storey Boot Out Breast Cancer C.C
13 Sian Botteley Cycle Team OnForm
14 Lucy Harper Cycle Team OnForm
15 Anna Henderson Cycle Team OnForm
16 Amy Hill Cycle Team OnForm
17 Charlotte Redden Cycle Team OnForm
18 Gemma Sargent Cycle Team OnForm
19 Alicia Speake Cycle Team OnForm
20 Rebecca Durrell Drops Cycling Team
21 Laura Massey Drops Cycling Team
22 Rose Osborne Drops Cycling Team
23 Abigail Van Twisk Drops Cycling Team
24 Rebecca Womersley Drops Cycling Team
25 Hetty Niblett EDCO Continental
26 Alana Prior EDCO Continental
27 Hannah Righini-Brand EDCO Continental
28 Lucy Monk Exeter Wheelers
29 Rebecca Johnson Fast Test Racing Team
30 Jennifer Holden Fusion RT Fierlan
31 Jennifer Hudson Fusion RT Fierlan
32 Fiona Hunter Johnston Fusion RT Fierlan
33 Molly Patch Fusion RT Fierlan
34 Tina Hartwright Fusion RT Fierlan
35 Rebecca Richardson Hafren CC
36 Christie Jones Hereford & District Wheelers
37 Annabel Simpson Drops
38 Tara Ferguson Isle Of Man Cycling Association
39 Pfeiffer Georgi Liv Cycling Club – Epic Coaching
40 Lauren Murphy Liv Cycling Club – Epic Coaching
41 Steph Clayton Mammoth Lifestyle Racing Team
42 Corrine Hall MBE Matrix Pro Cycling
43 Jenny Corser Mid Devon CC
44 Rhiannon Gornall NCC Group-Kuota-Torelli
45 Rebecca Richards Newark Castle CC
46 Kate Mingay Newport Olympic Cycling Club
47 Rosie Lethbridge Norwood Paragon CC
48 Hannah Bayes Scarborough Paragon CC
49 Amy Gornall
50 Fiona Turnbull Speedflex Race Team
51 Laura Cameron Storey Racing
52 Bethany Crumpton Storey Racing
53 Monica Dew Storey Racing
54 Jennifer George Storey Racing
55 Elizabeth-Jane Harris Storey Racing
56 Katie Prankerd Storey Racing
57 Mercy Webb Storey Racing
58 Elizabeth Banks SunSport Velo
59 Hannah Larbalestier SunSport Velo
60 Victoria Strila SunSport Velo
61 Rosie Walsh SunSport Velo
62 Georgia Ashworth Team 22
63 Rachel Crighton Team 22
64 Sophie Enever Team 22
65 Lily Greenhalgh Team 22
66 Rosa Martin Team 22
67 Phoebe Martin Team 22
68 Savannah Morgan Team 22
69 Samantha Verrill Team 22
70 Melissa Brand Team Ford Ecoboost
71 Lauren Creamer Team Ford Ecoboost
72 Julie Erskine Team Ford Ecoboost
73 Bethany Hayward Team Ford Ecoboost
74 Nicola Juniper Team Ford Ecoboost
75 Kelly Murphy Team Ford Ecoboost
76 Charmaine Porter Team Ford Ecoboost
77 Jennifer Powell Team Ford Ecoboost
78 Georgia Bullard Team Jadan-Weldtite
79 Charlotte Dalton Team Jadan-Weldtite
80 Holly Flannery Team Jadan-Weldtite
81 Hannah Payton Team Drops
82 Anna Christian Drops
83 Susan Freeburn Team RGB Building Supplies
84 Alice Staniford Team RGB Building Supplies
85 Emma Coldwell Team Vertex-Biemme
86 Josephine Gilbert Team Vertex-Biemme
87 Lucy Horrocks Team Vertex-Biemme
88 Sophie Household Team Vertex-Biemme
89 Christine Marshall Team Vertex-Biemme
90 Bethany Taylor Team Vertex-Biemme
91 Anna Weaver Team Vertex-Biemme
92 Isabel Darvill Team Vision Innovative Leisure
93 Tamara Davenne Team Vision Innovative Leisure
94 Madeleine Gammons Team Vision Innovative Leisure
95 Louise Hart Team Vision Innovative Leisure
96 Madeline Howden Team Vision Innovative Leisure
97 Natasha Reddy Team Vision Innovative Leisure
98 Anna Badegruber Team WNT
99 Natalie Grinczer Team WNT
100 Emily Kay Team WNT
101 Josie Knight Team WNT
102 Rebecca Rimmington Team WNT
103 Hayley Simmonds Team WNT
104 Hannah Walker Team WNT
105 Chloe Fraser The Racing Chance Foundation
106 Joanne Clay TORQ Performance
107 Rebecca Goodson Velo Schils – Interbike RT
108 Katherine Kimber Velo Schils – Interbike RT
109 Nicola Soden Velo Schils – Interbike RT

1 Ryan Ashcroft 365 4 Bikes Academy

2 George Atkins BIKE Channel Canyon
3 Dexter Gardias BIKE Channel Canyon
4 James Lowsley-Williams BIKE Channel Canyon
5 Chris Opie BIKE Channel Canyon
6 Robert Partridge BIKE Channel Canyon
7 Jack Pullar BIKE Channel Canyon
8 Harry Tanfield BIKE Channel Canyon
9 Jake Womersley BIKE Channel Canyon

10 Martin Ford Brother NRG Driverplan
11 Richard Jones Brother NRG Driverplan
12 Alex Luhrs Brother NRG Driverplan
13 Robert Orr Brother NRG Driverplan
14 Steven Roach Brother NRG Driverplan
15 Charlie Tanfield Brother NRG Driverplan
16 Jacob Tipper Brother NRG Driverplan

17 Matthew Clarke Canyon UK

18 Lawrence Carpenter Catford CC Equipe/Banks
19 Lloyd Chapman Catford CC Equipe/Banks
20 Alex Dalton Catford CC Equipe/Banks
21 George Fowler Catford CC Equipe/Banks
22 Will Fox Catford CC Equipe/Banks
23 Charles Walker Catford CC Equipe/Banks
24 Matthew Webster Catford CC Equipe/Banks

25 Declan Hudson Clay Cross Road Team
26 Matthias Barnet Cycle Team OnForm
27 Liam Bromiley Cycling Sheffield Giant Sheffield
28 Joseph Clark Cycling Sheffield Giant Sheffield
29 Charlie Renshaw Cycling Sheffield Giant Sheffield
30 Billy Robinson Cycling Sheffield Giant Sheffield
31 Jake Tanner Cycling Sheffield Giant Sheffield
32 Nicholas Cooper DFL In-Gear Development
33 Calum Johnston Edinburgh RC
34 Matthew Exley Flamme Rouge Cycling Team
35 William Scott Flamme Rouge Cycling Team
36 Karl Baillie Giant Store Rutland / Wattbike
37 Peter Cocker Giant Store Rutland / Wattbike
38 Paul Cox Giant Store Rutland / Wattbike
39 Steve Young Giant Store Rutland / Wattbike

40 Josh Housley GodfreyBikewear-VisionExpress RT
41 David Ogg GodfreyBikewear-VisionExpress RT
42 George Sewell GodfreyBikewear-VisionExpress RT
43 Sam Smith GodfreyBikewear-VisionExpress RT
44 Pierre Vernie GodfreyBikewear-VisionExpress RT
45 Conor Williams GodfreyBikewear-VisionExpress RT

46 Jack Stanton-Warren Halesowen A & CC
47 Jack Barrett Hennebont Cyclisme

48 Ian Bibby JLT Condor
49 Alex Frame JLT Condor
50 Ed Clancy JLT Condor
51 Russell Downing  JLT Condor
52 James Gullen JLT Condor
53 Brenton Jones JLT Condor
54 Steve Lampier JLT Condor
55 Jon Mould JLT Condor

56 Kinsey McIlquham KTM Impsport RT
57 Elliot Harrison Leisure Lakes

58 Alex Blain Madison Genesis
59 Matthew Holmes Madison Genesis
60 Matt Cronshaw Madison Genesis
61 Taylor Gunman Madison Genesis
62 Jonathan McEvoy Madison Genesis
63 Alex Paton Madison Genesis
64 Erick Rowsell Madison Genesis
65 Connor Swift Madison Genesis

66 Dan Fleeman Metaltek Kuota Racing Team
67 Liam Holohan Metaltek Kuota Racing Team
68 Steven Lawley Metaltek Kuota Racing Team
69 Rhys Lloyd Metaltek Kuota Racing Team
70 Zachery May Metaltek Kuota Racing Team
71 Tom Mazzone Metaltek Kuota Racing Team
72 Tom Neale Metaltek Kuota Racing Team
73 George Pym Metaltek Kuota Racing Team

74 Michael Mottram Morvelo Basso RT
75 Chris Sleath MTS-Rapid Engineering NE

76 William Bjergfelt Neon-Velo Cycling Team
77 David Bolland Neon-Velo Cycling Team
78 Jeremy Durrin Neon-Velo Cycling Team
79 Elliott Porter Neon-Velo Cycling Team
80 Marc Potts Neon-Velo Cycling Team

81 Owen Lake Newdales Cycles RT
82 Ashley Cox Nopinz

83 Thomas Baylis One Pro Cycling
84 Karol Domagalski One Pro Cycling
85 Kristian House One Pro Cycling
86 Hayden McCormick One Pro Cycling
87 Thomas Stewart One Pro Cycling
88 Steele Von Hoff One Pro Cycling
89 Peter Williams One Pro Cycling
90 Samuel Williams One Pro Cycling

91 John Archibald Pro Vision Scotland

92 Jack Escritt Raleigh GAC
93 Adam Kenway Raleigh GAC
94 Grant Martin Raleigh GAC
95 Fraser Martin Raleigh GAC
96 Adrià Moreno Sala Raleigh GAC
97 Ryan Perry Raleigh GAC
98 Tristan Robbins Raleigh GAC
99 Enrique Sanz Raleigh GAC

100 Simon Alexander Richardsons-Trek RT
101 Kieran Brady Richardsons-Trek RT
102 Frank Longstaff Richardsons-Trek RT
103 Oliver Maxwell Richardsons-Trek RT
104 Jez McCann Richardsons-Trek RT
105 Luke Ryan Richardsons-Trek RT
106 George Wood Richardsons-Trek RT

107 Dave Tilling Ride 24/7
108 David Fletcher Sherwood Pines Cycles Felt – Enve

109 Oliver Barbieri Spirit Tifosi Racing Team
110 Edward Clemens Spirit Tifosi Racing Team
111 Douglas Coleman Spirit Tifosi Racing Team
112 Christopher Dredge Spirit Tifosi Racing Team
113 Thomas Scott-Collins Spirit Tifosi Racing Team
114 Cameron Woolsey Spirit Tifosi Racing Team

115 Max McMurdo SSLL Racing Team
116 Tyler Lemmon TBW Bottecchia Wigmore RT
117 James McKay TBW Bottecchia Wigmore RT
118 Richard Poynter TBW Bottecchia Wigmore RT
119 Archie Cross Team B38 / Underpin Racing
120 Andrew Nichols Team B38 / Underpin Racing
121 Edward Roberts Team Elite

122 Alex Auty Team KTM
123 Peter Barusevicus Team KTM
124 Eugene Cross Team KTM
125 Andrew Disley Team KTM
126 Fraser Rounds Team KTM
127 Julian Varley Team KTM

128 Steven Burke MBE Team Wiggins
129 Nathan Draper Team Wiggins
130 Etienne Georgi Team Wiggins
131 Samuel Harrison Team Wiggins
132 Rhys Howells Team Wiggins
133 Robert Scott Team Wiggins
134 Joey Walker Team Wiggins
135 Oliver Wood Team Wiggins

136 Oscar Hutchings VC Equipe – Flix
137 Andrew Turner VC Equipe – Flix
138 Robert Fox VC Lincoln
139 Dillon Byrne VCUK VELOCHAMPION Racing Team
140 Adam Darbyshire VCUK VELOCHAMPION Racing Team
141 David Clarke Velo Schils – Interbike RT
142 Oliver W Bates Wellingborough Cycles Race Team
143 Jordan Peacock Wellingborough Cycles Race Team

144 Jordan Doig Wheelbase Altura MGD
145 Robert Gray Wheelbase Altura MGD
146 David Lines Wheelbase Altura MGD
147 Alfie Moses Wheelbase Altura MGD
148 Evan Oliphant Wheelbase Altura MGD
149 Alex Orrell-Turner Wheelbase Altura MGD
150 David Shackleton Wilsons Wheels Race Team

151 Andrew Hawdon Wheelbase Altura MGD
152 Levi Moody Wheelbase Altura MGD
153 Callum Ferguson Catford CC Equipe/Banks
154 Michael Cuming Neon-Velo Cycling Team
155 Tom Yiangou Neon-Velo Cycling Team
156 Alex Harvey Team KTM
157 Ollie Taylor Flamme Rouge Cycling Team
158 Jake Alderman Saint Piran
159 Alex Fanshawe Saint Piran
160 Duncan Heywood Saint Piran
161 Ben Lockett Saint Piran
162 Oliver Hayward Rhino Velo Race Team
163 Timothy Home Cycling Sheffield Giant Sheffield
164 Chris McNaughton Giant Store Rutland / Wattbike
165 Patrick Clark Team B38 / Underpin Racing
166 Kieran Savage Team B38 / Underpin Racing



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