Results: Rowe & King Series 6

Richard Harris, Matt Rowe & Sebastian Lewis three of the winners at round 6 of the Rowe & King Series in Cardiff

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Results: Rowe & King Series 6

1st – Amy Hill, Cycle Team OnForm,
2nd – Jade Payne – Cardiff Uni Marmots,
3rd – Poppy Thompson, VC Equipe – Flix,

Vets 40+

1st – Richard Harris, Cwmcarn Paragon,
2nd – John Edwards, Cardiff JIF,
3rd – Frazer White, Pontypool RCC,
4th – Zach Minto, Cardiff Jif,
5th – Nathan Adams, VeloFlow,
6th – Courtney Rowe, Ale,
7th– John Carter, Radeon-Bike Science RT,
8th– Steven Whitehurst, Radeon-Bike Science RT,
9th – Mike Hall, Onit Cycles,
10th – Daryll Protheroe-Thomas, VeloFlow,
1st – Matt Rowe, Ale,
2nd – Zach Minto, Cardiff Jif,
3rd – Matt Witts, Ride 24/7,
4th – Evan Powell, Pontypool RC,
5th – Lee Perrott, Cycle Specific,
6th – Oliver Cooper, Uni of Nottingham CC,
7th – Ross Evans, Latchem Sunwise RT,
8th – Matt Hanford, Bynea CC,
9th – Dave Middleton, Cardiff Ajax,
10th – Nathan Leaves, NFTO,

1st – Sebastian Lewis, Hoste TAAP Storck,
2nd – Gareth Turner, Latchem Sunwise,
3rd – Josh Burns, Evans Cycles,
4th – Matt Rowe, Ale,
5th – Euan Davies, Uni of Bath CC,
6th – Ryan Brain, Cwmcarn Paragon,
7th – Ross Evans, Latchem Sunwise RT,
8th – Peter Hodson-Thomas, , Latchem Sunwise RT,
9th – Ioan Smallwood, Cardiff Ajax,
10th – Andrew Turner, VC Equipe – Flix,

Vets 50+
1st – Jeremy Rees, Cycle Specific,
2nd – Courtney Rowe, Ale,
3rd – Del Delaronde, Cardiff Jif,
4th – Christopher Lloyd, Gower Riders,

4th Cats
1st – Andy Dryburgh, Gateway Racing,
2nd – Stephen Tierney, Guernsey Velo Club,
3rd – Nathan Hallet, Latcham Sunwise RT,
4th – Byron Hooper, Cwmcarn Paragon,
5th – Ed Morgan, Bynea,
6th – Alex Teale, No Club,
7th – Jake Bailey, Cardiff Ajax,
8th – Daniel Soltys, Cardiff Ajax,
9th – Simon Williams, Bath Cycling Club,
10th – Sam Smith, Bath Cycling Club,




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