Report: 2017 CiCLE Classic

Dan Fleeman of non UCI team Metakltek Kuota wins the CiCLE Classic from McCormick and Brenton Jones 

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Report: 2017 CiCLE Classic


In short – After a break of eight riders dominated the 2017 CiCLE Classic came down to a small selection of riders and from that, several breaks emerged including a solo move from Matt Holmes of Madison Genesis but it was a two up sprint that decided the race after Dan Fleeman and Hayden McCormick escaped and despite a frantic chase behind, they held on by several seconds with Fleeman getting the win.

Here is the race unfolding in pictures

Dan Fleeman, riding for Metaltek (and Kuota UK)  who are based in Melton Mowbray where the race finishes  wins the 2016 CiCLE Classic ahead of Hayden McCormick and what was left of a very select group where Brenton Jones outsprinted Rory Townsend for third.

170 or so riders lined up in Oakham for the start of this unique race which the tyre manufacturers probably enjoy more due to the amount of punctures which must run to three figures!

 A winner in Ireland the week before, Dillion Byrne attacking a k or so after Zero kilometre. After seeing a load of loose gravel on this section the day before, it was good to see it had been swept before the riders attacked it.

Empingham – The riders on the first lap of Rutland Water

… and the early part of lap 2 of Rutland Water and still no break established

Even the ‘climb’ up the drag to the ‘Barleyberg’ sector wasn’t splitting the group although there had been some action at the back … punctures and riders being dropped

In the end it was a ‘soft’ or engineered break that went clear on the descent from Barleyberg and at Cold Overton after the KoM eight riders were clear led here by Jake Womersley and Tom Moses.

Several teams had missed it including Wiggins and here Bronze medallist Chris Latham chases the move through Cold Overton

The race was now in a ‘controlled’ phase and whilst there was a long string of dropped riders at the back, the peloton still had a lot of numbers in it

About halfway in the race as they head for the third KoM and the peloton is not full title … yet.

Somerberg the first time and Tom Moses was the hammer and the riders behind the nails as the break is lined out up the gravel climb

A lot of riders in contention in the peloton led here by Jon Mould and Jonny McEvoy (Madison Genesis)

A good half hour later and over the rocks at Stapleford the break was halved, four riders led yet again by the winner of the Beer and Pork Pie awards later, Tom Moses. Also here are Richard Handley and Jacob Scott

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The peloton, now numbering only 30 or so riders, being hammered by Karol Domgaaski and Jonny McEvoy of Madison Genesis on a good one.

Less than ten miles later though and it was Matt Holmes of Madison Genesis who led the race solo, not for the first time this year.

… but when the race came into Melton Mowbray, the win was being fought out by two riders with Dan Fleeman winning

A Melton Mowbray businessman with a passion for the sport and the team owner of Metaltek Kuota, Andy Swain, is over joyed by Dan Fleeman winning the race.

The top three, Hayden McCormick, Dan Fleeman and Brenton Jones

Every rider will have a tale from this race and it would be great  to bring them to you ( but for now, below are the post race interviews including one from the rider above, Russell Downing, a victim of crashes and punctures and still still a team player and 10th in the race.

Russell Downing (post race)

Dan Fleeman (Metaltek Kuota) (winner)

Third Placed Brenton Jones

Rory Townsend (4th)

Tom Moses (winner of the Pork Pie and Beer!)

Jacob Scott (11th) and in the break of the day)

Richard Handley of Madison Genesis talked about the break

Ryan Perry of Raleigh GAC and his insight into the race and his day

1 Dan FLEEMAN Metaltek Kuota RT 4:41:55
2 Hayden MCCORMICK ONE Pro Cycling
3 Brenton JONES JLT Condor 6
4 Rory TOWNSEND Bike Channel Canyon @ 6 secs
5 Johnny MCEVOY Madison Genesis 6
6 Przemyslaw KASPERKIEWICZ An Post Chain Reaction 6
7 Zach MAY Metaltek Kuota RT 6
8 Steele VON HOFF ONE Pro Cycling 6
9 Sam LOWE Bike Channel Canyon 6
10 Russell DOWNING JLT Condor 6
11 Jacob SCOTT An Post Chain Reaction 10  secs
12 Connor SWIFT Madison Genesis 10
13 Karol DOMAGALSKI ONE Pro Cycling 12  secs
14 Matthew CRONSHAW Madison Genesis 32  secs
15 Enrique SANZ UNZUE Raleigh GAC 38  secs
16 Peeter PRUUS Reitumu Banka Riga 46  secs
17 Matthew HOLMES Madison Genesis 51  secs
18 Joey WALKER Team Wiggins 1:15  secs
19 Armands BECIS Reitumu Banka Riga 1:28  secs
20 George PYM Metaltek Kuota RT 1:28  secs
21 Tom MAZZONE Metaltek Kuota RT 1:31  secs
22 Adria MORENO SALA Raleigh GAC 1:35  secs
23 Christopher DREDGE Spirit Tifosi RT 1:58  secs
24 Bas TIETEMA An Post Chain Reaction 1:58
25 Chris OPIE Bike Channel Canyon 1:58
26 Massimo VANDERAERDEN An Post Chain Reaction 2:00  secs
27 Peter WILLIAMS ONE Pro Cycling 4:07  secs
28 Thomas MOSES JLT Condor 4:07
29 Thomas STEWART ONE Pro Cycling 4:50  secs
30 Richard HANDLEY Madison Genesis 4:50
31 Gertjan DE VOS Start Vaxes Cycling Team 4:50
32 Michael CUMING Neon-Velo CT 4:50
33 Sean MCKENNA An Post Chain Reaction 4:50
34 Ryan PERRY Raleigh GAC 7:26  secs
35 Robert SCOTT Team Wiggins 7:45  secs
36 Peter BARUSEVICUS Team KTM 8:03  secs
37 Christopher MCGLINCHEY Cycling Ulster 8:03
38 Edward CLEMENS Spirit Tifosi RT 8:03
39 Adam KENWAY Raleigh GAC 8:03
40 Jorgos SCHRIJVER WPG Amsterdam 8:03
41 William BROWN Brother NRG Driverplan 8:03
42 Augusto FINKLER Guerciotti Redondela 8:03
43 David BOLLAND Neon-Velo CT 8:03
44 Emils LIEPINS Reitumu Banka Riga 8:03
45 Maxime HUYGENS Eseg Douai 8:03
46 Dillon BYRNE VCUK Velo Champion 8:03
47 Oliver MAXWELL East Mids-RDA 8:07
48 Harry TANFIELD Bike Channel Canyon 8:07
49 Sebastian MORA VEDRI Raleigh GAC 8:07
50 Andrew HAWDON Wheelbase Altura MGD 8:07
51 Maris BOGDANOVICS Reitumu Banka Riga 8:09
52 Jake HALES Spirit Tifosi RT 8:09
53 Rhys LLOYD Metaltek Kuota RT 8:09
54 Matthew NOWELL Bike Channel Canyon 10:54  secs
DNF Daniel BIGHAM Brother NRG Driverplan
DNF Oscar JUSTO VILLANUEVA Guerciotti Redondela
DNF Jeremy DURRIN Neon-Velo CT
DNF William BJERGFELT Neon-Velo CT
DNF Yoeri HAVIK Raleigh GAC
DNF Damien SHAW An Post Chain Reaction
DNF Jonathan MOULD JLT Condor
DNF Lindsay WATSON Cycling Ulster
DNF Elliott PORTER Neon-Velo CT
DNF Yanto BARKER East Mids-RDA
DNF Taylor GUNMAN Madison Genesis
DNF Craig REA Cycling Ulster
DNF Rhys HOWELLS Team Wiggins
DNF Robert-Jon MCCARTHY JLT Condor
DNF Alistair SLATER JLT Condor
DNF Kristian HOUSE ONE Pro Cycling
DNF Jake WOMERSLEY Bike Channel Canyon
DNF Daan DE GROOT WPG Amsterdam
DNF Martijn VELING WPG Amsterdam
DNF Matthijs KOEDIJK WPG Amsterdam
DNF Kevin WILMSEN WPG Amsterdam
DNF Rodrigo DOS SANTOS QUIRINO Guerciotti Redondela
DNF Matias Fernando ARIAGADA PIZARRO Guerciotti Redondela
DNF Jefferey MAY Guerciotti Redondela
DNF Doron WIGGINS Eseg Douai
DNF Matthias VAN BEETHOVEN Eseg Douai
DNF Kevin AVOINE Eseg Douai
DNF Alexis CARESMEL Eseg Douai
DNF Florian VAN ELSANDER Eseg Douai
DNF Lloyd CHAPMAN Catford CC Equipe/Banks
DNF Matthew WEBSTER Catford CC Equipe/Banks
DNF Will FOX Catford CC Equipe/Banks
DNF Callum FERGUSON Catford CC Equipe/Banks
DNF George FOWLER Catford CC Equipe/Banks
DNF Charles WALKER Catford CC Equipe/Banks
DNF Carlos LORENTE GARCIA DARE Viator Partizan
DNF Javier VALERO AMAT DARE Viator Partizan
DNF Jose Carlos NUNEZ SANCHEZ DARE Viator Partizan
DNF Francisco CASTELLO DOBON DARE Viator Partizan
DNF Christopher LATHAM Team Wiggins
DNF Oliver WOOD Team Wiggins
DNF Robert ORR Brother NRG Driverplan
DNF Jacob TIPPER Brother NRG Driverplan
DNF Robert SMAIL Brother NRG Driverplan
DNF Simon WILSON Brother NRG Driverplan
DNF Alexander RAY Start Vaxes Cycling Team
DNF Mandel MARQUEZ Start Vaxes Cycling Team
DNF Matthias VAN AKEN Start Vaxes Cycling Team
DNF Thomas SCOTT-COLLINS Spirit Tifosi RT
DNF Jack WALLER Spirit Tifosi RT
DNF Cameron WOOLSEY Spirit Tifosi RT
DNF Angus FYFFE Cycling Ulster
DNF Jake GRAY Cycling Ulster
DNF Owen LINE VCUK Velo Champion
DNF Jimmy SMITH VCUK Velo Champion
DNF Evan OLIPHANT Wheelbase Altura MGD
DNF Stuart REID Wheelbase Altura MGD
DNF Levi MOODY Wheelbase Altura MGD
DNF Alfie MOSES Wheelbase Altura MGD
DNF James WOODFIELD Wellingborough Cycles RT
DNF Jordan PEACOCK Wellingborough Cycles RT
DNF James HYDE Wellingborough Cycles RT
DNF Oliver W BATES Wellingborough Cycles RT
DNF William SCOTT Flamme Rouge CT
DNF Matthew EXLEY Flamme Rouge CT
DNF Ollie TAYLOR Flamme Rouge CT
DNF Bradley SYMONDS Team PB Performance
DNF Thomas DAVIES Team PB Performance
DNF Matthew KING Team PB Performance
DNF James POOLE Team PB Performance
DNF Christopher COYLE East Mids-RDA
DNF Matthew CLARKE East Mids-RDA
DNF Simon BRADELEY ProVision
DNF Alexandre TOUCHE ProVision
DNF Alexander SIMMONS ProVision
DNF Joseph PERKINS Leisure Lakes Bikes
DNF Elliot HARRISON Leisure Lakes Bikes
DNF Geoff COMLEY Leisure Lakes Bikes
DNF Andrew MAGNIER Leisure Lakes Bikes
DNF Darren COLE RPD Racing
DNF Christopher BATES RPD Racing
DNF Christopher TILL RPD Racing
DNF Thomas COX RPD Racing
DNF Paul BARNARD Southdowns/Casco
DNF Simon MCNAMARA Southdowns/Casco
DNF Stephen CAVEY Southdowns/Casco
DNF William FAZACKERLEY Southdowns/Casco
DNF David OGG Godfrey Bikewear – VisionExpress RT
DNF Pierre VERNIE Godfrey Bikewear – VisionExpress RT
DNF George SEWELL Godfrey Bikewear – VisionExpress RT
DNF Josh HOUSLEY Godfrey Bikewear – VisionExpress RT
DNF Peter COCKER Giant Store Rutland/Watt Bike
DNF Steve YOUNG Giant Store Rutland/Watt Bike
DNF Karl BAILLIE Giant Store Rutland/Watt Bike
DNF Paul COX Giant Store Rutland/Watt Bike
DNF Andrew WILLIAMS Wigmore Regional Team
DNF James MCKAY Wigmore Regional Team
DNF Hamish CARRICK Wigmore Regional Team
DNF James AMBROSE-PARISH Wigmore Regional Team
DNF Sean DUNLEA QSW Cycling Team
DNF James MADGWICK QSW Cycling Team
DNF Harry THOMPSON QSW Cycling Team
DNF Elliot FULLERTON QSW Cycling Team
DNF Thomas SEELEY Rhino Velo Race Team
DNF Oliver HAYWARD Rhino Velo Race Team
DNF Kirk VICKERS Rhino Velo Race Team
DNF Robert SEELEY Rhino Velo Race Team
DNS David CLARKE East Mids-RDA
DSQ Liam HOLOHAN Metaltek Kuota RT


The biggest race of the year is set to get underway today (Sunday) and what a race it will be. With a load of international teams with riders unknown to the British teams, there could be a few surprises but it will be lady luck who will have the final say.

Riders can smash it as much as they want but if they puncture or worse, crash, in a race that is constantly being hammered, getting back in contention will take a very special ride on the day. The course is littered with off road sectors’ and even the lanes have a covering of grass or gravel so riders have to be focused for the whole race because one slip up could be race over.

Somerberg – the first time over it – Part 1

Somerberg – the first time over it – Part 2 (from the gate to the end where they turn right)

From the word go, the race will be interesting for riders and spectators alike. Straight after zero kilometre, the road has been resurfaced and covered with loose gravel. Then we have the new ‘sector’, Barleyberg, up hill and at the top, very gravelly. A break going there after two laps of Rutland Water would not be a surprise.

The race then takes the riders up and down hills all day with gravel sectors in Owston that need a lot of respect and Somerberg is a long gravel sector that is always one where the splits could happen as it comes late in the race. It is however the new sector of Stapleford and a few riders have already talked about it being fun but one needing respect with the large rocks and slippery surface. And then there is Sawgate.

The New First Sector – Barleyberg

This, Sawgate, comes with one finish circuit to go and is not a favourite of the riders. The pot holes all over the track are a nightmare said a few, causing riders to switch from side to side and needing more than 100 per cent concentration. Having done it on the motorbike a few times at a leisurely pace but also knowing what it is like at race pace, the sector will be a key one followed by a few miles of tarmac before the final sector, Stapleford only 6 miles (10km) from the finish line.

The roads between Stapleford and the finish are wide ‘A’ style undulating roads so a solo break will be tough but then look at Ian Bibby last week at Chorley, going 20 miles from home and winning by two minutes… quite telling that …. #bringiton

Sawgate – second last sector in the race

Stapleford Park – Part 1 (to the first set of gates)

Stapleford Park – Part 2 (from the gates to the exit gate past the little railway)



2005 Scott Gamble East Midlands Region BC Premier Calendar
2006 Robin Sharman BC Premier Calendar
2007 Malcolm Elliott Pinarello RT UCI 1.2 International
2008 Kieren Power Pezula RT UCI 1.2 International
2009 Ian Wikinson Halfords Bikehut UCI 1.2 International
2010 Michael Berling Glud & Marstrand UCI 1.2 International
2011 Zak Dempster Rapha-Condor-Sharp UCI 1.2 International
2012 Alexander Blain Endura Racing UCI 1.2 International
2013 Ian Wilkinson Team UK Youth UCI 1.2 International
2014 Tom Moses Rapha-Condor-JLT UCI 1.2 International
2015 Steele Von Hoff NFTO UCI 1.2 International
2016 Connor Dunne JLT-Condor UCI 1.2 International



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