Startlist: Bedford Three Day

The startlist for the country’s oldest Women’s Classic, the Bedford Three Day on next weekend (Saturday)

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Startlist: Bedford Three Day

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1 Kathryn Priest Isle of Man
2 Tara Ferguson Isle of Man
3 Eleanor Davies Isle of Man
4 Carolyn Brown Isle of Man
5 Hannah Graveney Liv AWOL
6 Rosie Wallace Liv AWOL
7 Connie Hayes Liv AWOL
8 Isabella Torrie Liv AWOL
9 Alice Lethbridge Lovello Squadra Donne
10 Kirstin Stolpe Lovello Squadra Donne
11 Jenny Lake Lovello Squadra Donne
12 Michelle Lee Lovello Squadra Donne
13 Alexandra Rimmer Lovello Squadra Donne
14 Ellen McDermott EDCO Continental
15 Hannah Farron EDCO Continental
16 Jennifer Batey EDCO Continental
17 Hetty Niblett EDCO Continental
18 Sarah Walker EDCO Continental
19 Emma Jane Hornsby VC Londres
20 Hannah Nicklin VC Londres
21 Rachel Jary VC Londres
22 Charlotte Cole-Hossain VC Londres
23 Alice Maltravers VC Londres
24 Jenny Bolsom Team RGB Building Supplies
25 Alice Staniford Team RGB Building Supplies
26 Jenny Corser Team RGB Building Supplies
27 Natasha Reddy Team Vision Innovative Leisure
28 Tamara Davenne Team Vision Innovative Leisure
29 Isabel Darvill Team Vision Innovative Leisure
30 Gabriella Butler Team Vision Innovative Leisure
31 Madeline Howden Team Vision Innovative Leisure
32 Madeline Gammons Team Vision Innovative Leisure
33 Jennie Tillot GB
34 Lauren Pestana GB
35 Katherine Broadbent GB
36 Lauren Murphy GB
37 Sarah Burke GB
38 Emily Meakin GB
39 Charlotte Heyward-Mahe Twickenham CC
40 Claire Hammond Twickenham CC
41 Kerry Middleton Twickenham CC
42 Sophie Slaney Twickenham CC
43 Sophie Schober Twickenham CC
44 Steph Clayton Twickenham CC
45 Joanna Smith BowlPhish Racing
46 Vittoria Strila BowlPhish Racing
47 Sherilyn Powell BowlPhish Racing
48 Zoe Bartlett BowlPhish Racing
49 Alicia Clifford BowlPhish Racing
50 Cindy Berry BowlPhish Racing
51 Elena Spanou Ellmore Digital Composite Team
52 Holly Hoy Ellmore Digital Composite Team
53 Jessica Woodworth Ellmore Digital Composite Team
54 Neve Upton Ellmore Digital Composite Team
55 Amber joseph Ellmore Digital Composite Team
56 Gorgia Bullard Ellmore Digital Composite Team
57 Chrystal Lane-Wright Aprire Cycles-HSS Hire
58 Rebecca Johnson Aprire Cycles-HSS Hire
59 Lauren Humphries Aprire Cycles-HSS Hire
60 Joscelin Lowden Aprire Cycles-HSS Hire
61 Amy Jones Aprire Cycles-HSS Hire
62 Julie Elder Aprire Cycles-HSS Hire
63 Isobel Ellis Backstedt/Hotchillee
64 Lorna Bowler Backstedt/Hotchillee
65 Niamh Jones Backstedt/Hotchillee
66 Sophie-Jo Wylie Morris Backstedt/Hotchillee
67 Anna Henderson Cycle Team on Form
68 Julie Erskine Cycle Team on Form
69 Lucy Harper Cycle Team on Form
70 Sian Botteley Cycle Team on Form
71 Alicia Speake Cycle Team on Form
72 Amy Hill Cycle Team on Form
73 Samantha Wilson Army Cycle Race Team
74 Daniella Gloyn Army Cycle Race Team
75 Chloe Weller Army Cycle Race Team
76 Alexandra Farquhar Army Cycle Race Team
77 Becky Hoare Army Cycle Race Team
78 Sue McFarlane Army Cycle Race Team
79 Nicole Oh Les Filles Queen of the Mountain RT
80 Delia Beddis Les Filles Queen of the Mountain RT
81 Louise Heywood Mahe Les Filles Queen of the Mountain RT
82 Helen McKay Les Filles Queen of the Mountain RT
83 Tracy Corbett Les Filles Queen of the Mountain RT
84 Karla Boddy Les Filles Queen of the Mountain RT
85 Adele Martin Team Ford EcoBoost
86 Charlotte Broughton Team Ford EcoBoost
87 Louise Sturridge Team Ford EcoBoost
88 Mel Brand Team Ford EcoBoost
89 Sophie Fennell Team Ford EcoBoost
90 Corinne Clark Team Ford EcoBoost



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