Results: Mid Shropshire Wheelers Crits

Annasley Park, Simon Bradeley & Sam Beeston winners at the Mid Shropshire Wheelers Circuit Races in Shrewsbury

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Results: Mid Shropshire Wheelers Crits

Promoting club Mid Shropshire Wheelers were delighted to welcome as a late entrant, GB International and Team Breeze rider Annasley Park. Park a regular at the Shrewsbury circuit in previous seasons who was a worthy winner, not panicking when Louise Hart from Team Innovative Leisure held a solo lead for a good portion of the race. The race came back together before a four strong combination worked well together with Park just getting the better of Ford EcoBoosts Lauren Creamer.

The 3rd category Men’s race was a high speed affair with Josh Williams of Stourbridge Velo hoping to go one better than his second place at the same venue on Thursday evening . In the event all attacks were nullified and Williams had to give best to Pro Visions Simon Bradeley in a ferocious bunch sprint.

This event was a round of the British Cycling West Midlands Regional Youth Series and the venue was heaving with youngsters from under 8 through to under 16s from early morning to lunchtime. Missing some of the series big guns due to the Isle of Man Youth Tour there was still great racing and pleasing too that the promoting club provided many podium riders.

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1 Annasley Park Team Breeze E
2 Lauren Creamer Team Ford Ecoboost 2nd
3 Phoebe Martin Team 22 2nd
4 Savannah Morgan Team 22 1st
5 Gabriella Homer Team 22 2nd
6 Leah Ball Wyre Forest CRC 2nd
7 Emily Larwood Sport City 3rd
8 Melissa Baker Karbona 3rd
9 Cheryl Vaughan Beeston Cycling Club 3rd
10 Gemma Stuart VeloVitesse 2nd
11 Annie Stanford Paramount CRT 4th
12 Vicki Boddice Wyre Forest CRC 4th
13 Louise Hart Team Innovative Leisure 3rd
14 Poppy Thompson VC E Flix 3rd
15 Christie Jones Hereford & District Wheelers 3rd
16 Ella Roper Newport Shropshire CC 4th
17 Karen Whyte Dame Cycling – Quidne IT 4th
18 Annie Glover Ynys Mon Race Team 3rd
19 Hannah Mcewan The Racing Chance Foundation 3rd
20 Amanda Karlsson Dame Cycling – Quidne IT 4th

1 Simon Bradeley Pro Vision Race Team 3rd
2 Josh Williams Stourbridge Velo 3rd
3 George Moore Bicicielo 3rd
4 David Mixell Ely Race Club 3rd
5 George Higgins Birkenhead North End CC 3rd
6 Nick Morris Clee Cycles 3rd
7 James Green Stourbridge CC 3rd
8 Bailey Waters Rivet Racing 3rd
9 Stephen Edwards Wolverhampton Whls 3rd
10 Alfie Mortimer Mid Shropshire Wheelers 3rd
11 Ewan Grivell – Mellor Mid Shropshire Wheelers 3rd
12 Twm Bryn Marsh Tracks Race Team 3rd
13 John Hines Audlem Cycling Club 3rd
14 Joseph Guy Wolverhampton Whls 3rd
15 Phillip Glaze Stourbridge CC 3rd
16 Tom Mansfield Wyre Forest CRC 3rd
17 Joe Peatson Ely Race Club 3rd
18 Gary Blackman Solihull CC 3rd
19 Roger Cutler Beacon Roads CC 3rd
20 Kyle Dovey Ely Race Club 3rd
21 Mark McCann DMW – BRIDGTOWN 3rd
22 Matt Morris Ely Race Club 3rd
23 Darren Morgan Ely Race Club 3rd
24 Sebastian Bacon Wolverhampton Whls 3rd
25 Alex Loven Wrexham Roads Club 3rd
26 Ben Vernon Wrekinsport CC 3rd
27 David Williams Velotik Racing Team 3rd
28 Rob Childs Stourbridge Velo 3rd
29 Charlie Fisher Newport Shropshire CC 3rd
30 Tyler Brennan Hafren CC 3rd
31 Iain Duggan Gannet CC 3rd
32 Max Moss Liverpool John Moores Uni 3rd
33 Darren Rider Team PB Performance 3rd
34 Elliot Maynard Team Bottrill – HSS Hire 3rd
35 David Spencer Wrexham Roads Club 3rd
36 Craig Whittle DMW – BRIDGTOWN 3rd
37 Barrie Pugh Paramount CRT 3rd
38 Tim Challinor Pro Vision Race Team 3rd

4th Cats
1 Sam Beeston Pro Vision Race Team 4th
2 Tim ODonnell Paramount CRT 4th
3 Aaron Poole Wolverhampton Whls 4th
4 Sam Blackbourn Paramount CRT 4th
5 Dave Williams Ynys Mon Race Team 4th
6 James Banks Wyre Forest CRC 4th
7 Dean Jones Ely Race Club 4th
8 Dean Sibthorpe Wyre Forest CRC 4th
9 Chris Evans Brighton Mitre CC 4th
10 Chris Bragg Stourbridge Velo 4th
11 Andrew Evans Ludlow Brewery Race Team 4th
12 Tom Pook Rhino Velo Race Team 4th
13 Jonathan Goh Paramount CRT 4th
14 Pete Matthews Team V-Sprint Racing 4th
15 Mark Jones Ynys Mon Race Team 4th
16 Bill Haslam Wyre Forest CRC 4th
17 Stewart Ball Wyre Forest CRC 4th
18 Kevin Hayward Stourbridge CC 4th
19 Samuel Morris Revolutions Racing 4th
20 Omar Hussein Newport Shropshire CC 4th
21 Matthew Wales 4th
22 Matthew Boswell University of Birmingham CC 4th
23 Leigh Blandford Stourbridge Velo 4th
24 Steve Downey Team Aspire 4th
25 James Roberts Paramount CRT 4th
26 Michael Boddice Wyre Forest CRC 4th
27 Dave Woodvine Mid Shropshire Wheelers 4th
28 Mark Reeves Stourbridge Velo 4th
29 Mark Benson Sytri – Shrewsbury Triathlon 4th
30 Peter Taylor Stourbridge Velo 4th
31 Jonno Carroll Paramount CRT 4th
32 Rory Evans Ely Race Club 4th
33 Carl Rose Ely Race Club 4th
34 David Campbell Army Cycling Union 4th
35 Alec Bond Mid Shropshire Wheelers 4th
36 John Dyer Mammoth Lifestyle Racing Team 4th
37 Adam Roper Newport Shropshire CC 4th
38 Daniel Newns Beacon Roads CC 4th
39 Gary Hodkinson 4th
40 Rob Patrick Mid Shropshire Wheelers 4th

Youth A
1 Louis Le Cheminant Guernsey Velo Club A
2 Matthew Kingston Lichfield City CC A
3 Henry Lloydlangston Halesowen A & CC A
4 Daniel Barnes Lichfield City CC A
5 William Duggins Lichfield City CC A
6 Alexander Coates Innovation Racing A
7 Chris Mann Marsh Tracks Race Team A
8 Josh Field Halesowen A & CC A
9 Ben Lewis Marsh Tracks Race Team A
10 Daniel Morris Wolverhampton Whls A
11 Scott Williams Marsh Tracks Race Team A
12 Louis Evans Innovation Racing A
13 Cai Edwards Energy Cycles Junior Road Team A
14 Oliver Rowlands Newport Velo Youth Cycling Club A
15 Osian John Griffith Energy Cycles Junior Road Team A
16 David Hird Stratford CC A
17 Jonathan Cull Halesowen A & CC A
18 Alexander Harper Solihull CC A
19 Scott Roberts Marsh Tracks Race Team A
20 Deio Jones Energy Cycles Junior Road Team A
21 Simon Wyllie Halesowen A & CC A
22 Oscar Laight Halesowen A & CC A
23 William Dale Mid Shropshire Wheelers A

Youth A Girls
1 Sophie White Wolverhampton Whls A
2 Erin Boddice Wyre Forest CRC A
3 Amy Ryder A

Youth B
1 Finley Douglas Rhyl Cycling Club B
2 Ben Pierce Mid Shropshire Wheelers B
3 Ryan Greaves Mid Shropshire Wheelers B
4 Ryan Brookes Halesowen A & CC B
5 Taylor Carr Lichfield City CC B
6 James Satoor Mid Shropshire Wheelers B
7 Conor Jones Solihull CC B
8 Samuel Hall Lyme RC B
9 Aaron Mansell Lyme RC B
10 Joseph Brookes Halesowen A & CC B
11 Max Williams Herefordshire Cycling Club B
12 Ben Lawrence Wyre Forest CRC B
13 Jacob Jones Solihull CC B
14 Joseph Le Cheminant Guernsey Velo Club B
15 Alexander Ward Wolverhampton Whls B
16 Nicholas English Mid Shropshire Wheelers B
17 Ross Hooley Lyme RC B
18 William Ryan Solihull CC B
19 Louis Smith Wyre Forest CRC B
20 Josh Marsden Lyme RC B
21 Isaac Lawrence Rhyl Cycling Club B
22 Thomas Charles Stratford CC B
23 Byron Garvey Redditch Road & Path CC B
24 Jameson Pero Rhyl Cycling Club B
25 Charlie Boddice Wyre Forest CRC B
26 Finley Jones Rhyl Cycling Club B
27 Joshua Pearson Solihull CC B

Youth B
1 Kinga Ingram Wyre Forest CRC B
2 Aimee Lane Wyre Forest CRC B
3 Ella Maclean-Howell Cardiff JIF B
4 Tia Froom Herefordshire Cycling Club B
5 Daphne Jones Mid Shropshire Wheelers B
6 Rhiannon Tansley Mid Shropshire Wheelers B
7 Molly Lewis Halesowen A & CC B
8 Ella Williams Herefordshire CC B
9 Lwsi Gocher Rhyl Cycling Club B

Youth C
1 Spencer Corder Stratford CC C
2 Joshua Jackson Mid Shropshire Wheelers C
3 Tomos Pattinson Halesowen A & CC C
4 Lewis Tinsley Stratford CC C
5 Xavier Teece-Round Eastlands Velo C
6 Billy Laight Halesowen A & CC C
7 Max Saunders Solihull CC C
8 Thomas White Wolverhampton Whls C
9 Zak Machin Rivet Racing C
10 Thomas Wheaver Lyme RC C
11 Alexander Burden Stratford CC C
12 Luke Mannings Halesowen A & CC C
13 Matthew Jordan Stratford CC C
14 Joshua Darlow Stratford CC C
15 Ben Machin Stratford CC C
16 Izaak Curtis Lyme RC C
17 Alexander Brown Halesowen A & CC C
18 Ben Woodhouse Solihull CC C
19 Luke Williams Eastlands Velo C
20 Luca Bradley Lichfield City CC C
21 Dan Hutchinson Halesowen A & CC C
22 Thomas Brookes Halesowen A & CC C
23 Will Lewis Halesowen A & CC C
24 Bryn Baxter Rhyl Cycling Club C
25 Harry Roberts Newport Shropshire CC C

Youth C Girls
1 Rebecca Woodvine Mid Shropshire Wheelers CG
2 Stephanie Kingston Lichfield City CC CG
3 Tia Carr Lichfield City CC CG
4 Cerys Greaves Mid Shropshire Wheelers CG
5 Caitlin Harvey Lichfield City CC CG
6 Harriet Tinsley Stratford CC CG
7 Posie Forrester Wyre Forest CRC CG
8 Christie Morrow Mid Shropshire Wheelers CG

Youth D
1 Tom Jackson Newport Shropshire CC D
2 Andrew Groves Lichfield City CC D
3 Charlie Coleston-Shields Lichfield City CC D
4 Seb Ball Mid Shropshire Wheelers D
5 Jesse Bradley Lichfield City CC D
6 Iestyn Evans Rhyl Cycling Club D
7 Rocco Schumacher Mid Shropshire Wheelers D
8 Jake Bazeley Mid Shropshire Wheelers D
9 Ben Gillett Wyre Forest CRC D
10 William Pridden Wyre Forest CRC D
11 George Lewis Halesowen A & CC D
12 Thomas Hutchinson Halesowen A & CC D
13 Felix Forrester Wyre Forest CRC D
14 Henry Lewis Wolverhampton Whls D
15 Oliver Ward Wolverhampton Whls D
16 Joel Lingard Rhyl Cycling Club D
17 Patrick Neely Solihull CC D
18 Will Hyde Newport Shropshire CC D
19 Samuel Brownsword Solihull CC D
20 Adam Bramford-Hale Newport Shropshire CC D

Youth D Girls
1 Aelwen Davies The Bulls DG
2 Holly Saunders Solihull CC DG
3 Zoe Parker Stratford CC DG
4 Faye Williams Dyffryn Conwy DG
5 Sophie Jackson Newport Shropshire CC DG
6 Jessica Bufton Hafren CC DG

Youth E
1 Noah White Mid Shropshire Wheelers E
2 Oliver Bryan Herefordshire Cycling Club E
3 Teddy Wright Solihull CC E
4 Corin Bradley Lichfield City CC E
5 Henry Jenkin Market Drayton Cycle Club E
6 Elliot Turner Hafren CC E
7 Jude White Mid Shropshire Wheelers E
8 Ben Bramford-Hale Newport Shropshire CC E
9 Daniel Brownsword Solihull CC E

Youth Girls
1 Rose Lewis Halesowen A & CC EG
2 Caitlin Pridden Wyre Forest CRC EG
3 Erin Barton Mid Shropshire Wheelers EG
4 Rose Neely Solihull CC EG
5 Niamh Cliff Rhyl Cycling Club EG
6 Mari Baxter Rhyl Cycling Club EG



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