Result: Dolan Bikes Litherland League

Tom Mazzone of Metaltek Kuota and Craig Rogers winners at the Dolan Bikes Litherland Circuit Race league on Wednesday night in Liverpool

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Result: Dolan Bikes Litherland League

1 Tom Mazzone Metaltek Kuota R.T.
2 Chris Fallon Kuota – Spinergy – GSG
3 George Higgins Birkenhead North End C.C.
4 Ross Prescott LJMU Cycling Team
5 Luke Jackson Harry Middleton C.C.
6 Dan Whelan Onimpex Bio Racer R.T.
7 Charlie Critchley High on Bikes
8 David Reece Saint Piran
9 Daniel Slater BC Private Member
10 Tom Mitchell Birkenhead North End C.C.

1 Craig Rogers Birkenhead North End C. C.
2 Simon Bradeley Pro Vision Race Team
3 Thomas Potter LJMU Cycling Team
4 Sean Bsswell LJMU Cycling Team
5 Stephen Burns North Cheshire Clarion
6 David Murphy Liverpool Mercury (Dolan) C.C.
7 Gareth Davies BC Private Member
8 Doug Arnold Liverpool Century R.C.
9 Jack Crook Liverpool Mercury (Dolan) C.C.
10 Robin Hennessy L’pool Phoenix C.C. Aintree
11 Paul Lawton Birkenhead North End C. C.
12 Max Moss LJMU Cycling Team
13 Pete Lees BC Private Member
14 Ian Kendall Liverpool Century R.C.
15 Jake Holder North Cheshire Clarion
16 Tony Harvey Harry Middeton C.C.
17 Paul Molyneux North Cheshire Clarion
18 James Thompson Liverpool Mercury (Dolan) C.C.
19 Adam Owens Liverpool Century R.C.
20 Ewan Whatling Birkenhead North End C. C.
21 Tom Green Ludlow C.C.
22 Terry Bolland Harry Middeton C.C.

1 Madeleine Scott NCC Group-Kuota-Torelli
2 Helen Osguthorpe The Racing Chance Foundation
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Youth A – Boys Laps: 11

1 Thomas Mitchell Birkenhead North End C.C. 17m. 45s.
2 George Elliott Innovation Racing st
3 Alexander Whittle Liverpool Century R.C. @ 7 Secs.
4 Jake Owens Birkenhead North End C.C. @ 23 Secs.
5 Adam Smith Birkenhead North End C.C. st
6 Conor McKinnon Southport C.C. @ 26 secs.
7 Adam Hodgkinson North Cheshire Clarion @ 1m. 11s.
8 Alex Dobrowolski Harry Middleton C.C. @ 1m. 13s.
9 Thomas Sparkes Southport C.C. @ 1 Lap
10 Ben Wells Liverpool Century R.C. same
11 Oliver Nickson Birkenhead North End C.C. @ 2 Laps

Youth B – Boys Laps: 11

1 Lachlan Hacker North Cheshire Clarion 18m. 26s.
2 Ethan Cuerden Eastlands Velo @ 47 Secs.
3 Tyr Bujac Birkenhead North End C.C. st
4 Matthew Baptista Nutcracker Altura Racing @ 51 Secs.
5 Daniel Yates Liverpool Century R.C. @ 1m. 08s.
6 Thomas Purcell Liverpool Century R.C. st
7 Adam McClorey North Cheshire Clarion st
8 Sam Kendall Liverpool Century R.C. @ 1 lap
9 Connor Larkin Birkenhead North End C.C. @ 2 Laps

Youth B – Girls Laps: 11

1 Niamha Albones Liverpool Century R.C. 19m. 05s.
2 Isabelle McKinnon Southport C.C. @ 1m. 01s.
3 Erin Corrigan Liverpool Century R.C. @ 1m. 33s.

Youth C – Boys Laps: 11

1 Joseph Cosgrove Southport C.C. 19m. 43s.
2 Euan Hacker North Cheshire Clarion @ 48 secs.
3 Elliott Bujac Birkenhead North End C.C. @ 1m. 39s.
4 Gareth McClorey North Cheshire Clarion @ 1m, 41s.
5 Tom Elliott Liverpool Century R.C. @ 1 Lap
6 Oliver Hodgkinson North Cheshire Clarion same
7 Harry Roberts Liverpool Century R.C. same
8 Simeon Kilroy North Cheshire Clarion same

Youth C – Girls Laps: 10

1 Hannah McClorey North Cheshire Clarion 20m. 00s.
2 Natasha Hill North Cheshire Clarion @ 1 Lap

Youth D – Boys (Small Circuit) Laps: 9

1 Daniel Cosgrove Southport C.C. 8m. 44s.
2 Albie Jones North Cheshire Clrion @ 39 secs.
3 Kaden Williams Harry Middleton C.C. @ 1 Lap
4 James Turner North Cheshire Clrion @ 2 Laps

Youth D – Girls (Small Circuit) Laps: 9

1 Megan Lloyd Harry Middleton C.C. 9m. 31s.
2 Charlotte Kilroy North Cheshire Clarion st
3 Elizabeth Grindley North Cheshire Clarion @ 1m. 02s.

Youth E – Boys (Small Circuit) Laps: 7

1 Edward Clark Southport C.C. 8m. 51s.
2 Tyler Williams Harry Middleton C.C. @ 58 secs.

Youth E – Girls (Small Circuit) Laps: 7

1 Millie Baptista Mid Lancs BMX 8m. 23s.



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