News: CHS Add Farsports to Product List

Cycling Holiday Spain announce they will be representing Farsports who produce top end carbon wheels

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News:  CHS Add Farsports to Product List

Cycling Holiday Spain announce they will be representing Farsports who produce top end carbon wheels

Company Press Release

The Ventoux series wheels are a superior wheel with exceptional and unique qualities unique


A unique carbon fiber rim moulding technology produces rims with a superior stiffness to weight ratio and also reduces weight of the rim. Unlike many other manufactures there is no need to paint the rim surface. The result is a rim with excellent performance characteristics, extremely stiff and light and is also highly attractive.

DPT™Brake Surface

Advanced machinery and Diamond Polishing Treatment ((DPT™) allows the brake pad to work directly onto the woven carbon fibers.  This new process eliminates “run-in” periods.
Breaking performance and modulation is improved in both wet and dry weather conditions.

Asymmetric 2: 1 Lacing

larger and wider flange hub laced up asymmetrically with bulletproof Sapin CX sprint spokes, 16pcs drive side and 8 pcs non drive side lead to an incredibly stable riding experience.  Aerodynamic dynamic properties and asymmetric lacing produce a wheel set that is typically 118% stuffer in performance

Ultra Smooth bearings

Ventoux series are equipped with CeramicSpeed bearings, world class leaders in bearing technology and production. With the highest achievable surface finish and smoothness, ceramic speed balls are 400% smoother, 128% harder and 58% lighter than standard steel balls

– Unlimited durability, lower friction and 3 to 5 times service lifetime

– Maximum Smoothness for Maximum Performance

Ride faster and further in all conditions.
More durable hub body, increased stiffness to weight ratio and increased stability allow you to focus more on riding. Seamless power transfer from rider to road maximizing your watts improving efficiency.

For more information on these wheels please contact Nozad at Cycling Holiday Spain  —
Wheels can also be tested at the training camp in Spain





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