Feature Report: Women’s Lincoln GP

Ian Bibby and Alice Barnes were the mens and womens winners at the British monument, the Lincoln GP on Sunday

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Feature Report: Women’s Lincoln GP

Alice Barnes won her second Lincoln Grand Prix ‘cobble’ after attacking her rivals at the bottom of the fearsome Michaelgate climb and sprinting to the top, a length clear of an impressive Emily Nelson with Irish champion Lydia Boylan in third.

First time up Michaelgate and Durrell leads

Almost 150 riders took to the start of the Women’s Lincoln Grand Prix, part of the Women’s national series and with so many riders, crashes were not a surprise and even the third placed rider later in the race, hit the deck and resisted the temptation to abandon the race as many did or had to do.

From the first time up the cobbles of Michaelgate, one rider dominated, Rebecca Durrell. Along with Annasley Park and On Form’s Amy Hill riding Bianchi bikes from Twenty3c, Durrell escaped the rest and whilst Team Breeze led the chase, the leaders had the focus of the crowd as each lap passed.

Amy Hill (OnForm) chasing Durrell through the finish

Durrell though was too strong for her breakaway companions and first her teammate Annasley Park went backwards to the peloton getting ever smaller, and then Amy Hill did likewise, leaving Durrell out front alone. On the podium the year before, Durrell didn’t have much of a gap, 30 seconds or so towards the end but kept fighting until caught and the fight for the victory began.

Splits in the race came and went but surprisingly on such a tough course, there were still a lot of riders in contention showing the level of the riders has grown at the top. Last lap and Durrell’s teammate Alice Barnes came through alone to get the bell but there was to be no long lone effort and she was brought back by the peloton before a lap later, coming into the bottom of Michaelgate, Barnes accelerated and sprinted up the climb. Emily Nelson meanwhile was 5th wheel at the bottom of the climb and that gave Barnes the opportunity to get the jump on the winner of the Tour Series race on Friday night in Northwich.

Rebbeca Durrell: “We went into the race knowing we were going to have to ride the first lap as if it was the last because it was such a big field  we knew we would have to attack from the gun. So I made sure I got to the front on Michaelgate, pushed on, realised there was a gap and kept on pushing. A few girls came with me, Annasley and Amy, and we worked well together for a while but they weren’t as strong on the hills.”

“So I though I’d push on and see how far I could get. It was a tough day but I am starting to feel like I am getting the fitness I am striving for. I am happy with the ride. Disappointed I could not hang on at the end but I cramped before the feed and so glad Alice got the win and a good day for the team all round.”

Alice Barnes: “It feels amazing to win a second time. It is a tough race with the climb and I have ridden a lot of cobbles this year so getting used to it. I came into the race pretty marked and knew I wasn’t going to win from a breakaway because I was being followed. Having ‘Trixie’ (Durrell) up there was amazing and a massive part of my win.” The last lap I was being countered constantly but I learnt something from Lizzie on that.”

“I think it was Binda one year, she was being attacked constantly  and she kept it on one side of the road and could see what was coming over her shoulder and I was looking over my shoulder a lot and jumping on the attacks before they had even gone which helped a lot. Then I knew I just had to smash it up the climb and I did.” Asked about her European campaign, Alice says “its great. I have had a few top 10s in pretty big women’s races in worldtour and already this year I have done something  like 23 races and we’re only in May. My next big goal is the women’s tour and improve on last year.”

Emily Nelson leads the chase in the peloton

Alice Barnes marking out the chase of Durrell through the finish with two to go

A lap to go and Barnes had a slender lead through the finish

And a lap later, she out sprinted Emily Nelson (below) to win her second Lincoln GP

Emily Nelson

Lydia Boylan

Podium for the Women’s race

Alice Barnes all smiles with her ‘cobble’

Chanel Mason of Storey Racing leading the women’s National Series
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1 Alice Barnes Drops 2:41:31
2 Emily Nelson Team Breeze st
3 Lydia Boylan Team WNT +6
4 Sophie Wright Strada Sport +9
5 Manon Lloyd Team Breeze st
6 Anna Henderson (Junior) Cycle Team OnForm +11
7 Gabriella Shaw Team WNT st
8 Alice Sharpe NCC Group-Kuota-Torelli +18
9 Grace Garner Wiggle High5 st
10 Emma Cockcroft Bianchi Dama UK +19
11 Eleanor Dickinson (Junior) Team Breeze +22
12 Jennifer Powell Team Ford Ecoboost st
13 Chanel Mason Storey Racing st
14 Julie Erskine Cycle Team OnForm +24
15 Melissa Lowther Team Breeze +25
16 Ffion James Abergavenny Road Club +26
17 Amy Hill Cycle Team OnForm st
18 Rebecca Carter Team WNT st
19 Lauren Murphy (Junior) Liv Cycling Club – Epic Coachin st
20 Alicia Speake Cycle Team OnForm st
21 Amy Roberts Wiggle High5 st
22 Steph Clayton Mammoth Lifestyle Racing Team st
23 Laura Massey Drops +30
24 Georgina Panchaud Bianchi Dama UK st
25 Lauren Dolan (Junior) Liv Cycling Club – Epic Coachin st
26 Helen Ralston Sigma Sport.co.uk st
27 Rebecca Womersley Drops +35
28 Jennifer Holden Fusion RT Fierlan st
29 Elizabeth Banks SunSport Velo +38
30 Chloe Weller Army Cycling Race Team (ACRT) st
31 Emily Kay Team WNT st
32 Jennifer George Storey Racing st
33 Megan Barker Team Breeze st
34 Jennifer Hudson Fusion RT Fierlan st
35 Gabriella Nordin SunSport Velo +41
36 Eryn Nolan The 5th Floor Cycle Club +43
37 Hannah Larbalestier SunSport Velo st
38 Sophie Enever (Junior) Team 22 +44
39 Bethany Crumpton Storey Racing +46
40 Emma Lewis Aprire Bicycles/HSS Hire st
41 Elizabeth-Jane Harris Storey Racing st
42 Jessica Roberts (Junior) Liv Cycling Club – Epic st
43 Louise Moriarty Les Filles Queen of the Mountai st
44 Alana Prior (Junior) EDCO Continental st
45 Lorna Bowler (Junior) Team Backstedt/Hotchillee +57
46 Sian Botteley Cycle Team OnForm +58
47 Nicole Oh Les Filles Queen of the Mountai +1:00
48 Natasha Reddy (Junior) Team Vision Innovative Leisure st
49 Delia Beddis Les Filles Queen of the Mountai +1:02
50 Fiona Hunter Johnston Fusion RT Fierlan +1:35
51 Melissa Brand Team Ford Ecoboost +2:57
52 Rebecca Durrell Drops +3:48
53 Ellen McDermott EDCO Continental +5:10
54 Amy Gornall Secret-Training.cc +6:21
55 Anna Docherty (Junior) Liv Cycling Club – Epic Coachin +6:31

Ian Emmerson Michaelgate Competition
1 Rebecca Durrell Drops
2 Alice Barnes Drops
3 Amy Hill Cycle Team OnForm
Lincoln Grand Prix

Under 23
1 Alice Barnes Drops

Lincoln Grand Prix Team classification
1 Team Breeze 60
2 Team WNT 47
3 Cycle Team OnForm 31
4 Drops 30
5 Strada Sport 24
6 NCC Group-Kuota-Torelli 16
7 Wiggle High5 14
8 Bianchi Dama UK 12
9 Team Ford Ecoboost 9
10 Storey Racing 8
11 Abergavenny Road Club 5
12 Liv Cycling Club – Epic Coachin 2


1 Cycle Team OnForm 110
2 Drops 108
3 Team WNT 102
4 Storey Racing 85
5 Team Breeze 60
6 Team Ford Ecoboost 56
7 Wiggle High5 44
8 SunSport Velo 42
9 Bianchi Dama UK 29
10 Team Corley Cycles 24
10 Strada Sport 24
12 NCC Group-Kuota-Torelli 16
13 Team Vertex-Biemme 16
14 Fusion RT Fierlan 15
15 Abergavenny Road Club 5
16 Team Vision Innovative Leisure 4
16 Team Backstedt/Hotchillee 4
18 Team Jadan-Weldtite 2
18 Liv Cycling Club – Epic Coachin 2


1 Chanel Mason Storey Racing 60
2 Grace Garner Wiggle High5 44
3 Elizabeth Banks SunSport Velo 40
4 Sian Botteley Cycle Team OnForm 36
5 Natalie Grinczer Team WNT 31
6 Alice Barnes Drops 30
7 Amy Hill Cycle Team OnForm 30
8 Anna Christian Drops 28
9 Charmaine Porter Team Ford Ecoboost 28
9 Emily Nelson Team Breeze 28
11 Jennifer Powell Team Ford Ecoboost 27
12 Lydia Boylan Team WNT 26
13 Karla Boddy Team Corley Cycles 24
13 Sophie Wright Strada Sport 24
13 Hayley Simmonds Team WNT 24
16 Manon Lloyd Team Breeze 22
17 Anna Henderson (Junior) Cycle Team OnForm 20
18 Jen George Storey Racing 20
19 Rebecca Durrell Drops 20
20 Rebecca Womersley Drops 18
21 Gabriella Shaw Team WNT 18
22 Rose Osborne Drops 16
22 Alice Sharpe NCC Group-Kuota-Torelli 16
24 Georgina Panchaud Bianchi Dama UK 14
25 Lucy Horrocks (Junior) Team Vertex-Biemme 13
26 Laura Massey Drops 12
26 Hannah Payton Drops 12
26 Emma Cockcroft Bianchi Dama UK 12
29 Julie Erskine Cycle Team OnForm 12
30 Eleanor Dickinson (Junior) Team Breeze 10
31 Alicia Speake Cycle Team OnForm 10
32 Anna Henderson Cycle Team OnForm 9
33 Jennifer Holden Fusion RT Fierlan 8
34 Jennifer Hudson Fusion RT Fierlan 7
35 Melissa Lowther Team Breeze 6
35 Abigail Van Twisk Drops 6
37 Jennifer George Storey Racing 5
38 Ffion James Abergavenny Road Club 5
39 Lorna Bowler (Junior) Team Backstedt/Hotchillee 4
39 Tamara Davenne Team Vision Innovative Leisure 4
41 Charlotte Colclough Bianchi Dama UK 3
41 Rebecca Carter Team WNT 3
41 Bethany Taylor Team Vertex-Biemme 3
44 Elizabeth Burrows SunSport Velo 2
44 Lauren Murphy (Junior) Liv Cycling Club – Epic Coachin 2
44 Holly Flannery Team Jadan-Weldtite 2
47 Kelly Murphy Team Ford Ecoboost 1



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