Report: Brooks Cycles Track League Week 2

Report and results of week 2 of the Brooks Cycles Track League which was well attended on May 11 in Staffordshire

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Report: Brooks Cycles Track League  Week 2

The second week of the Brooks Cycles Track League took place under warmer skies than the first week and despite the conflicting attraction of the Tour Series event in Hanley a good field contested a full series of events.

The night started with the Freewheelers League with 18 riders taking part. The top point’s scorers on the night were as follows;

Group 1 Thomas Wheaver Lyme RC 10 points
Group 2 Liam Campbell Lyme RC 11 Points
Group 3 Lily Alcock Lyme RC 9

In the main league the A Class events saw Mark Love ( Tuxford Clarion ) top score with wins in the 10 laps scratch and the course de primes. Joel Partington ( Swinnerton Cycles won the 40 laps scratch and fast improving your rider Farley Barber ( ProVision ) won the devil.

The sprinters league opened with Jole Partington and Steve Cronshaw ( Brooks Cycles )r winning the 1/2 lap standing start heats the Steve along with team mates George Hancock and Caleb Hill took the team sprint. Joel Partington took a fine win from Caleb Hill in the Keiren final.

In the B Class events Andrew Bonnett ( Uttoxeter CC ) Gabriella Homer won the 10 lap scratch and the devil. Steve Hall ( Lyme RC ) took the course de primes and sprinter Josh Spendelow took the final 40 lap scratch for the B class riders.

In the youth races Harry Ledingham-Horn ( Lyme RC) won the 200m TT and the Team Sprint with Douglas Main ( Derby Mercury ). Olivia Braybrooke too the handicap race and then backed this up taking every lap in the course de primes.
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Freewheelers Results
Group 1
Race 1
1st Thomas Wheaver Lyme RC
2nd Seth Ireland Lyme RC
3rd Evie Davis Lyme RC

Race 2
1st Ruby Jennings Lyme RC
2nd Minnie McKe Lyme RC
3rd Thomas Mould Lyme RC

Race 3
1st Thomas Wheaver Lyme RC
2nd Thomas Mould Lyme RC
3rd Seth Ireland Lyme RC

Race 4
1st Ruby Jennings
2nd Daniel Jones
3rd Minnie McKenzie

Race 5
1st Thomas Wheaver
2nd Seth Ireland
3rd Evie Davis

Group 2

Race 1
1st Charlie Clewlow Lyme RC
2nd Olly Davis Lyme RC
3rd Liam Campbell Lyme RC

Race 2
1st Liam Campbell
2nd Olly Davis
3rd Charlie Clewlow

Race 3
1st Liam Campbell
2nd Olly Davis
3rd Charlie Clewlow

Race 4
1st Liam Campbell
2nd Olly Davis
3rd Charlie Clewlow

Group 3

Race 1
1st Harley Johns Newcastle RC 2001
2nd Lily Allcock Lyme RC
3rd Max McKenzie Lyme RC

Race 2
1st Lily Alcock
2nd Max McKenzie
3rd William Allcock

Race 3
1st Max McKenzie
2nd Harley Johns
3rd Lily Alcock

Race 4
1st William Alcock
2nd Lily Alcock
3rd Max McKenzie


Sprinters League 200m Standing Starts Heat Winners
Joel Partington Swinnerton Cycles
Steve Cronshaw Brooks Cycles

Youth 200m TT
1st Harry Ledingham-Horn Lyme RC
2nd Olivia Braybrooke Sportcity Velo
3rd Douglas Main Derby Mercury

A Class Endurance 10 lap scratch
1st Mark Love Tuxford Clarion
2nd Farley Barber Lyme RC
3rd Alex Coates Innovation race Team

B Class 8 Lap Scratch
1st Andrew Bonnett Uttoxeter CC
2nd Paul Jones Elmore FRT
3rd Phil Braybrooke Cheshire Mavericks

Sprinters League Team Sprint
1st Steve Cronshaw
George Hancock Brooks Cycles
Caleb Hill Brooks Cycles

2nd Farley Barber
Chris Pyatt Brooks Cycles
Josh Spendelow Brooks Cycles

3rd Joel Partington
Paige Nutton Swinnerton Cycles
Dan Cooper Team Terminator

Youth Team Sprint
1st Harry Ledingham-Horn
Douglas Main

2nd Olivia Braybrooke
Seth Ireland

A Class Course De Primes
1st Mark Love
2nd Alex Coates
3rd Farley Barber

B Class Course de Primes
1st Steve Hall Lyme RC
2nd Andrew Bonnett Lyme RC
3rd Paul Jones

Youth handicap
1st Douglas Main
Harry Ledingham-Horn
Seth Ireland

A Class Devil
1st Farley Barber
2nd Louis Evans Innovation Race Team
3rd Mike Perry ProVision

B Class Devil
1st Andrew Bonnett
2nd Steve Hall
3rd Paige Nutton

Sprinters League Kieren Final
1st Joel Partington Swinnerton Cycles
2nd Caleb Hill
3rd George Hancock
4th Josh Spendelow
5th Dan Cooper
6th Steve Cronshaw

Youth Course de Primes
1st Olivia Braybrooke

40 lap Scratch
1st Joel Partington
2nd Alex Coates
3rd Mark Love

B Class
1st Josh Spendelow
2nd Paul Jones
3rd Steve Hall



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