Result: LVRC Milton Keynes Bowl Circuit Races

Andrew Roberts, Mike Jackson & Campbell Noon winners at the LVRC Milton Keynes Bowl Circuit Races (May 16)

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Result: LVRC Milton Keynes Bowl Circuit Races

A/B Race Result
1 Mike Jackson CC Luton A
2 James Fox CC Luton A
3 Rich Edwards CC Luton B
4 Tim Edwins JCA – Equipe Velo B
5 Paul Dring Echelon RT A
6 Enrico Cacciatori Baines Racing A
7 Richard Golding JCA – Equipe Velo B
8 Glenn McMenamin JCA – Equipe Velo B
9 Andrew Martin LBRCC B
10 Richard Hill Team MK A
11 Michael D’Arcy Bonito Squadra Corse B
12 Andrew Lowe Team MK B
13 Andy Smith Team MK B
14 Sean Dines CC Luton B
15 Chris Eaton South Normington B
16 Aaron McCaffrey North Bucks Road Club B
17 Jamie Hawthorn Corley Cycles B

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C/D Race Result
1 Campbell Noon Spirit Bikes C.C C
2 Paul Bird CC Luton C
3 Paul Caton TMG Horizon Cycling Team D
4 Michael Parker TMG Horizon Cycling Team C
5 Dave Watson CC Luton C
6 Steve James Pedalworks C
7 Pete Smith Team Jewson-Polypipe-M I Racing D
8 Gavin Bench C
9 Alan Galloway CC Luton C
10 Graham Dolby JCA – Equipe Velo C
11 Tony Jones Team MK D
12 Steve Kettlewell Team MK D
13 Trevor Hook Team MK D
14 Jim Moffat CC Luton C
15 Peter Morrell CC Luton C
16 John Ritchie Team MK D
17 Gary Nugent C
18 Mark Remon Dyson Cycles C
19 David Forbes Team MK C
20 Roger Tyler St Ives CC D
21 Steve Lovell Bonito Squadra Corse C
22 Stuart Short Bonito Squadra Corse C
23 Trevor Watson Bossard Wheelers D
24 Mike Bedford Private Member D

E/F/G Race Result
1 Andrew Roberts GS Vecchi E
2 Ralph Keeler St Ives CC F
3 Steve Barnsley GS Vecchi E
4 Jeff Hathaway Team MK F
5 Dave Woods CC Luton F
6 Paul Cackett The Bike Loft E
7 Clare E Belle Simon Bonito Squadra Corse E
8 Linda Dewhurst Team MK F
9 Joe Quill Alpha RC E
10 Pat Ellerbeck ST Neots CC E
11 Phillip Cooper Private Member F
12 Keith Snook Bossard Wheelers E
13 Ian Cooper Bossard Wheelers E



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