Results: Tameside Circuit Races Week 7

Jordan Reed and Harry Midgley winners at week 7 of the Tameside Circuit Races in Greater Manchester

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Results: Tameside Circuit Races Week 7

1 Jordan Reed Bike Box Alan
2 Joseph Bowers Buxton CC/Sett Valley Cycles
3 Mark Mcguire 100% Me
4 Joe Swinnerton Swinnerton Cycles
5 Alexandre Touche Pro Vision Race Team
6 Matthew Crampton Wills Wheels Cycling Club
7 Lee Brown Holmfirth Cycling Club
9 Tom Lowe
11 Junior Jackson Mossley CRT
12 Mason Hollyman Bike Box Alan
13 Jonathan Bourne Pro Vision Cycle Clothing
14 Finley Shaw Cycle Supreme Cycling Club
15 James Coates Otley CC
16 Simon Mayfield Sowerby Brothers CRT
17 Ben Whitehead ABC Centreville
18 Peter Hutchinson Cheshire Maverick CC
19 Andrew Ashton Alba Rosa CC
20 Christopher Green East Lancashire RC
21 Jonathan Carnall

Cat 4
1 Harry Midgley Holmfirth Cycling Club
2 Jordan Hill Leek CC
3 Matt Jackson Private Member
4 Bede Constantinides University Of Manchester CC
5 Chris Roughley Lancashire RC
6 Jack Johnson Manchester Wheelers Club
7 Matt Addison Chorlton Velo
8 Matthew Johnson Chorlton Velo
9 Anthony Hill Lancashire RC
10 Dean Hill Rapha Cycling Club
11 Oliver Wade University Of Manchester CC
12 Thomas Lynch Rapha Cycling Club
13 Marc Lowden Bury Clarion Cycling Club
14 Sebastian OShea Manchester Wheelers Club
15 Dave Pargeter Stretford Whls CC
16 Matthew McGrath Lancashire RC
17 Kasim Dovey University Of Manchester CC
18 Steven Harborne Glossop Kinder Velo
19 James Duffy Bury CC
20 Stuart Clifton-Smith Cyclesport International RT
21 Phran Ryder Sportcity Velo
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Category A
1 Jonny Gill Ilkley Cycling Club A
2 Tristan Pilling Middleton CC A
3 Thomas Bates Mossley CRT A
4 Joe Law Green Jersey A
5 Daniels Kucerjavijs Mossley CRT A
6 Joshua Keers Sportcity Velo A
7 Benjamin Stevens Sportcity Velo A
8 Henry Hollyman Kirklees Cycling Academy A

Category C
1 Euan Hacker North Cheshire Clarion C
2 Bryn Lawrence Eastlands Velo C
3 Harry Ives Kuota – Spinergy – GSG C
4 Kristian Dean Eastlands Velo C
5 Kitt Heywood Private Member C
6 Lloyd Coulter East Lancashire RC C

Category B
1 Cameron Pilkington Mossley CRT B
2 Aidan Lawrence Eastlands Velo B
3 Jack Coates Ottley CC B
4 Lachlan Hacker North Cheshire Clarion B
5 Zack Harrop Mossley CRT B
6 Harry Paveley Innovation Racing B
7 Thomas Purcell Liverpool Century RC B
8 Thomas Davidson Mossley CRT B
9 Kyle Braun Mossley CRT B
10 Adam Tattersall Eastlands Velo B
11 Daniel Jackson Eastlands Velo B

Category B Girls
1 Ciara Gostling Sportcity Velo Bg

Category A Girls
1 Olivia Braybrooke Cheshire Maverick CC Ag

Category C Girls
1 Leah Wilcox Mossley CRT Cg

Category D
1 Michael Postlethwaite Mossley CRT D
2 Fraser Cummings Buxton CC/Sett Valley Cycles D
3 Thomas Stevens Eastlands Velo D
4 Patrick Mannion Glossop Goride D
5 Jacob Bennett Mossley CRT D

Category E
1 Joseph Bates Mossley CRT E
2 Eamonn Postlethwaite Mossley CRT E

Category D Girls
1 Emilia Shuttleworth Bolton Hot Wheels CC Dg

Category E Girls
1 Ciara Postlethwaite Mossley CRT Eg



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