Result: Lotus Cars Cycle Race League 4

Thomas Power winner on Tuesday at round 4 of the Lotus Cars Cycle Race League

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Result: Lotus Cars Cycle Race League 4

1 Thomas Power Strada Sport
2 Dale Johnston VC Norwich
3 Dougal Toms Pedal Power Cycles Ipswich
4 Darren Rutterford Iceni Velo
5 Peter Blenkinsop Fast Test Racing Team
6 Oliver Wood Strada Sport
7 Fabian Horrocks Innovative Leisure Racing Team
8 Charles Jones VCB
9 Daniel Drewery Fast Test Racing Team
10 Mark Richards VC Baracchi
11 Nick Esser VC Baracchi
12 James Bonham Southdown Bikes Casco Pet
13 Lewis Pendle VC norwich
14 Kieran Jarvis cycle team on form
15 Daniel Zagni Ipswich BC
16 Tiago Fougo Strada-Sport
17 George Macfarlane UEA
18 Chris Parker Ipswich BC
19 Neal Hughes Stowmarket & District CC
21 Robert Anderson DAP CC
22 Simon Millard Push sport/Barford van hire.
23 Gary Freeman Fast Test Racing Team
24 hector corey Catford CC Equipe/Banks
25 brandon thorne pro vision cycle clothing
26 Louis Julian DAP CC
27 Joseph Spaulding Ipswich Bicycle Club
28 Aaron Frisby Iceni Velo
29 Owen Chapple Haverhill CC
30 Robin White Team PB Performance
31 Peter Ingram Ipswich Bicycle Club
32 Vincent Ellis VC Norwich
33 Spencer Laborde Iceni Velo
34 Alexander Leeder Iceni Velo
35 Adam Hole VC Norwich
36 Joe Kaye West Suffolk Wheelers
37 Gavin Carter Stowmarket & District CC
38 Jake Towler West Suffolk Wheelers
39 Dan Gray VC Norwich
40 Owen Geeson Fast Test Racing Team
41 Martyn Townsend UEA – Streetlife Cycles
42 Andrew Bean Strada Sport
43 Mark Nickerson DAP CC
44 Josh Cole-Hossain UEA – Streetlife Cycles
45 Matt Flynn Stowmarket & District CC
46 Liam Gentry
47 Ben Turner Strada Sport
48 Paul Groombridge Push Sport / Team Barford
49 Tom Yiangou Neon Velo
50 Michael Bell Fast Test Racing Team
51 Glyndwr Thomas Private member
52 Mark Powell SDCC


Category C
1 cameron hansell N/A C
2 Barney Walters Ipswich BC C
3 Edward Leary C
5 Mia Rutterford Iceni Velo CG
6 Daisy Grantham Tri-anglia CG

Category D
1 obie hansell N/A DG
2 Michael Swindells Iceni Velo D
3 Monty Wood D
4 isla hansell N/A DG
5 Shaun Kell D

Category E
1 Abbey Thompson Ipswich Velo Gibbons Plant Hire EG
3 johnny hansell N/A E

Category A
1 Freddie Grover Fast Test Racing Team A
2 Thomas Pask Iceni Velo A
3 George Head Haverhill Cycling Club A

Category B
1 Adam Allen Strada Sport B
2 Callum Laborde Iceni Velo B
3 Joseph Smith Iceni Velo B

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