Result: Allen Valley Velo Mountain TT

Niall Patterson of Velo Club Cumbria take the overall in the 2017 Allen Valley Velo Mountain Time Trial. Fiona Burnie of Bishop Auckland CC take the Ladies title.

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Result: Allen Valley Velo Mountain TT
(photos Jack Earl and Ben Fursdon)

Fiona Burnie

Niall Patterson of Velo Club Cumbria take the overall in the 2017 Allen Valley Velo Mountain Time Trial. Fiona Burnie of Bishop Auckland CC take the Ladies title.

On a testing 25mile time trial course in the North Pennines riders had to do battle with the severe gradients, a block head wind and the occasional hailstorm.

The parcours resulted in the usual split field; with half the rider opting for lighter road bikes and the remaining testers sticking with their usual TT rigs. It was however Niall Patterson on a TT bike who took the crown and the Dave McManus Trophy; with the road bikes coming close at 2nd and 3rd spot. The course takes in some of England’s highest passes and was described by riders as ‘Brutal’, ‘Savage’ and ‘without doubt the toughest 25mile TT in the country’.

Niall Paterson

Jamie Johnson

Nick Badcock

Craig Deacon

1 Niall Paterson Velo Club Cumbria 01:10:10
2 Karl Juan Denton Newcastle Cheviot CC 01:12:25
3 Nick Badcock Allen Valley Velo 01:13:20
4 Jamie Johnson Barnesbury CC 01:13:30
5 Ross Gray Prima Team Racing 01:13:33
6 Colin Atkinson Muckle Cycle Club 01:13:42
7 Collin Humphrey Derwentside CC 01:13:47
8 Hedley Fletcher Blaydon CC 01:14:51
9 Paul Braithwaite Pendle Forest CC 01:16:05
10 Steven Craggs Blaydon CC 01:16:07
11 Nick Jones Velo Club Cumbria 01:16:31
12 Dan Small Teesdale CRC 01:17:59
13 Michael Todd Derwentside CC 01:18:02
14 Chris Mather Derwentside CC 01:19:03
15 Robert Scandle Allen Valley Velo 01:19:17
16 Craig Deacon South Shields Velo Cycling Club 01:19:28
17 Christopher Beaty Allen Valley Velo 01:19:48
18 Craig Fenwick Team Swift 01:21:26
19 Roy Flanagan Rossendale RC 01:21:30
20 Neil Withington Beacon Wheelers 01:22:03
21 Mal Gray Cestria C.C. 01:22:28
22 Fiona Burnie Bishop Auckland CC 01:23:10
23 Jeremy Prodger Beacon Wheelers 01:23:22
24 Roy Pattinson Breeze Bikes RT 01:23:36
25 Ian Gallon North Tyneside Riders CC 01:23:47
26 Andrew Ibberson Allen Valley Velo 01:24:14
27 Tim Nichol Derwentside CC 01:24:25
28 Dougan Collins Ferryhill Whs 01:24:38
29 Bryan Laycock Alnwick Cycling Club 01:24:40
30 Dan Pons Blaydon CC 01:24:42
31 David Goodwin Newcastle Cheviot CC 01:25:18
32 Tom Guy Sunderland Clarion 01:25:19
33 Sebastian Stockbridge Blaydon CC 01:25:26
34 Christian Roberts Allen Valley Velo 01:25:37
35 Lee Statham Houghton CC 01:25:52
36 David Swainson Derwentside CC 01:26:45
37 John Paul Herron Derwentside CC 01:26:53
38 Ross Strachan Loudoun Road Club 01:27:18
39 Sue Rigby Allen Valley Velo 01:28:10
40 David Hordon Barnesbury CC 01:28:47
41 Brendon Jackson Allen Valley Velo 01:28:53
42 Ivan Newton Allen Valley Velo 01:29:19
43 Malcolm West Allen Valley Velo 01:30:12
44 Keith Sibbald Cramington CC 01:30:42
45 Michael Woodhouse Allen Valley Velo 01:31:42
46 Melanie Annable Allen Valley Velo 01:34:15
47 Daniel Alpin Allen Valley Velo 01:35:16
48 Louise Hamilton Mountain Goat Coaching 01:35:55
49 Emma Alpin Allen Valley Velo 01:37:00
50 Claire Jackson Allen Valley Velo 01:37:03
51 Helen Richardson Allen Valley Velo 01:38:50
52 Paul Morrison Allen Valley Velo 01:38:56
53 Dean Taylor Allen Valley Velo 01:39:13
54 Sheena Harrison Allen Valley Velo 01:41:04
55 Stewart Beaty Allen Valley Velo 01:49:12

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